Test time

In Minnesota, the governor said they will need 20,000 more tests. They got 5,000. President Donald Trump said we got all the tests we need. That was a lie. He said until they get tests, nursing homes and elderly homes, before they open up they want all of them to be tested. Are we going to not do this in Missouri? Our governor, Mike Parson, will you do this too? Everybody I know has not been tested. Why?

Chicago ways

Some of the shenanigans by former President Barack Obama are now coming to light. This should be no surprise to anyone in any way, as he is a Chicago politician. Many of them have ended up in prison, and some of those who didn’t, should have been.

Deep dive

Read the 92 pages of guidelines to reopen the schools. It’s absolutely insane. Ninety-two pages.

Common factor

St. Joseph is being noted on one of the news commentary programs as having a 650% increase in positive cases identified in the last seven days. Garden City, Kansas, had a 105% increase in the last seven days. Both of them are meatpacking towns.

Please help

Well, the Democrats have a bill to help the American people with this virus going on. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says it’s dead on arrival. What is it with the Republicans? They don’t care? These people are dying. They need help.

No confidence

It’s appalling that the professors and academic departments that have served Missouri Western and the students with distinction for years are being made to suffer the most in this financial crisis, when it is the negligence and incompetence of the prior administration and the Board of Governors that has brought this on. I would support a vote of no confidence on the current board.

Free ride

The kids can go online and get everything they need, they can do that at home. You don’t have to have all those buses, you don’t have to charge people taxes, we don’t have to get rid of everything. Why is everybody so worried about the kids? They’re OK now, letting them stay home and doing it this way. Let’s just keep going.

Quick trigger

I personally think that St. Joe opened up way too early with this coronavirus thing. I think opening up like they did is going to kill the mom and pop businesses here in St. Joe.

Job well done

A big shout-out to the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Department and the St. Joseph Police Department for finding a car that was stolen from our home a little over a month ago. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We really appreciate it, and we’re glad you caught the people who were involved in this theft.

Calm down, everybody

Since reopening in Florida and Georgia, new cases of the virus have dropped 12% and 14%, respectively. Tell me again how reopening is going to kill everybody?

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Calm Down.... Texas Cases have Spiked. 7 other States Also... you better Calm Down


“ The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation. Stay tuned, and send names & events” - DJT, Dictator.

*rolls his eyes.. a nutcases on the loose...*

*pandemic alert-stay at least 6 feet away from it*

* places an immediate call to the guys in white coats*


I remember when conservatives used to cherish the First Amendment.

And notice, you don’t defend Trump, you just go after me. That’s all you’ve got

Isn't life spectacular ? LMAO 1.. Trump is doing great things, and would be better if nutcase Democrats would wake up.. 2 There's no reason for me to need to defend anyone, you just have NO CLUE , and never will get it. What i "got" surpasses your wildest fantasy dreams. ... movin' on....


What great things is he doing? I keep asking that question. Never get an answer.

you never get an answer cos you spend your life on Twiitter and Youtube LOL


Just a vague assumption things he’s done with no substance.

I don't remember the first amendment saying anything regarding 24/7-forever copy/paste

AJ .. I'd suggest you read about freedom of expression etc (Legal Information Institute) VERY carefully. Your understanding may not be what you assume it to be. Primarily It's based on "government". However, Generally, a person cannot be held liable, either criminally or civilly for anything written or spoken about a person or topic, so long as it is truthful .....OR based on an honest opinion and such statements.

ok, gotta go to Walmart and buy more "crying* towels....


Right. It doesn’t say anything. So there’s no limit on what I copy and paste as long as I’m not knowingly defaming.

see... I know your anti game.. but I play harder and better. hahahaha


Lying Donnie is up to 90,000 Deaths

Please help: You lack reading comprehension. Tell Nancy Pelosi to get the "fluff" out of her bill. A virus package that contains ALL the non-virus items is NOT a virus bill, it's a Democrat wishlist to drive up the debt.

Yes TOO much fluff! Take a look at what was included - and they wonder why they can't get enough votes to pass.

Some of the most onerous provisions within HR 6800 include:

- Paying more money for people to not work than to work through January 21, 2021 by giving an additional $600 per week on top of current unemployment benefits causing many people to make more money remaining unemployed than working.

- Giving illegal immigrants $1,200 in direct stimulus checks.

- Decimating honest elections by mandating nationwide mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, and same day registration while prohibiting voter ID and other current state requirements.

- Allowing taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood clinics and abortion coverage in certain insurance policies.

- Redistributing $915 billion in taxpayer dollars to bail out states like New York and California, whose governors have made little effort to reopen their state economies.

- Funding programs not related to COVID-19 such as the National Endowment of the Arts, the National Endowment of the Humanities, and EPA’s ‘environmental justice grants.’

- Providing get-out-of-jail free cards for certain prisoners.

Absolutely Correct-Dead on arrival in the Senate !!! (throw personal responsibility to the dogs, let honest taxpayers take care of you-BS)




Common factor--(meatpacking)--the industry utilizes immigrant workers who live communally, many people living together in the same house, many sleeping in the same room. Their living situation contributes to the spread of the virus---it isn't just at work where people can be exposed to the virus.


quick trigger---"opening too soon is going to hurt the mom and pop businesses?" What do you think being closed without income does to them. It is simple math and simple economics.


No confidence---I personally know of one retired professor who used her classroom simply as a political platform. The class she taught had nothing to do with politics, but it was her personal agenda. Instructors such as that have contributed much to the lack of confidence in the school.


Please help--Pelosi knew the bill would be dead on arrival. It was loaded with liberal garbage. Fourteen Democrat House members voted against the bill. The Democrat bill is not about relief--it is simply a political ploy to use against the Republicans in November. Unfortunately a lot of ill-informed people will buy-in to the propaganda.

similar to the impeachment sham...Democrat hogwash

AND the Kavanagh charade... AND..AND... Blame the obstructionist Democrats, and a certain Anti-Trumper.....

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