Proof positive

The Washington Post is such a dishonest newspaper. They’ll publish an article that suggests Amy Barrett’s children spread COVID-19 in their private school, hoping people won’t read the article and see that both kids have tested negative and never been in contact with the ones who tested positive.

God help us

This election is driving me crazy. I mean both sides are just unbelievable. Either way the election goes, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna get any better. God help this country, no matter who wins.

Up next

I’m a veteran, and my doctor for the past three years has been a germaphobe. He won’t touch his patients. Oh, he’ll use a stethoscope, but he’s not touching you without it. Well, he finally retired. And you know what the sad part is? All of us veterans are worried about what we’re going to get after him.

Wake up

Hey, “Born in Omaha:” Get your facts straight. What do Black people call themselves? African-American. Get the corn out of your ears.

Nothing but excuses

While Ken Newton’s article in the Sunday paper was interesting, I think most of us realize politicians really don’t care what’s in their permanent record, because they always have an excuse for their misdeeds.


I wanted to express how good I thought the Weekender newspaper was; however, I figured in Monday’s paper they would list the Powerball and lottery numbers for Saturday’s drawing, but I didn’t see that.

Editor’s note: There are plans to run those numbers in next Monday’s edition. We apologize for the ommission.

Party of one

Opponents of Amendment 3 always claim Clean Missouri had bipartisan support. It seems like it had one Republican supporter, John Danforth, and then a lot of liberal interest groups in favor of it.


I like the new Weekender. I would also like to say maybe you could consider doing a midweek paper, and combining Tuesday and Wednesday’s edition?

Nice and straight

I have a simple request. Could you at least keep the crossword puzzle out of the folds? Thank you.

Time is up

These hearings will reinforce the feeling that there should be term limits for senators and representatives in our government. Thank you.

Take a look

You people who want to get Trump back in there, you’ll find eventually he’s going to destroy you all. Look what he’s doing now. Quit believing this man and vote for someone who will do something for you.

Do something

If you would have watched the football game in Kansas City, people in the stands take their masks off. People in St. Joe wear them into the stores and then they take them off. Everybody better step up, quit being a chicken and do something about it.

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I just read this... "Big Michael...?" Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Conspiracy theorists are so goofy.


Breaking News: Hunter Biden’s Secret Laptop Surfaces, Plus Gates Attacks Critics of Gates Family Admitted Eugenics Philosophy


Election 2020:

'Biden, Harris- Bus Tour Kicks Off in Arizona- Not a Single Person Shows Up!' [beam][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris kicked off their campaign “Bus Tour” in Arizona on Saturday — but not a single person showed up to the event.

Fox News’ local affiliate expressed their shock and puzzlement that nobody would turn out to show support for Biden and Harris in their first major campaign event since the ticket was announced at the Democratic National Convention in August. [tongue_smile][tongue_smile][tongue_smile]


Nobel Peace Prize---Obama does nothing but wins the Nobel Peace Prize--Democrats cheered. Trump negotiates a peace treaty in the volatile middle-east and is nominated for a Peace Prize--and the Democrats go hysterical. They are upset that there is a peace treaty??


Virus: While Democrats blame Trump, the virus would have spread whatever measures were taken. Comparing us to other countries is silly. We are the most mobile country in the world. Locking us all up at home would have been impossible and destroy our economy--maybe you'd prefer to die of starvation? The masks are only partially effective. The virus is microscopic--if air can get through, the virus can get through. Democrats caused the population to panic--strictly for political reasons. Do you trust them with the presidency??


never did, never will.. end of story


Dr Robert Redfield, MD, has been studying infectious diseases since the time that Trump was dodging them instead of going to Vietnam. He says that the mask, more than a vaccine, is helpful in stopping this disease.

You’re saying he’s wrong?


Take a look---I think it is "you" who should take a look. Trump has renegotiated trade deals to America's benefit. He has slowed the illegal border crossings of gang members and illegal drugs, he has strengthened our military at a time China, Iran, North Korea, Russia are increasing their nuclear capabilities. He stopped flights from China at the beginning of the virus. He has sped up the process of developing a virus vaccine, he has improved relations with hostile countries, he has forced NATO to pay a fair share of their own defense and not totally relying on the United States. Vote Trump!!


If the trade negotiations were to our benefit, why is the trade deficit growing under Trump? And why are these nations growing their nuclear capabilities? They weren’t under the last administration. And drug trading across the border hasn’t slowed at all. Not sure where you’re getting your information. But then, liars are gonna lie.


True- Lying is what you do BEST... [cool][whistling][tongue_smile]


Time is up--Democrat Senators are making complete fools of themselves in their desperate attempts to keep the killing of babies legal. Despicable people.


K. Harris talked for 30 minutes...NO ONE LISTENED


Wake up---sounds like an AJ phone-in. Or was it the Muncher?


Proof positive--The WaPo and other liberal newspapers intentionally publish false stories which make Trump look bad. The stories are unfounded, but the damage is done. Later they will place a "correction" on the back pages of the paper. They are without integrity.


Trump doesn't need any newspaper article to make him look bad. He does that all by himself every time he opens his mouth.


Well bigdope, if you or the caller had bothered to read the article, you’d see they specifically say there is no evidence of a link to their school cases and the announcement super spreader at the White House. And we KNOW that you won’t post a retraction.


Joe Biden created havoc in Pennsylvania with an untrue statement that a local manufacturer was thinking of closing. The company had to scramble to correct the story and reassure employees. It was an irresponsible statement from a man unfit to be president.


Sign seen at Shady Lane Rest Home....."Biden for Resident"


Looking forward to having a new roommate?


Joe could be the designated dummy at our Sunday afternoon bridge games.


I’m sure he’d like that. Make him feel welcome. Nursing home folks can get territorial over bridge and bingo.


the bridge to nowhere.. Joe


hahaha love that !!!!!

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