Solutions are not found in “liberalism” or “conservatism.”

The greatest threat to mankind always has been and always will be human beings. We cannot legislate morality into or out of politics. We cannot refuse to see the grievances or refuse to admit that grievances exist.

Our beloved and sacred Declaration of Independence and the truths in it, list 27 grievances against the oppressor, a foreign dictator.

We formed a more perfect union, certainly not a perfect union. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. Black people were not allowed to vote until 1965.

Refusing to acknowledge the grievances of people who have been oppressed, who strongly believe they are still systemically oppressed, refusing to acknowledge their voices and hear their details drove the fringe element to violence and rage, for a feeling of striking back and taking back.

There are extremists and agent provocateurs in the BLM movement to provoke ugliness and corrupt the public image of BLM.

We should have listened when Black mothers and sisters and loved ones were crying out loud in public, “Black Lives Matter.”

It is the privilege, the opportunity, the duty, the honor and oath of we, the people, to do our part. To move forward, away from the ugly past with a better vision of the hope, the promise, the vision and image, the truth of what America stands for.

It can be done with less government, more individual responsibility, and with God’s help — a better world.

The greatest threat to mankind is human beings. We have done horrible things to human beings who look different, who are different. We didn’t listen when they said they are being abused. We shouted them down because their attention-getter disrespected our flag and our troops.

“Don’t Tread on me” always has been, always will be my belief, also, “don’t tread on anybody.”

It’s time for us to realize and admit our society oppressed some Americans. And, to look at and scrub the ugly reminders of what we did with humility.

When our country was less than 100 years old we conquered the frontier with the transcontinental railroad, while we, the people, allowed our government and the U.S. Army to almost destroy Americans, Native Americans.

They were not wiped out because they surrendered, they complied. They gave up their beautiful homeland to live on barren unwanted plots of land, so that immigrants could own land and prosper, and government and businesses prospered, too.

The Civil War did not set the Black population free. Their right to vote was delayed for 100 more years. The system and the culture have mistreated them and denied their equal rights, the system and the culture allowed them to be brutalized.

We have an imperfect history. We can and we must do better.

If we, the people want law and order, let’s make sure the law is fair and just and that enforcement of the law is not brutal.

We, the people can make America better than ever.

Shawn Harper has been an arms instructor for 37 years.He teaches classes in the St. Joseph area.