Divider in chief

After Tuesday night’s debate, it’s easy to see why this country has been so divided over the last four years. So much hatred. Trump is a divider, it’s what he does really well.

Misplaced priorities

If the immature mayor and City Council would have quit bickering over mask mandates, these (COVID) numbers would not be what they are now. But the only thing these people care about is making St. Joe look beautiful. Who cares about that when we’re in the middle of a pandemic? The biggest problem in this town is priorities.

Apologize to clowns

Joe Biden should not have called President Trump a clown. This is an insult to all the hardworking circus clowns in America.

A deep hole

Trump keeps saying that Obama and Biden gave us the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. That’s because Bush gave us the worst recession since the Great Depression.

Can’t blame Trump

I was wondering how anybody with a tiny bit of intelligence could attribute job losses during COVID-19 to President Trump. Trump didn’t cause COVID-19; he didn’t cause businesses to close. The Democrats are just plain ignorant. No, wait, ignorance can be corrected. They’re just stupid.

Blame Hillary

You can put the blame for all of this unrest in this country on Hillary Clinton, because she lost the opportunity to be president, which she just knew she had in the bag through all of her corruption.

Food fight

I watched the presidential debate expecting to learn more about what these candidates’ plans for the future of our country will be. I wanted to specifically know about health care. The debate turned into a teenage food fight. I was very disappointed. What a waste of time.

Mixed messages

Biden says he does not support the Green New Deal. But on his website, it specifically says Biden believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate change crisis we face. So is it yes or no? Which one is he lying on? Or is he just forgetting what his campaign has said?

Not so fair

How can we expect the presidential debates between Trump and Biden to be fair when Chris Wallace is a Democrat who hates Trump and the next moderator, Steve Scully, worked for Biden before? Is that fair? I don’t think so.

Play ball

Why does the ABC network have the baseball games on at 1 in the afternoon?

Editor’s note: This year, Major-League Baseball’s expanded playoff format means that more networks are airing more games at more times.

Who’s the boss?

Joe Biden says he is not for these socialist ideas, but just wait. If he becomes president then we will find out who is his boss — the socialists. And then we will really be sorry.

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Update—25 positive #COVID19 tests in 2 days

Donald Trump

Melania Trump

Bill Stepien, Trump CM

Hope Hicks

Kellyanne Conway

Chris Christie

Sen Mike Lee

Sen Thom Tillis

Sen Ron Johnson

Ronna McDaniel

John Jenkins, Notre Dame president

3x WH reporters

11x Cleveland debate staff


aj, Yesterday you ask me what the KJ Bible said about the Rapture. It says nothing because the word Rapture doesn't appear in the Bible. But it does tell a lot about the end times. But you as a Christian should know this. I see no reason to discuss this further. Our discussion on this topic should be the same. Unless your church you attend doesn't believe that God's children will be raptured away.


Well the rapture doesn’t appear in the Bible and isn’t part of traditional, historical teaching. At least prior to the 19th century. I believe that Jesus will come back once and only once. But it’s not worth arguing because it isn’t an essential doctrine of the Church.


“ Sean Patterson is not worried that Donald Trump has been hospitalized with coronavirus because he believes what the president tells him.

“It’s a hoax. There’s no pandemic. As Trump said, how many millions die of flu?” said the 56-year-old truck driver outside the early voting station in St Joseph, Missouri – a stronghold for the president.

But then Patterson pauses and contemplates the possibility that Trump really does have Covid-19.

“If he’s sick, then they planted it when they tested him. It’s what they did to me when I went to hospital for my heart beating too fast. Two weeks later I got a cold,” he said. “It’s political. I don’t trust the US government at all. Who are they to mandate personal safety? I listen to Trump.”

Oh my. How embarrassing for St Joe.

EH ... the baloney gets thicker day by day

California to ban sale of new gas-powered cars in 2035 under Newsom order ... Bicycle businesses should boom... walking will be the primary mode of transport ... junk yards will proliferate ...


A Brief History of Trump Campaign Managers:

1) Corey Lewandowski — charged with battery.

2) Paul Manafort — convicted of fraud.

3) Steve Bannon — indicted for fraud.

4) Brad Parscale — arrested, accused of embezzlement.

5) Bill Stepien — tested positive for Covid-19.


A Brief History of Aj0201MoDVD:

1) Failed.

2) Failed.

3) Banned.

4) Failed.

5) Failed.

6.) 'Nuff Said.


Jobs to avoid:

1) Drummer for Spinal Tap

2) Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts

3) Third-in-command for Al Qaeda

4) Trump campaign manager


The never maskers in the administration are dangerous. Watch out for them. They are human scum.

masks always, when in public


John Rappaport reported many moths ago:

Before CoVid, they've tried to use the PCR test for many things before, and it doesn't work. The guy that who got Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test said it cannot be used for this virus. It doesn't do a quantitative analysis. It can flag somebody as 'positive' without sufficient viral load to be sick or to pass it on.

David Knight reported:

The Abbot Labs 'Rapid' Antigen test is even worse- It doesn't even look for DNA fragment at any level. Instead, it looks for a protein associated with a virus. It doesn't distinguish between one strain or any of the gazillion other strains out there. It's qualitatively BS, and quantitatively BS, but it's FAST... [huh]


John Graham, the neighbor down my road who goes to the doctor frequently reported, WankUps posts are fake news.

Reader verified.


95% of CoVid deaths are actually 'Died With CoVid' instead of 'Died Of CoVid'

95% of CoVid positives are actually CoVid false-positives.

CoVid was spliced together in a lab as a weak virus, but given a very-contagious delivery system. It's not a HOAX- because it's REAL, but it IS a SCAM, because you are being lied to by establishment Globalists in government, Media, and World-'health' entities heavily invested in control and your dollar$ [whistling][huh]




No not scum. No one us scum. Their people just like you and me. Their decision not to wear a mask is wrong. But until they pass a law requiring a mask be worn. It's their choice not to wear one. That's what makes America so great we have personal choices


Tell that to the President.


'The Democrat 2020 Election Platform' (according to Liberals)

1.) Tear Down the U.S. Security Border Wall.

2.) Kill Babies at the Time of Birth.

3.) Let Illegal Aliens Vote & Get Welfare.

4.) Teach Children They're Probably Gaye & Don't Know It Yet.

5.) Erase Memories of Democrat Racism in America (ex: founding KKK).

6.) Eliminate the Electoral College.

7.) Bring Back NAFTA & the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements.

8.) You Must Pay HIGH Taxes For Imaginary, unproven, 'man-made' Climate Change.

9.) God Doesn't Care How You Live Your Life.

10.) Identity-Politics (Racial/Gender/Class/Religious Division) is GOOD.

11.) People Who NEVER Owned Slaves Must Pay 'Reparations' to People Who Never WERE Slaves.

12.) Guns Are Evil, Not the People Who Murder.

13.) Free Speech is GOOD As Long As You Say What WE Want.

14.) Our Opponents Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

15.) We Hate Donald Trump.

16.) hiLIARy is our Demagogue.

17.) Let the 16 Year-Olds Vote For Us.

18.) Let the Convicted Felons in Prison Vote For Us.

19.) If Elected We'll Promise to Give You Free Stuff.


Get Ready For Treason:

Looks like Leftist judges are giving the okay in key battleground states to delay election results 'months if necessary' 'Until All Mail-in/Late Votes Are Verified', which gives House majority Dems the opportunity to pick the President after January 20 according to established standards. This has never happened before in U.S. History.

See how they have manipulated/set this entire thing up..?

It looks like the Supreme Court will be deciding whether to let this scam stand.

What will Justice John Roberts decide..? [tongue_smile][whistling]


Get Ready For Treason:

'Nasty Nancy' Pelosi Prepares to Decide Who the President Will Be, and Says As Speaker of the House, She May Install Herself'

Democrats prepare to confuse the upcoming Trump Landslide long enough for the Speaker to be Installed Under existing rules. Pelosi states on camera that The White House is only a location, and Democrats will have their OWN swearing-in of Harris-Biden, and Trump doesn't know he will be leaving, but he MUST be 'Fumigated' OUT... [tongue_smile][whistling]


eye and an a$$ referred to my use of recreational drug like it was some disastrous happening. I know he was to chicken manure to try it because it scared him and he wet his pants thinking about them. During my last term at NWMSU I carried a full load of eighteen credit hours of all lab sciences, The courses consisted 0f 21 contact hours. During this time it ws not unusual for me to stay up a minimum of 2 nights a week. I did this with the help of white crosses When I needed to crash I took downers. I also a few times took mind expanding trips on LSD. Now here is the really interesting part about the whole thing and that is a got a 4.0 grade average. Those too chicken manure to try drugs are destined to become closed minded, bigoted conservatives. What now your idiotness.


Your story explains a LOT of things we all already KNEW... [whistling]

This just validates our suspicions... [cool][whistling][beam][lol][tongue_smile][tongue_smile][tongue_smile][ninja][alien]

AND, just look at what you have become, using your favorite drugs... a feeble old goat who has no clue how to even proof-read his posts, a bumbling old fool whose mind has deteriorated to such an extent, you only exist in your own little world. Be happy you tried all those things, Be happy the entire world laughs at your pathetic visions, your copy/pastes, your delusional life. For myself, I am on top of my world and I have never had a need for your type of life. Obviously all your supposed accomplishments are considered hearsay and based on the preponderance of the evidence you are a liar and think highly of yourself. You don't matter to me in the least, I care less about your drug life. Continue your current state of mind until you no longer exist. Two words>>DON'T CARE !

a full "load" that right lol

4.0 has certainly evolved to a 0.4

interesting part...nothing

chicken manure.. smells "horse" to me

... and here I thought confessions were to be on Sundays, not Saturdays... confusion ???


You must have lived in Phillips Hall. It was known as the place to get your drugs.


Who do you think they likely GOT them from..? [whistling][lol][cool]

cry foe me

That's why you are off the rocker!

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