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Goose and gander

Biden has banned travel from India. That’s xenophobic, and racist and biased. We can call it that because that’s what they said when Trump banned travel from terrorist countries. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Democrats shouldn’t be hypocrites.

The shame

I wonder if the American people realize they have turned the country over to an old man and woman who has no idea what’s going on in this country today. People hated Donald Trump so much, they sold us off to them. Wake up and see what you have done to this country. You are killing it. Everyone that voted for them ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Just the news

I don’t believe that the local TV stations think that we are interested in the NFL draft. I would rather hear about coronavirus for the 837th time this month than I would be at all entertained by the NFL draft. Get rid of that nonsense and give us the news.

It’s so hard

If these vaccination shots are so important, why are they making it such a hassle to get them? You have to get online, you have to register to get them. Why do you have to register to get them? Everybody needs them. You shouldn’t have to sign a piece of paper, you should be able to go into anywhere and get them.

Editor’s note: It’s doubtful that there are very many vaccinations or medical checkups and procedures that don’t require some sort of paperwork or signature.


I have lost so much faith in our government, the FBI, and the Supreme Court in the last six months. The Democrats have done all kinds of things, but they are still raiding the homes of their political enemies with absolutely no evidence. And yet Joe Biden’s son — nothing happens to him. Nothing happens to Maxine Waters. We are becoming a third-world country where dictators are saying, “Keep your mouth shut or you will pay.” It is terrifying.

Raining on it

I watched the Apple Blossom Parade, and I’m just wondering what happened to it. They’re all trailers, there’s no decorated stuff or nothing. What’s the theme? I don’t get it. That’s not a parade, people walking, no floats. I was very disappointed.

Editor’s note: The theme was “Telling our Stories.”

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