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Reading up

The mayor of Baltimore, Maryland, was removed from office and got a three-year prison term for defrauding the taxpayers of Baltimore. She used their tax dollars to purchase a children’s book she wrote to place them in the public schools and libraries in Baltimore, thereby enriching herself at taxpayers’ expense. Will someone at the News-Press explain to me how that is different from Vice President Harris writing a children’s book, then using federal tax dollars to purchase it and place a copy into every backpack given to illegal immigrant children coming across the border? The cases seem extremely similar to me.

Editor’s note: That story has been debunked. The first to cover it, the New York Post, removed the original story from its website and replaced it with a revised version and this editor’s note: ”The original version of this article said migrant kids were getting Harris’ book in a welcome kit, but has been updated to note that only one known copy of the book was given to a child.”

Be afraid

I would be more afraid of the gangs instead of the police. The policy by the Democrats to get rid of police is working. These officers are leaving and getting different jobs. You should be more worried about your own government. They are telling us what to do and what we can do. They used to call Trump a dictator, but you ain’t seen nothing yet. I hope you Biden people sure appreciate this.

Masked man

Only our president would be stupid enough to do this. Biden wears a mask outside to tell everyone that vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask outside.

Chaos crossing

People keep wondering why Biden and Harris won’t go to the border. It’s so chaotic, they’re afraid they will get killed. That’s the reason.

Train the public

All I hear about with this new administration is how they’re going to spend millions and millions of dollars retraining the police. How about we spend millions and millions of dollars to retrain the general public on how to follow law enforcement’s orders?

Tax them all

One question: Is Biden going to raise taxes on his millionaire family members? And is he going to raise taxes on Obama? It’s about time people opened their eyes to see what they’ve turned the country over to.

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Have a good day, folks, don't let your blood pressure soar out of control!


Masked man---just another of Sleepy Joe having a "senior moment".


Tax them all--Congress sets the tax laws. Since they are wealthy people, they are going to make the laws favorable to themselves. Any deductions taken by corporations are deductions Congress wrote into the law to protect themselves. What a politician says, and what a politician does, are mostly 2 different things.


Train the people---every "incident" causing a furor involved a person too stupid to obey the direct commands from an officer. Had they done so, they'd be alive today. Unfortunately, this type of person is likely beyond "training".


In a new CNN poll 70% of republicans believe Biden didn’t legitimately receive enough votes to be President.


Hey, it's CNN. They've forgotten how to tell the truth.


All Trump wanted was the lie. That’s all he wanted. The big lie. He wanted it more than victory. Because he could forever be the victim.

And he knew he would always have a perfectly cowardly Republican Party that would go along with & echo his big lie.

the "big lie" is becoming the Democratic party...


Only trump and republicans keep repeating "BIG LIE" not democrats !


Chaos crossing...what’s so chaotic? Most people are being turned away just like before. Kids are being process out of CBP custody faster than before.


Tax them all...another low information person who thinks the President can target specific people and families for taxes.


Tax them all...this call is a prime example of a low information Trumper who thinks that the President raises taxes and that he will raise taxes on targeted families, or not.


While it is true that Congress, primarily the House of Representatives, enacts tax legislation it is the executive branch's decision of how to enforce those laws. As we saw during the 2016 election cycle selective tax enforcement can be a powerful political tool to use to silence voices of opponents. The Obama administration had IRS exclusively deny 401c3 status to the Tea Party and other conservative groups, effectively stifling their message to voters. At the same time Planned Parenthood had unrestricted use of $50 million of their $500 million annual stipend from American taxpayers to promote Democrat candidates pledged to support PP's abattoir-like mission. Tax law targeting was used against those who didn't toe the line with Obama's agenda, there can be no doubt the Biden/Harris duo wouldn't use the same tactics.

awaiting the final resolutions on many bills, but am preparing to divest assets, convert everything to cash, abandon leases and costa rica ... mucho luck to those who remain..


That would be a big change from your mother’s basement.

haha you're the tenant: i own not rent fool

obviously then you are far far off base.. usual circumstance

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