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Held for ransom

I just saw on the news where major corporations are asking for help on these ransomware attacks that are going on. They want the government to help more. With Joe Biden in charge? God help us.

Fired up

Joe, you and the far-left socialists need to wake up and smell the coffee. You have lit a fire within the heart of every American that you cannot put out.


To all Americans, both Democrat and Republican: Do you wish to live in Nazi Germany? History does repeat itself. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook recently said they would not censor politicians for what they post. Now he has banned President Trump for two years. Isn’t it amazing that that covers through the next midterm elections?

Wild horses

Joe Biden’s Bureau of Land Management is now slaughtering the wild horses. That shows you what a fine bunch of people they are.

Editor’s note: The BLM is not slaughtering horses. The New York Times reports that a BLM adoption program is being misused, with horses dropped off at slaughter houses after the adopter gets federal money, so the government is subsidizing the slaughter of these horses, according to the report.

Ying and yang

I’m looking at the Weekender edition, and there are two sections — one is called It’s your call and the other is Online comments from readers. In It’s your call, they’re all negative, whiny comments and the online comments are all positive and thoughtful. That’s why I like It’s your call. It suits my attitude better.

Corrupt system

If nothing else, the pandemic has showed us how the most expensive — nay, corrupt — health care system on the planet is so ultimately inefficient. Compared to all the socialized medicine in the rest of the free world. Just look at the numbers; numbers don’t lie.

Virus costs

Former president Trump says China should pay reparations for the virus that they let spread. And I agree with that. But President Biden will never do that, and never push for that, because he owes China for his very existence as president. He would never have been elected without that virus.

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Biden's infrastructure bill needs to focus on "traditional infrastructure", not the willy nilly items which are NOT infrastructure.. Biden's wish list is only about 6 percent REAL infrastructure, 94 percent unrelated Progressive wish list items.

Latino Democrats say their party has been ignoring Mexican Americans in Texas, New Mexico and California as the Republican Party makes dents in areas once solidly blue. (Democrat demise is unfolding)


Trump is regressing back to his childhood when he couldn't put his pants on the right way...probably harder with depends on rather than his diaper as a toddler. He looks like a cow with 3 stomachs, one above and 2 below his belt. His attitude has always been that of a spoiled toddler.


Amazing a majority of Americans support trumps ban on Facebook. It just makes it harder for him to fleece the uneducated. But I’m sure he will relieve many fools of their money.

... beautiful weather, certainly more important than Trump or Facebook...


So true Picalow. Sure are a lot of sore loser Trump cry babies. Facebook is doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Facebook is a garbage pit for losers.. always has been

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