Downhill fast

I would laugh if it wasn’t so sad. So many people are saying, “Oh, Biden is the answer!” and “He’s going to save this country!” and blah, blah, blah. Have you not looked at his dismal history since he’s been in government? Have you not looked at his background since he’s been in government, or before? It’s just unreal. You guys do not know facts, you do not know history and it’s going to be the country’s downfall.

Respect elders

I would challenge you all to take a lesson from the Native Americans. All of our elders are extremely important.

Only one side

It seems we spend much of our lives picking sides, trying to choose who’s the best, what’s the best side to be on. We go through our whole lives like that, and we don’t even stop to think about maybe we should try to be on the right side of God.

One or the other

Even if a landlord cannot evict you directly, if he owes money on the rental property and can’t pay it because you’re not paying rent, don’t you think the bank will evict you?

Cost of elections

Are party politics corrupt? The Georgia Senate races are being run at the cost of over $100 million each. Why?

Don’t buckle

When people who tell the truth get persecuted, it’s the same type as people who are persecuted for their religious beliefs. And we are in a time where everyone who stands their ground and stands up against what they see as wrong will be persecuted. It’s not an easy thing to deal with. It will take a lot of strength and character. Do not buckle under the pressure and go along with the crowd when you know something is not right.

In his shadow

I just noticed that Joe and his wife were informed about the blast in Nashville. I didn’t know that she was part of the cabinet. I wonder if she’s going to be the shadow president.

Only so much

We need to turn our school district over to Kansas City. They would do a much better job. Who’s going to pay for all these plans? You can only get so much money out of us.

Editor’s note: Be careful what you wish for. The Kansas City Public School District was one of eight in the state that received only partial state accreditation last year because of performance issues.

What about patients?

I’m calling about the coronavirus shots. Why don’t they give them to the people in the hospital that’s already there instead of the doctors? Maybe it could save their lives.

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... you're the only one concerned...nobody else cares about your hogwash affinity for DC lmao MOVE ON


William Barber: [Conservative], “evangelicals today have a JESUS PROBLEM; they never say: Jesus said.” Frightening, but seems right. Prove him wrong—give examples where they rely on Jesus in their views on poverty, immigration, health, law-enforcement, war, environment...

Jesus is imaginary ..NO PROOF


The historicity of Jesus is essentially not in dispute. You’re thinking of God. To a believer, it’s good that there is no proof of God.

nah.. religion isn't in my view.. in ANY way, shape, or form.. non existent


Louie Gohmert on Newsmax: "But if bottom line is, the court is saying, 'We're not going to touch this. You have no remedy' -- basically, in effect, the ruling would be that you gotta go the streets and be as violent as Antifa and BLM."

Why the caller asks. Well, why do we pay more for healthcare than any other nation, only to be given a mediocre product. Why do we incarcerate more, pay more for police and less for education than any nation outside the third world, many why’s, however there is a common denominator, greed.

my stimulus check arrived today.. show ME the money !!!



There are a myriad ways of making money, most non-taxable. AKA sad fake stories on go-fund-me accounts ..dress poorly and hit the food kitchens, saving cash, hire folks who will work for peanuts... .. be SMARTER than the average sucker


Legally none of those are non taxable.

you stick with legal, i'll stick with cash flow


Every single GOP member of the House who says Biden won in a rigged election was just elected on the same ballots.

They should refuse to be seated if they believe the election was rigged.



cost of elections---apparently the elections are important enough to cheat. That is the lure of absolute power.


So far, the only fraud proven was the guy who voted his ex wife and mother in laws names. He is a Republican.

... then there were multiple DEMS that moved out of Georgia, but still voted in Georgia election...

Limbaugh gibberish that won’t be heard for long from the bloviated opioid addict.


No. Wrong. Didn’t happen.

Don’t even try it. Voter suppression is a plank of the Republicans, history is rife.

torogem makes LOTS of sandwiches... ALL BALONEY


One or the other---liberal politicians have taught deadbeats that they are "entitled" to whatever they desire without paying---after all, they need their cash for alcohol, illegal drugs, and tattoos.

Like the orange lying coward. Six bankruptcies, multiple contractors unpaid...


Only one side--The truth will be evident at the end of time when a great separation will occur. Sadly, many today are being seduced by the Dark Side.


In his shadow----They included his wife because they needed someone who would understand and remember the information.


They included his wife because she actually spends time with her husband. Melania rightfully keeps her distance from her future ex husband.

and, as always, AJ's mentality is 99.9 percent Washington DC... of which it's NOT in his control... just blabbing in the wind.

Biden's wife is a DOCTOR...he assuredly needs one


Don't buckle---We live in a "politically correct" age. Stating the truth will result in name-calling and character assassination. Many of the ridiculous happenings this year is the lack of a backbone of people in authority who immediately "cave-in" to the "demands" of a vocal and hostile minority. Trump has been the only authority to say "NO" to the ridiculousness of the leftist, fringe elements of society.


Trumps the biggest name caller there is, though. Literally has a name for everyone that disagrees with him.

that's an awesome trait...exactly like AJ hahaha


Downhill fast--Biden was an ineffective member of Congress. Now thinking he will be an effective president is ludicrous. Of course, it is doubtful that he personally will make any decisions. The will merely be a puppet.


Biden has been elected to office multiple times and generally by huge numbers. He now has had more votes cast for him than any other President ever. I imagine in his life he’s had more votes cast for him than any politician in history. Meanwhile, as you bash his efficiency, you worship a guy who has many failed businesses, multiple bankruptcies including cash making casinos, serial philanderer, ordered to not run a charity in the state of New York because of fraud, ordered to pay back tuition from his failed “university” because of fraud, lost the popular vote twice and was impeached once and lost this current election by a landslide.

just WHAT major legislation has Biden accomplished in 437 years in politics...???? getting votes OR being re-elected means nothing.. NO opposition/weak opposition can get votes... over and over.. only means the morons of his state voted for him and padded his pockets with a salary.......


Considering the all-out assault on socio-economic policies and liberties of American citizens being proposed by the Democrat Socialist machine, even nullifying Constitutionally guaranteed rights, Biden's proven record of administrative incompetence and legislative ineffectiveness may well be his most redeeming quality.


Only so much--The problem is "public" education. There are students in any large city school system who do not want to be there, make no effort to learn or succeed, and create a non-learning and disruptive atmosphere for those who do wish to learn. Many children are afraid to go to the restroom during the school day because of these unruly and "bullying" students. Even saying this is "politically incorrect" and will result in name-calling, but until we face the facts there will be no progress.


Hahaha. It’s not politically incorrect, it’s just plain false. Sure, there are kids who don’t wish to be there. That’s always been the case. We knew who was going to drop out by the 8th grade and sure enough, this people did the moment they turned 16. I believe Missouri made a mistake when the law was changed to 17.

there should be an entrance exam for high school...if you're not up for it, bye bye.. save taxpayer money

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