Jefferson’s words

Thomas Jefferson, one of our forefathers said, “The government needs to protect each individual person’s rights. When the government fears the people, this is called democracy. When the people fear the government, this is called tyranny. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

Blame the media

I believe the attacks on the Capitol are an attack on the lies and deception created by the news media only telling half-truths. I think the country is tired of being lied to. Sorry folks, but I think this is just the beginning.

Avoid the lines

I called the Health Department to see what their plan is when they receive the vaccine to go to the next group of people. I’m concerned that in other states people have had to wait for hours on end in their car and then be turned away when they ran out. I think they should come up with a plan so people aren’t having to wait in line.

Say the names

I hope the people remember Hawley, Cruz and Graves have blood on their hands.

Hypocrisy on display

I don’t agree with what’s going on in Washington. I think what burns me is the politicians’ double standards. It seems when their secure little corner of the world is disrupted, they go berserk, but the criminal element can run rampant all over the nation causing chaos, looting and burning and destroying; seems like Portland was under siege for weeks and what did Congress and the Senate do? Nothing. I think Americans are just getting sick of their hypocrisy.

On your shoulders

Every human being has God on one shoulder, and the Devil on the other. Who do you serve?

More than others

One caller said Trump isn’t responsible for the virus but he is responsible for the response to it. Yes, and his response was a whole lot more than what anyone else did. Or did you forget? Pelosi said, “Go to Chinatown and have some fun!” Cuomo said, “Go out and live your life!” And Cuomo killed 6,000 to 11,000 people by putting them in nursing homes. This is idiotic.

Double standard

Who started these protests in the first place? When the election was going on, Democrats and BLM paid people to destroy statues and people’s businesses. But they were against Trump, so you all accepted it. Now when there are protests for Trump and against a crooked election, suddenly protesting is bad.

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The guy pictured at Pelosi’s desk? Arrested. Remember the EO saying people destroying federal property would be given an automatic 10 years? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Protests are nothing new at the Capitol - Lest we forget what happened during the Kavanaugh hearings...


More people died at the Capitol this week than at Benghazi. How many died at the Kavanaugh protest? Maybe you should sit this one out?

I laugh in your unmasked face.


Trump now saying he won’t be at the Biden inauguration. Probably best, but still a pathetic whimper of an ending for the worst President ever. Such a disgrace.

am wondering how often AJ will appear on IYC AFTER Jan 20... such a disgrace


When Trumps gone, I’m gone. I do reserve the right to post if I want to, but I likely won’t. But when he’s gone, so am I. If he resigns today, I’ll be gone.

With President Trump gone you'll have no one to insult. That's all you were here for. That was your total agenda

exactly so G'dude


No there’s plenty of people to insult. If insulting people was my agenda I could stick around here and insult folks all day. Pointing out Trumps unfitness for office and his lies was my agenda. No need to point out he’s unfit for office when he’s out of office. His Cult45 members will remain, but they’re too pathetic to bother with.


Good job staying away jdw. Apparently you lied about that as well.


On your shoulders---It is called a conscience which directs us to do right. When we ignore our conscience, we do wrong. Humans are the only species with a conscience and it is sad how often we choose to ignore it.


Blame the media---The media no longer follows journalistic principles. The media is now a political tool, and the audience is filled with non-thinkers who swallow everything they are told. As the lower echelons of society continue to grow, the number of non-thinkers will increase, and politicians will have complete control to do whatever they please with a compliant electorate. It has already started.


Hypocrisy on display---the riots most of this year were by the pro-Democrat crowd, and Democrat leaders were quiet. A Republican mob does exactly the same thing as the BLM/Antifa crowd and the Democrats go ballistic. It is always fun to see the chickens come home to roost.


Politicians own "we the people" so long as we blame one Party or the other. Politicians are owned by wealthy contributors who "buy" what they want a politician to do. Those of us who send $25 or $50 dollars once in a while have no voice---it is corporations and billionaires who are really in charge. "We" are just grist for the mill.


More than others--This virus is not yet fully understood, and like all viruses it mutates rapidly. In the beginning there was much confusion between even the experts WHO vs. CDC for example, disagreed. Blaming a non-medical professional for their "handling" of the virus is like blaming the sun for going down earlier than you would like.


Double Standard--Good call. Democrats were absolutely silent when cities were burning, stores were being looted, public buildings were defaced, and statues toppled. Suddenly the shoe is on the other foot and they are whining like the pigs they are.


Silent? Biden spoke out against the riots often. But let’s remember that this summer was sparked off by a cop committing murder (yes, rioting is wrong, that’s a different issue). Trumpers participated in an insurrection because they didn’t get their way in an election. Remember, Trump signed an executive order this summer promising a mandatory 10 years for the destruction of federal property. You promised that republicans wouldn’t riot and would quietly go back to work after the election. Maybe you should just sit this out?

murder? or your interpretation ?


Well, mine and the district attorney who has charged Chauvin with murder.

ohhhh Chauvin..... old news, long forgotten

charged... don't jump up and kick your heels just yet


It would be wonderful if Missouri would adopt the same plan for covid vaccinations as Kansas. Presently, Missouri and our lousy Governor have no plan.

...waiting my turn, same as everyone else don't know details of either state plan


BREAKING: The US economy LOST 140,000 jobs in December -- a sign the recovery is deteriorating

The official unemployment rate remained at 6.7%

**Only 55% of jobs lost in March & April have returned**

There r still 9.8 million jobs that need to come back


Thanks, Cuomo, deBlasio, Newsome, etc. Your paychecks are secure, but many people stand to lose everything. Open up the economy, you idiots!


What, me worry? China Joe and Concubine Kammie promise they will give everyone, citizen and non-citizen alike, a guaranteed income. Who needs a job? C'mon man, get real!!


Biden has promised a UBI? Hmmmmm.

have head inklings.. from somebody...don't care

Here’s reality, all three levers...

a "numbers" person with zero personality.... copy/paste is the only asset.


The Beer Belly Putsch has now claimed more American lives than Benghazi. I'm sure Republicans will act accordingly and remove Donald Trump from office for inciting the crowd who attacked an American government installation and killed one of the people trying to defend it.


You guys have been so indoctrinated by fake news you no longer recognize right from wrong. Live in your little fantasy world, I think it is the only place you'll feel secure.


Fake? What of this is fake? The Trump led insurrection resulted in the loss of life. More than the Benghazi riot. These Trumpers are worse than the terrorists at Benghazi.

some never-Trumper's are worse than homeless vagrants. blame China for all the covid deaths.. the base source


Trumpets broke into the Capitol to protest not getting their way in an election and you’re lecturing about knowing right from wrong? Stifle it Edith.

idiots broke into the Capitol

impeachment ? NAH ... article 25? NAH .. with only a few days left, nothing will happen. you Dems can suffer a couple more weeks

Leavenworth, yeah

only in your wildest dreams...keep dreaming

After yesterday, and of course faux news along with the illegitimate children of Beavis and Butt-Head( Hawley & Gary’s) have been exposed along with the orange lying coward. Of course faux news tried to play the antifa infiltration cars, bogus and facial software is proving the despicable falsehoods these weasels peddle. These were all Trumpkins invited to riot by the orange lying coward and his coked up kid.


cry foe me

Hey if the left can protest and destroy the country maybe the right .....

You’re right it’s just the beginning of the end of Trumplestiltskin, he’s finished.

there's always been chaos in America.... always will be... get over it

cry foe me

I think it has just started!

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