No free pass

Trump may not be responsible for the virus, but he is responsible for his handling of the virus.

Burning up

Well, it looks like the Democrats are going to get to complete their scorched earth policy. Congratulations Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and all the rest of you.

Blame the peacock

Isn’t it a little hypocritical for MSNBC to have criticized President Trump for the smallest things the past four years when it was their sister network, NBC, that first brought Donald Trump to widespread, public attention? Before that, he was only known as a book author and the developer of a game show. Let’s call a spade a spade and maybe hold NBC accountable for winning Trump the attention that led to him winning the White House.

Waiting game

So the city health department is still waiting on vaccines, which is ridiculous, but Mosaic employees have already received the vaccines? Something doesn’t seem right.


I see Sam Graves and Josh Hawley are both backing that lunatic we have in the White House. I have voted for Graves for a long time, but I’ll never vote for him again after this.

On thin ice

For you uninformed voters, we live in a representative republic, not a democracy. Let’s wait about one year and let the News-Press tell us how many of our liberties and rights are gone, because the Democrats plan to take a lot away from us.

Tell them

Sen. Danforth was criticizing Josh Hawley and Sam Graves for intending to object to having certain states’ Electoral College votes certified. Danforth said, “What will my grandchildren think of America if they are told that elections are fraudulent?” I think he used the wrong wording. If America has a fraudulent election, I would most certainly want my grandchildren to know.

Untrumping Trump

Sam Graves finds it inconceivable that Republicans, like him, did well in local races but Trump lost to Biden. He sees it as a sign of something fishy. It’s not fishy at all. Voters like their local and state candidates and they like their conservative ideas. They just didn’t like Trump. Republicans just need to find a Trump who isn’t like Trump.

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Never forget that those republicans plotted a coup.


Just a thought. Some of us knew that this was going to happen under President Trump. This is why I said I would continue to post here until he was gone. It would have been much easier to say after the election but it was apparent to me and many others that this kind of chaos would happen when he lost the election.

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cry foe me

This site will be bland without you whiners! 13 more days of listening to your dribble!

13 longggg boring days.. UN-interesting, monotonous and repetitious


On day 14, you guys can all circle up and do whatever a buncha like minded dudes do in a circle.


President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Get used to it.

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oh baby, please tell us more lmao

cry foe me

looks like somebody is in the closet! Aj

cry foe me

Not my president! Hey I sound like a Aj of the last four years!


I never once said “not my President” about Trump. He absolutely is and was the President. He’s just the worst, most unfit President we’ve ever had. Nice try though.

cry foe me

Aj, your the leader of the circle jerk .

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cry foe me

Watch out, Aj is a bear!


4 dead. 14 officers injured. Over 50 arrested.

And you all thought taking a knee was going too far. 🤷‍♂️

Heinous only four arrested from The Capitol. Can you imagine if it were BLM, instead of a pack of trailer trash?


I’m amazed that with all these law breakers not following police orders, none of them ended up with a knee on their neck!

cry foe me

George Floyd died of drug overdose


No he didn’t. Liar.

There’s a reason Sam Graves doesn’t debate. However, Josh Hawley is just a complete piece of refuse. This is the face of trumplandia, red necks, uneducated slack jawed inbreeding. Truth, anything coming out of the orange lying coward’s hole. There’s a reason he hasn’t a dog...


Finished---Caller, you are simply a loyal little sheep. You were told by an extremely biased media that Trump was a lunatic (despite the fact that he accomplished more good than his predecessor). You swallowed their garbage completely and became a little parrot, repeating every twisted word they fed you.


Protests in Washington--Things got out of hand for a while, but there was a huge difference: there was no burning or looting. The biggest difference however was the immediate and strong reaction from Republican leaders condemning the misbehavior. Our large cities saw organized looting and burning this year while Democrat leaders were silent. Why? What we saw was planned by Democrat leadership in their effort to remove President Trump. The DNC "used" the uneducated welfare crowd to burn, loot, and destroy. They accomplished their goal, but now the ball is in their court and many are going to be greatly disappointed.

He’s finished, there is no way he will get out of this. He can chant lock her up from his new home in Leavenworth. There will be no San Clemente for the orange lying coward.

I’ll refer you and your ilk to the 25th...


Tell them---What we can tell our grandchildren is that we remember when America was great. We can also tell them that it is was destroyed by Democrats and their "entitled" welfare constituents. We now begin the slippery slope into socialism and possibly communism. We are on our way to Third World status.


On this ice---What we have witnessed is the destruction of our Republic in 2020. Democrats have created enough poor, uneducated people to win every election moving forward. We have lost what we built in the last 244 years. The Welfare crowd now rules, God help us!


The Democrats "have sown the wind" with their promises of reparations, free healthcare, college loan forgiveness and a guaranteed basic income, now "they shall reap the whirlwind" when those promises can't be fulfilled.

I'm glad my vote cast for Biden was successful. Now thanks to Biden all my college loans will get paid in full and I can party. My two advanced degrees, one in transgender studies and the other in anti-American journalism were very costly. Because I've not been successful in finding a job position compatible with my qualifications, the debt of my college loans is huge, Biden is the answer - Party time!

Remedial English please

Education and truth: bane of a trumpkin.


Finished---I'm sure Sam Graves is really disappointed at losing your vote.


Burning up--We can only hope there are a few Democrats left who have enough common sense and enough guts to stand up to the Pelosi/Schumer presidency (Biden is just a puppet).


No free pass--Trump is responsible for the quick development of a vaccine which is being used to save lives all over the world. Are you willing to give him credit for that? Of course you aren't. Hate is a nasty emotion which does most harm to the one spewing it.

Most of the hate in this forum comes out of your mouth.....

Comment deleted.

Trumpism is almost over...America will never see the like of him again in the Oval office. America is back on January 20th and Trumpism will die a slow but sure death.


Not sure what rule my comment violated?

A emotion no thinking person would waste on such a hyena of a human being.

Nurse I need turned

ummm no doubt haha

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