Paging Shatner

People already waiting for the Trump rally in Tulsa? I can’t believe this. And William Shatner would have some advice for those people. As a matter of fact, he used it as a title of one of his books: People, “Get a life!”

Turning green

Cut in half, now, the salaries of all administrators at Missouri Western, then make it a satellite campus of Northwest Missouri State University.

Switching syrup

Aunt Jemima is racial? Give me a break. Aunt Jemima to me means healthy, wonderful, yummy food. That’s why I got it, because of the sweet little old lady on it. Not because she was black. I guess I won’t be buying that product anymore. Thanks a lot.

Speaks volumes

There is a statue of Lenin in Seattle. He was the leader and founder of one of the most brutal and murderous regimes in history. Yet, the mob in Seattle has not vandalized it or demanded it be taken down. Seems this mob reveres a founder of communism. This should tell you all about their agenda that you need to know.

On the shirt

I wonder how many of these protesters who are tearing down statues of Confederates and Founding Fathers are wearing Che Guevera shirts. They might want to take a close look at his past and how much blood is on his hands.

True gems

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to all of the wonderful folks who build and maintain the mountain biking trails throughout St. Joseph, as well as the BMX park on North 26th Street. These facilities are true gems that go a long way toward making St. Joseph a great place to live.

The law won

The most abused word in the English language in America today is “racism.” Any time a black person is pulled over, it’s racism. Any time a black person fights with the police, and the police have to subdue them, it’s racism. You can’t fight with the police. My father told me a long time ago, you can’t outrun them and you can’t outfight them. Once they learn this, maybe they won’t have so many incidents.

Doesn’t add up

If America is such a racist nation, how is that we elected a black man to two four-year presidential terms? Since African-Americans comprise only about 13% of the US population, guess who elected him?

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Presidunce Plump hates the Constitution. Suggests legislation to jail people for a year burning the US flag. Two years for burning the Confederate Battle Flag.

as much as you complain about America, why don't you get out and never come back aj0201..there's not a minute you aren't complaining about something. you are the saddest person i've ever seen.. your rants and tirades exceed anything near normal. as sad as you are, even your church cannot help your soul. you are doomed to an eternity in complaint hail. i certainly will cheer you on.


Someone explain how Kentucky going from 3500+ polling places to 200 is better and NOT voter suppression?


They lie about fraud associated with mail in voting, and are ok with reducing the places for over 3 million people to vote. Seems to me the ones cheating are the current republicans.

aj .. add this to your "constitution" grievance complaint bag >>> “The issue before this Court is not whether a hypothetical voter in Kentucky’s upcoming primary election would benefit from additional polling locations,” wrote Judge Charles Simpson III, denying the motion. “Rather, the issue is whether the challenged election procedures result in a cognizable infringement under the Constitution or an injury under the Voting Rights Act. We conclude that it does not.”

aj mentality >> WRONG


Protests---One accomplishment of the "so-called" protests is that it provided something to do for the young non-working, illegal drug users, living off welfare and mommy and daddy and what they could get through crime. These were not the citizens who made America great, they are the dregs of society who are completely oblivious to reality. Std's are prevalent in these people who are unfit for a civil society.


Big dopey is losing it. 😂😂😂😂

we have our own "dopey" who lost it long a copy/paste nightmare


Paging Shatner--Back in 2016, there was no COVID-19, yet Hillary was never able to draw a crowd to her rallies. The same is now true for Joe Biden. The street protesters have already united the Trump followers--I hope they keep up their shenanigans until election time.

Comment deleted.

Trump relocated, unfortunately you WON'T lmsao


Turning green----Perhaps the best idea I've heard. Northwest knows what they are doing, and how to do it.

yeh Missouri Western has always been a money-sucking institution .. many thanks to Vartin-bleeder


Switching syrup---A classic example of "caving-in" to the demands of radicals. It was fear that their factory might be burned down if they didn't "cave". America has lost its backbone.


Liberals never had a back bone

Comment deleted.

i totally agree ... GREATEST. PRESIDENT. EVER. !!!!


Speaks volumes----Untold numbers of Russian people died at the hands of Lenin. That some would consider him a hero is a demonstration of how they have been propagandized by socialist instructors in our schools---a tactic, by the way, promoted by Lenin. These are sad little people who refuse to look at the facts and have sided with evil.


On the shirt---Those tearing down statues are ill-informed people who contribute nothing to the country. They live at home with mommy and daddy, use illegal drugs, and live off welfare at the expense of taxpayers. They are the "losers" in life who only destroy, but do not build.


Doesn't add up---good call. A fact completely ignored by the race-baiters.


The LEFT bombarded Trump with falsehoods and outrageous claims before he even took office. They have attacked him constantly for almost 4 years, ridiculing everything he said or done, and failing to assist him in draining the swamp in Washington. Those Democrats and Republicans who opposed him were quite comfortable dwelling in the swamp where they fleeced the taxpayers so that they could live wealthy lifestyles. The Left made no effort to respect the office of the President. If the Right were to act in a similar way they would be ostracized. The Left is simply evil.


The law won---Great call. When the data does not support the claims, people resort to the "race card". Unfortunately, true racism is on the rise due to the horrific acts of the so-called "protesters". They acted as animals.


You look at the polls and think "he can't win." But Trump's path to victory doesn't depend on persuading Americans. It depends on voter suppression, mass disinformation, foreign interference, and unabashed use of executive branch power to shape events, and perceptions, this fall.


Trump's chances depend on the silent majority. They do not burn. They do not loot. They do not tear down statues. They go to the polls and vote legally. Any "cheating" in the vote will come from the usual suspects--the Left.

..and mass hysteria propagated by aj0201, our very own self absorbed idiot phenomenon, and incidentally a nutcase


A. John Bolton is no patriot.

B. His lack of patriotism has nothing to do with the veracity of the claims in his book.

C. If the claims in his book are false, you’d expect someone as litigious as Plump to go after him for libel. 100% guaranteed there won’t be a defamation lawsuit.


Time will tell. There were other people present at the times Bolton makes claims. Those other people say that what Bolton says is not factual. I do not know, and neither do you.


Who says that big oak?

Trump is waiting for you aj, to read and criticize the contents of the book


After delivering his “Emptysburg Address” the other night (“3 wives and 8 hamberders ago....”) President Plump looked absolutely defeated getting off Marine One. Quite the walk of shame that 993,800 people decided to do something else that night.


Have you never been "tired"? COVID-19 fears kept people away--thanks to the media and their fear-mongering. The fact is, we will see the support in November. If Biden wins, it will be a disaster for the nation. Then we will be able to tell you so.


So, the very people who say its fake news listened and stayed away? Good grief you Trumpers are a funny bunch.

yeah.. they protested, burned and looted...what's new with the deranged protesters anyways ?

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