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Glass half empty

Anybody who thinks that Bill McMurray and the City Council are doing such an awesome job in this town has got some serious issues. I have never in my life seen a train wreck like St. Joe, Missouri. And I’ve been everywhere in this country. And of course this won’t go in the paper because, ya know how everyone is talking about fake news? The News and Press is full of fake news.

Failed strategy

The reason the vice president went to Guatemala was to pay the leader of that country money to give their citizens, money to stay at home. When the people stop coming over the border, the Democrats think they can take credit for solving the problem. But the people will not get the money.


I see the News-Press is just picking and choosing who they want to print in It’s your call, but somebody’s gotta answer the question! Is the county wanting to tax the city residents without representing the city residents? I mean, they want to raise the sales tax for law enforcement but they got a sheriff who says there don’t need to be police in the city limits because that’s the city’s job. Somebody’s gotta answer this question.

Make a call

I applaud the man who decided to fix the potholes in his street. However, all he has to do is pick up the phone, call the street department, and tell them to do their job. These guys will not fix potholes until they are notified. Even if you have someone who works for the department driving on the same street, they do not fix potholes until you call.

Read and learn

In response to “Danger zone,” regarding the judge’s decision on the California assault rifle ban: Another example of liberals changing the truth to fit their own beliefs. The judge did not say the AR-15 was as lethal as a Swiss army knife. He said the AR-15 was likened to a Swiss army knife in the fact that it could be used for home defense or for battle. He didn’t say anything about it being only as dangerous as a knife. So read the article for once and learn the truth, not just your own opinion.

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Glass half empty .. sounds like yet another Colorado gripe


So nice to see all the leaders at the G7 summit with President Biden and First Lady Jill!! Jill is such a breath of fresh air after the fake Melania and Dumbo Trump.

G7 summit ... Yet another fake summit where nothing of substance will occur


It was just nice to see the President act like an adult, he didn’t push anybody out of his way and act like he was 5.


Exactly Picalow! President Joe and First Lady Jill are acting like they represent the most powerful country in the world and do so with class.

Content, sucking up to Pickalow is just plain nasty


Beats what you’re sucking up.

extremely weak and pathetic response, as usual


In a statement yesterday Trump comes right out and says he trusts the murderous dictator Putin more than US intelligence workers. That’s what you all voted for. Who you defend. Who you think was the best President ever. Who probably some of you are secretly hoping is “reinstated” in august but know better than to say that out loud on here.


Most corrupt administration ever, and we learn more everyday.


Those Obama left over "Intelligence officers" were trained to smell Walmart shoppers from 1o meters, sorta like bomb sniffing dogs

Obummer ruined America.. TRUTH


Only according to racist idiots, everybody else knows the truth.


Unprecedented job growth. Record stock market. Respected around the world. Yeah, he really ruined America.

do you EVER stop crying and whining like a big baby ??


You’re crying about Obama and making that comment? Cmon man.


Smelling not necessary, anyone can spot trump turds from a mile away.

I have already stated Trump will NOT be reinstated as President... put your bellyache agenda to bed


Wasn’t talking about you, slick


Glass half empty - No argument here.

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