You had a lot to say last week. Here’s a sample of reader comments from our online blog and social media pages:

Violence, extremism

Right wingers don’t loot and riot, they just plan kidnapping plots and plot to overthrow state governments.

I don’t think there have been any peaceful protests...burning and looting seems to be prominent.

Right wing, left wing or chicken wing.. this burning and looting has to stop.

Imagine six American Muslims arrested for a plot to “overthrow the government and kidnap a governor” and not using the word “terrorism” to describe it.

New city fire station

I wonder how much money would have been found in various accounts if Galloway had done the audit?

Where is all this money coming from? We had nothing, zilch, nada for the Southend flood. Just a few Dumpsters.

County’s levee money

How about help flood victims? That was water related.

Keep it. They will need it in the future.

Increased food deliveries

The rabbits are still scared to come out.

Packing the courts

As soon as something the Democrats don’t like occurs, they want to “change the rules.” They are crybabies. They will use any means available to regain that power. Is that the sort of people we want in charge of our nation?

Court packing goes back to the days of the Founders. And yet we’ve managed to make it 245 years. This is the biggest nonissue out there. It preys on the minds and hearts of the poorly educated.

School district staffing

Maybe the district could look at paying the upfront fees that are required to get a substitute teaching certificate. The applicant is responsible for the background check and fingerprint fees, upfront, before even being hired somewhere.


Amendment 3

Of what I have read, Amendment 3 is benefit the politicians and not the people. Unless someone tells me different, I’m voting no.

This is why you need to be an informed voter, you don’t want to be reading about this on your ballot on the day of the election.

Vote yes to defeat Soros and his socialist way!

No on 3. The swamp wants their power back. Don’t give it to them.

It’s sad that everything has come down to left or right and we can’t even agree that dark money doesn’t belong in politics or that parties shouldn’t be able to gerrymander.

Mudslinging in

race for governor

Politics still bring the ugly out of people.

Anything with the names Hawley and Parson attached to it is a scam.

Funny how the Dems cry like babies when accused of something. Maybe she was set up by her hairdresser.

Who’s making the popcorn?