Loud and proud

When I read some of the letters in here, I’m reminded of the old saying, “The less someone knows, the louder they know it.”

Bush’s wars

Democrats did not start our last two wars, which by the way are still going on. President George W. Bush started them.

Cart and horse

Mayor Bill McMurray wants to see 20, 30, 40 people hospitalized before placing restrictions, rather than the rational approach of placing restrictions so you do not have people hospitalized.

Saints, sinners

Well I suppose it’s apropos that the sinners and saints are all equally worried.

Crickets, crickets

President Trump fires the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency for daring to do his job and note that the election was the most secure in history and voting systems were not manipulated. Josh Hawley, where are you? Roy Blunt, where are you? Sam Graves, where are you? Where are you? Where are you?

Dolly’s world

I wanted to comment on Dolly Parton and how she said she donated $1 million to help find a vaccine to fight this COVID virus. All these movies stars out there, each one of them could donate $1 million and it wouldn’t even hurt their profits. If it wasn’t for the fans, they wouldn’t be millionaires. We should let them know, just because Dolly Parton did it, there’s no reason everyone else can’t.

Defining dumb

The way people are believing everything the Democrats and Joe Biden are saying and doing is horrifying. This is exactly how Hitler got control of Europe. How can people be so dumb to not realize the Democrats want full and complete control of us? They want a one-party system, and people do not seem to mind or care if they do. Don’t you people realize that once they get control of everything, everything will change? There will be no rules, except for theirs.

It takes three

I just wanted to congratulate CBS, “60 Minutes,” and Barack Obama for telling the American people how stupid Trump really is.


Trump tweeted “Fox is dead.” Fox countered with a new slogan, “Standing up for what is right.” Will the Trump followers deprogram themselves and stay with Fox, or move to the new Trump show?

Hitler comparison

Networks like MSNBC have fired people for less than what Christiane Amanpour said comparing Trump to Hitler. I’m no Trump fan, but that is an outrageous comparison. If Amanpour still has a job, CNN has forfeited all right to criticize President Trump ever again.

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How many times does Biden have to win this election until Trump finally gets it?


Given his refusal to see how badly he lost, and the abysmal record his campaign is having in court trying to overturn a free and fair election, id be embarrassed to admit I voted for him. What a loser Trump was, is, and will continue to be. Forever impeached, forever a one term president.

AJ-forever anti-forever forgotten lmao

this is fun, on a rainy day haha

really really bored huh AJ ?? (usual)


Amazing to see the quiet from the Trumpers who were so sure that covid would magically go away after the election. It’s worse now than ever. Trump has given up governing.


I am back and I'm sure aj and the "Munch" are thrilled!![smile]


Don’t care what a self avowed racist does.

good job bigoak !! (neither have appeared vocally since 11/20 hehe)


Well, I spent the weekend at a funeral and with family. Not conducive to arguing with idiots on this board.

... as spoken by the number one IYC IDIOT...'tis what it is..


Hitler comparison---The Left is filled with very nasty people. It is the Left which marched in the streets looting and burning. It is the Left who demonstrated a total lack of respect for the office of President. It is the Left which condoned the destruction of statues that "they" found offensive. It is the Left which fumed at our nation becoming fuel independent. It is the Left which ignored Trump's peace deals in the middle east. It is the Left which became outraged that a top-level terrorist was taken out by a drone strike. It was the Left that was unhappy that Trump provided record unemployment levels for African-Americans and Hispanics--people they want to be dependent on their empty promises and handouts of crumbs.


Trump did not provide record anything other than death to Americans. Covid is the third leading cause of death in the US. By Valentine’s Day, we’ll have surpassed all the combat deaths during 4 years of WWII.

Trump increased my wallet size considerably, my reason to vote for him. Don't care about anything else, no matter who gets the top job.


Anyone who knows anything about investing, knows that percentage gains under Obama/Biden were far superior to percentage gains under Trump. They also know that a President doesn't have much to do with the market. Others know that their tax rate went down, but that wasn't the boost promised by Trump. Sorry, to think that you're doing better financially now that 4 years ago is laughable. And for that to be the sole reason to vote for someone is naïve.

you have absolutely no clue AJ...investing incorporates many factions...the market some, real estate and loan sharking...betting, casino winnings, ...many many ways to make money, some actually pointed out by Trump indirectly.. but to make big money, one has to be much smarter than AJ's running mouth. you stick with freebies, I prefer my methods.. PSSTT Obummer was zero help...ZERO.. Obama gave my profits to you I suppose lol

keep on laughing, keep on grabbing handouts...


None of those things gained because of Plump. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


It takes three--Perhaps he should have been a do-nothing president such as Obama and everyone would have liked him? Sorry, but Neville Chamberlain proved a long time ago that policies of "appeasement" only strengthen the enemy.


He was a do nothing president. 260,000 people are now dead because of it. Millions still out of work and we’re facing more unemployment. All the gains that have happened since 2009 are wiped out. Trump is terrible. Good riddance.

good thing all the giveaways expire 12/31/20...then the freebie lovers will REALLY start howling.. begging for Biden to start up all the programs again

thinning the world population...GREAT IDEA


Crickets, crickets!--the question is, where is aj? I think he's been making phone calls to IYC.


I don’t call IYC.

AJ ...totally UNimportant... I can read DC crapola w/o his interpretations and copy/pastes


Yeah, but you can’t post here without mentioning my name. You’re obsessed.

why not ?? you are, in fact, the joke of the day, EVERY DAY


Hahahaha! That’s fine. I get you triggered about everyday, snowflake. You can’t post here without it being about me or mentioning my name.

AJ is my favorite toy... but alas, soon toys become useless.. hahaha


Bush's wars--Caller, so you feel we should have excused 9-11 and let terrorists have their way with us?


The terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. We didn’t go to war there.

HAHA, gotta love an empty forum ! Thanks AJ

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