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Money trail

Terry Jordan’s piece on the Trail Theater was wonderful, as usual. He was very kind to mention the two previous owners. This reader still wonders what they did with the chunk of money the city gave them to renovate the theater several years ago.

Follow the science

Biden says he follows the science in regard to COVID. The CDC and science now says you don’t have to wear a mask outdoors, but Biden still does.

Another language

When Hillary Clinton approves of Biden’s leadership, you know you are in socialism full-time. You think you want free college? If you get it, you probably won’t be speaking English. You’ll probably be speaking Chinese. After all, they own us. Didn’t you know that?

Prison space

With all these states making marijuana legal, they will have to close a bunch of prisons after all. That’s what a bunch of those people are in there for.

We need it

The Moderna vaccine needs to be available to a lot of people in parts of Missouri. We are still waiting to use that vaccine and it is important for a lot of people. Can we start using that in Missouri?

Editor’s note: As of May 4, nearly 4 million doses have been administered in Missouri, including first and second doses. That includes the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines.

Truly wonderful

What a wonderful weekend we had! The air show was spectacular. I want to thank the National Guard and all the law enforcement, and especially the Thunderbirds, all the pilots. It was really, truly wonderful.

Intelligent letter

If you haven’t read Shawn Harper’s letter about intelligent debate on guns, you should. He’s exactly right. We’ve killed too many people for far too long.

On your tail

I saw on TV that wreck on Mason Road with a semi involved. I think the Highway Patrol should watch 59 Highway just south of town. Because they will climb right over the top of you, they don’t care if you’re in their way.

Local Videos

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The only way Buchanan County will reach heard immunity is if our city council re-instates the mask mandate until 70% of citizens get vaccinated...period.


So you’re basically saying St Joe will never reach “herd immunity?” I agree.

yep, agreed


2020 election---Joe Biden won the Democrat primary because he was less radical than the other candidates. Now he is exactly following their radical proposals. Who is really in charge?


Democrats realize they have a problem in both the President and Vice-President, neither of which is competent for their offices. They know that replacing Biden with Kamala would be a huge mistake--and they know that Nancy Pelosi is despised by too many Americans. Poor folks.


What democrats realize this? Or is this your projection about how you feel about them? Poor guy/gal.


Global warming----Brrrr!


Thomas Sowell--(An African-American hero)--"No society has ever thrived because it had a large and growing class of parasites living off those who produce".


Why the need to point out his ethnicity? Back to your old white supremacist ways?

don't get upset about anything not in your control.. make life easier


On your tail--(trucks)--There remains a huge shortage of semi-drivers. The demand has meant that the screening process for drivers has become more lax. They will hire virtually anyone, which has diluted the quality of drivers on the road.


Intelligent letter--Taking guns from law-abiding citizens will have zero impact on the shootings of people. When will liberals ever understand that it is criminals ( or dysfunctional) people who shoot other people. Guns are inanimate objects---used for good, or used by bad purposes. The criminals buy their guns from the underworld. Punishing the free market is an example of insanity.

No one is talking about taking guns from law abiding citizens, they want to ban military style weapons and limit clip size. Making better background checks. Nothing that law abiding citizens can`t live with.


I don't see the need for any restrictions for law-abiding citizens. The focus should be on those who don't obey the law.


No restrictions? So RPGs for all law abiding citizens? Got the money for a Bradley Tank go get one? Cmon

reasonable gun laws i can live with-overreach NO WAY


Truly wonderful---Amen. So happy we live in a secure country with a superior military.


Another language---Clinton on Biden---I'm thankful every day that Hillary was not elected president. she has never understood that you cannot spend yourself into prosperity. Apparently Joe has never learned that lesson as well, but he is in the process.


Follow the science---Poor Joe is a little slow on the uptake. I suspect his "handlers" have not given him an update.

I will say this, the border is a mess. However, the orange lying coward coward a year ago was continually lying about the virus, to this day because of his incessant lying his lemmings still refuse the vaccine and believe it to be another in their long line of conspiracy theories.


Boy do you live in a fanasy world!

WASHINGTON — With 18 months left before the midterms, a spate of Democratic departures from the House is threatening to erode the party’s slim majority in the House and imperil President Joe Biden’s far-reaching policy agenda.


The 2020 elections will complete the process, but Biden himself will have been replaced before then.

We`ve already had the 2020 elections, Biden won by a land slide with no fraud involved. 2022 will be a stellar election for the Democrats, thanks to the RINO`s and Independents joining in to get rid of the fanatical Republicans. Trumps (cult) party is on the way out. Only way Republicans can win is suppress the vote and Gerrymandering and the lies that are carefully designed to destroy the truth by manipulating or confusing the public, and are deployed in massive coordinated campaigns that constitute “systemic lies” with blatantly false labels “Junk science” to describe actual climate science, “right to work” to describe eliminating workers' right to organize, “religious liberty” to describe privileging Christians over all others, “death panels,” “death tax” and “fake news.” Trump has been wildly successful in his role as pitchman for the GOP. He enacted enormous tax cuts for the wealthy. and slashed and undermined the interests of the working class, all while remaining popular and convincing many people in the working class to vote for Republicans. You have been duped. That's the facts.

Gerrymandering applies to both parties.. it's a normal occurrence. Biden wants a death tax, guess i should convert every asset to cash...

Becareful of what you say. All the free money the liberals are giving out will buy a ton of votes. Just the promise of free money, health care, free college and free child care. Bought them the election. Some on here smiles all the way to the bank each month to deposit their checks.


Good grief. Right now most of the US is good with 13 years of “free” public education. 17 years becomes a socialist takeover??? Explain that rationale.

how about those that have 5-6 kids pay 5-6 shares of the education taxes ? HUH/


Meaningless comment. Doesn’t address the issue.

of course it does.. renters with gobs of kids pay very little taxes towards education, while owners basically foot the entire tax bills.. put the onus on those who rent and keep having kids !!!!!! there IS no other issue

yep grandpaw... the free giveaways were far far overboard


Ridiculous. There haven’t been any free give aways

pffttt how WRONG you are

bet YOU didn't return all your stimulus checks right ?

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