Which lives?

Just to show you how ignorant all of this is, Walmart has come under fire for selling T-shirts that say “All Lives Matter.” Now if the Blacks are going to run around saying theirs are the only lives that matter, isn’t that racism?

No more room

Bob Hamilton hopes to be the Republican candidate from Kansas for the U.S. Senate. He said he was running because career politicians are “full of it.” President Donald Trump’s not a career politician, but he’s running our country worse than any career politician ever did. He is full of it, too. Lies, ignorance and hate.

Get the hat

M-A-A-A. Make America America Again.

Case for vouchers

I have to comment on the article where the ACLU wants to stop the police from being in our high schools to protect our children. Has anyone ever wondered why there is a very small or almost no police presence in private schools? Maybe we should support the voucher program and we won’t need that many people in our public schools, because parents will have to pay attention to what their kids are doing.

Just comply

Black lives matter. White lives, too. No doubt, police training needs to change — but so does public perception. The deceased were not detained because of skin color but because they were breaking the law. If they were not engaged in criminal activity, they would be alive today.

A statement

The mask-wearing is so political because of Trump. He won’t wear one so Republicans won’t wear one. Masks might as well say “I’m a Democrat” on them.

Not about race

I was reading about the ACLU wanting to get rid of the school resource officers. Race has nothing to do with why these officers are in schools. They came about because of school shootings and unruly students. Period. Get off the race deal.

Days of glory

Thank you, News-Press and Terry Jordan for the column about Lake Contrary. It was just absolutely wonderful to read. I remember going to the Lake Contrary park in the early ’60s before it blew down in that storm. It was an amazing place even then.

So-called friend

So three major newspapers and British Intelligence have confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Russia put bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan, and that the president was briefed on this in January and did nothing. Now the president claims he didn’t know about it and just learned about, but that was days ago, and still nothing. I’m beginning to think those people who say Trump supports the military might want to rethink that statement.

Graduation risk

I just wonder how many coronavirus cases are going to come from all those kids graduating. All across America, doctors and everybody are saying the virus is being spread by young people, and not one of those students had a mask on. Not one. I don’t know when mankind is going to learn.

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Alice Lookingglass

The Democrats think Mt Rushmore is a display of white supremacy. There’s no saving this country if Biden gets elected.

Alice Lookingglass

Shared from a friend -

Breaking it down:

1. Joe Biden isn’t winning.

2. Bubba Wallace wasn’t a victim.

3.Lives matter, anything more or less is racists.

4. What happened to Floyd should never happen again.

5. All cops aren’t bad, nor are they all racist.

6. No one OWES You !

7. Rioters, looters and arsons should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

8. Unborn deserve a chance at life.

9. Elderly deserve respect.

10. Colin Kaepernick isn’t a hero.

11. CNN isn’t news (nor is MSNBC)

12. Elizabeth Warren isn’t Indian.

13. Facebook only censors conservatives.

14. Again lives matter (red, yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight).

15. COVID-19 is being used to gauge just how much of our freedom they can take away.

16. All fear is fueled by the media.

17. God IS still in control.

18. Epstein did not kill himself.

19. Nascar did though.

20. There is NO White Privilege.

21. LIFE IS what YOU make of it!

22. The only one we should bow to is God.


Please note that BLOATUS has spoken more about graffiti on the statues of dead racists than he has about the bounties of our live soldiers in the last few days.


President TRE45ON. He looked at the cadets at West Point. He saluted them. He knew there was a bounty on their head. He has done nothing to stop this.

President TRE45ON!

oh isn't that so cute.. tre 45 on...cute, but from a childish mind....


Hmmm. Not from my mind. From a Lincoln Project person.

Alice Lookingglass

Hmmm. From a Lincoln Project person? Bet that's exciting!


Either he knew and chose to do nothing, or he didn't know because he couldn't be bothered to do his job

.... Researchers in China have discovered a new type of swine flu that is capable of triggering a pandemic, according to a study published Monday in the US science journal PNAS.

Named G4, it is genetically descended from the H1N1 strain that caused a pandemic in 2009.

Supreme Court Justice Roberts is a disappointment and has proved he is useless for women and the unborn. The Supreme Court ruled that health and safety regulations governing Louisiana's abortion facilities are unconstitutional.

As the Court's deciding vote, Chief Justice John Roberts ADMITTED HE DISAGREES with the ruling...but sided with it anyway to go along with the Court's historical precedent. Why the wishy washy? Can't he stand on his own morals? What a disgrace!

Just another valid reason to reelect President Trump. We need more judges who will follow constitutional law; not someone who goes along with the "crowd".


You want activist judges. It was clear what Roberts decision was. The Court previously struck down a Texas law that was nearly identical to the Louisiana law. They threw another case at the Court, hoping that the ideological "bent" of the Court would result in a different outcome. Rightfully so, it didn't. And true conservatives should be happy about that. A truly "justice-must-be-blind" conservative would understand this. You want activism, not stare decisis.

I understand that decision. mitigating factor was precedent

So now you have the gall to tell me what I want? No, I beg to differ. What I want is a judge to vote with his conscience, not go along with the crowd.

Democrats are happy. They love murdering babies because they love the money they receive from Planned Parenthood.

Also Planned Parenthood plans to spend at least $45 million to turn out voters this fall — triple what the group spent on federal elections in 2016.


He followed constitutional law. By the book. You just don't like the outcome and don't understand how you want justices who will rule the way you want them to.


Roberts dissented in the Texas case, but the fact that the Court ruled in favor in that case, caused him to rule in favor in this case. He did his job properly. Anti abortion folks need a new case based on different law and issues.


Gosh aj your true liberal colors are showing. As a Christian you should be screaming for the life's of the unborn. Instead you agree it's okay to murder them by abortion.


Where did I say it was ok? You people re really dumb. You don't understand how this works and what is likely pushing it. The Court cannot go against the Constitution. It also should not go against itself when prior rulings aren't challenged with new law and new issues (stare decisis). It's my opinion that the folks in Louisiana knew this would likely be defeated. They can then blame the Court and point to them as the big, bad government who wants to murder babies and get their less educated supporters all worked up, like you are now. This is and has been the problem with "pro-life" candidates and politicians since the 80s. They all claim to be pro-life but do little if nothing to actually fix the problem. They throw cases like this at the Court occasionally to make it look like they're doing something, knowing full well nothing will happen. They're all lawyers. They've studied constitutional law. They've studied how the Court will/should rule on different issues. Rarely are lawyers surprised by the Court's rulings. But it keeps the emotional, single issue voters worked up and voting for them. Open your eyes. They are wolves in sheep's clothing.


You want to fix the abortion problem? Quit waiting on Caesar to fix it. Teach young people about sex and babies. Support providing birth control when appropriate. Talk to a pregnant person about choices. Love them. Quit making it ok for people to shame unwed mothers. Education and prevention are much more effective than thinking Caesar has an answer. Abortion is a spiritual issue and requires a spiritual response.

aj has a valid point...parents need to EDUCATE their children in many things, that they don't currently do...including the full gamut of sexual relations... it is NOT ok to just have kids and then turn a blind eye to the kid's activities. the same applies to the BLM thing.. the virus pandemic...etc.... and other things as well.

Liberals have a cute little way of supporting abortion by labeling it as "reproductive freedom".

Who is shaming unwed mothers? I just don't see that. I see lots of resources available to assist them. The only time I hear of unwed mothers being chastised is when they repeatedly pop out babies just to draw more welfare.


Hey Penelope, whatever happened to my friend who was looking for me and just happened to think that an anonymous online forum might be the place?

to aj0201: It was determined you weren't the person they were looking for. Sorry I didn't get back to you with that info sooner.


Hmmm. Imagine that.

As for shaming, you should take some time to speak with unwed mothers. They’ll tell you they get shamed. Not all of them, but plenty of them. And if you think having more kids is a net gain for the parent, you’re wrong.


So true. Don't unborn babies life's matter. It doesn't seem it does.


aj where in the constitution does it say it's okay to murder babies by abortion.


It doesn’t. That’s a different issue.


#BREAKING Officials were aware in early 2019 of intelligence indicating Russia was offering bounties to the Taliban for the deaths of Americans, a full year earlier than has been reported—John Bolton told colleagues he briefed Trump on the intel assessment


You actually believe John Bolton.


Why not? Bolton is no patriot, but there is no reason to not believe he is telling the truth.


He hates Trump. He'll do anything to discredit The President even lie.


He hates Trump? He worked for him for 17 months. He still defends him on some issues. jdw, take a second and look at all the people who used to work in this administration who have said that Trump isn’t a good President. They’re all lying? Or is it possible he just isn’t a good President. Cmon. Think for yourself just a little. The guy you all thought was your hero, your “LONE WARRIOR” as he tweeted, is nothing more than a paper tiger.

Alice Lookingglass

Kayleigh McEnany, WH Press Secretary explained why President Trump hired Bolton in the first place. He gave him a chance and found Bolton wasn't the man for the job. It's as simple as that. Bolton became a disgruntled ex-employee and is showing his immaturity by telling lies.

go for the easy money in DC... get fired and write a book lol


Doesn't mean it's not true.

have no interest in wasting my time on DC politics, my time is spent on ME .. and making money


Yet you’re here every day concerned that I’m an anti Trumper. Yeah, your only concern is you. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

someone has to be here to annoy you aj... it's my favorite entertainment

it's fine to be anti-Trump.. you just get far too carried away with it.


That’s opinion. The harsh truth is that he’s terrible. Why not speak up about it?


Russian aggression, targeting the lives of our soldiers made it to the Presidential Daily Briefing in Feb.

Guess: Trump doesn't care enough to even read it. His administration is too afraid to upset him to bring it up again

Soldiers died

Cue the Fox News "It was Obama's fault"


Pleasant day yesterday. No name-calling, no hysterical communist rants. All in all, a good day.


Do you have any idea you sound talking like Communism has any relevance in today's world other than it is a major imaginary fear of the wacko right, Have you heard me or any other intelligent progressive on this forum extols Communism. As usual the only ones talking about Hilary, Obama, Communism and Socialism are the fruit loop, bobble head , wacko, Connie's. [tongue_smile]

oh you did mention "fruit loop" ...put down that stupid mirror !!


With Americans who think like you, not wonder McCarthy was able to ruin the lives of Innocent people because he called them communist. I am pretty sure it would not bother you to have Black Lists again, or book burning s, or the practice of banning in Boston or any place, again. You know the right has lost it's moral Compass when the have the effrontery to P and moan about their loss of rights when the are required to do what they should want to do. They only care about their selves and not the American around them and the risk the put them in when they for strictly political reasons endanger themselves and even worse ME. The never ending T rump's Foley is getting worse and worse each day because the idiot president and republicans think politics takes presence over Science. Wearing a mask is not political except in the lost minds of the right. MAAA


Then came today. Where all will change. First thing from aj is bashing our real President Trump. Liberal's will do anything to defeat Trump. Trump 2020.


I guess your good with him allowing Russia to target our soldiers with bounties. That's disgusting.

we are waiting for Joe Dementia Biden...


Even if he has dementia, he's worlds better than Trump.

november... there WILL be a president of America...hopefully one who helps increase my new worth


If the president-elect should Hunter Biden's dad and a token V.P., you will have to qualify for reparations to realize an increase in your "new worth"

Alice Lookingglass

It’s clear Joe Biden doesn’t have the fortitude to be President. He’s losing his mind and can’t even manage to finish sentences or remember what day it is.

oops. .typo.. NET WORTH, sry

yesterday june 29.. there was NO IYC forum, thus no bitterness haha

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