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Open minds

We all need to look past the party agenda and work to serve the greater good ... even if it means listening to one another with open minds.

Student loan forgiveness

They need to learn fiscal responsibility! My first loans were my school loans for a bachelors and a masters and I paid off both degrees, and no I didn’t have a high-paying job either.

To imply that student debt forgiveness is inevitable and is some sort of harmless washing of the books is an irresponsible and grossly uninformed statement to say the least. You totally missed the mark when you imply that forgiving student loan debt harmlessly floats up into the “ether.”

Funny how student loans can’t be claimed in bankruptcy. Trump did it four times and caused some companies to go bankrupt due to his lack of payment. I’m waiting for some Republicans to tell us a tax cut for the top will solve the problem.

Higher education just needs to be more affordable, it increased 169% since 1980. I don’t think wages have increased that much.

Student loan forgiveness is a way the liberal Democrats buys votes.

Tax cuts are the vote-buying mechanism for the “conservative” world. Never mind that the Trump cuts added record about of debt to the nation, that’s how they get votes.

Disinformation board

People need to read up on what the disinformation governance board is going to do. There’s a fair amount of projection going on about this thing.

Pear Street fix

“Fix?” It wasn’t broken. It existed just like it is for decades. An unfortunate accident during a rainstorm doesn’t make this all of a sudden dangerous.

Future of I-229

It’s such a vital part of this city but the writing is already in the wall.

I think it is a main artery feeding the industrial area of St. Joseph and 100% necessary to have an uninterrupted route for the trucks going in and out of the area.

Fix it and leave it and forget the riverfront project the city wants to waste money on.

Take it down with large amounts of boom boom.

Sports gambling

in Kansas

Never understood the opposition to gambling. Just like anything else, if you don’t like it, then don’t do it. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it mandatory.

I’ll give Kansas my money.

Dillard’s is staying

Woot woot! I’m so glad and happy for the mall.

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