Other foot

Believe it or not, I said a little prayer for Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. I didn’t want to, but I did. Because they don’t realize that they are being used, and they won’t realize it for a while. But when they do, they will find the shoe on the other foot.

Afraid of people

I ask you people to consider something: Why do you believe the leaders of the so-called “free world” are so eager to denounce Donald Trump? Well, it’s simple. They are afraid of their own people. And they should be! They’ve abused their own people. Look at the millions of dollars we have sent to help the poor that never got to the poor. Think about it.

Down the tubes

So in 2018, protestors took over the Senate building during the Kavanaugh hearing and they also invaded the state capitol in Wisconsin, and that was OK. They said, “That’s what democracy looks like!” But when the other side does the same thing, the Dems and Libs are screaming that it’s “insurrection” and everything else. You can’t have it both ways. One side cannot say it’s OK to do something and then vilify the other side. This nation is going down the tubes.

Loss of power

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz both have visions of being president. The problem they both have is they have hitched their wagons to extremists who in my estimation have no money to support them in a political race. They need corporate money and big businesses, and these two have stepped away from this mess. Hawley, Cruz and Donald Trump are all headed down a one-way path to loss of power.

Crazy meets crazier

As for Nancy Pelosi wanting to impeach Donald Trump, she needs to get over it. She’s just as crazy as he is — or crazier. She’s power-hungry, she’s hateful, and I think she’s gone senile. If they impeach him, it will do nothing but throw gas on a fire.

United we fall

If the United States falls, so goes the rest of the world — even China, because we are their biggest consumers.

Elites are scared

I don’t think it’s that people hate Trump so much, but the powerful elites in Washington are scared witless of him. Research the plan called “The Great Reset.”

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For the first time in the history of the US, the peaceful transfer of power is being threatened by violence to the point of bringing in troops and extra police to monitor and guard against the violence. The threat is not a foreign adversary. It’s not Muslim terrorists. It’s American citizens. Mostly white nationalists who didn’t get their way in an election of a man who was and is the most unfit man ever elected to office. They killed a cop. Beat one with an American flag. Stormed out Capitol looking to imprison and maybe hurt or kill politicians they didn’t agree with. It is looking more and more like a coordinated attack. Video showing the discussing the plan and receiving detailed instructions about windows and doors as ports of entry to get further into the building. Reports that some had been given a tour by GOP members of their staff.

And while this is happening in real time, the President isn’t ordering his staff into the sit room to give orders to the FBI or the National Guard or the DoD and taking command of the situation. He watched TV. In the single biggest moment of his presidency, at a time for him to finally fulfill the promise of acting presidential, he watched TV.

Jan 13... 8 more days till the hocus pocus from AJ ceases (unless it's a bold face lie) ..keep the faith. The Trump admin just executed the 11th person on death row... gotta clean out those cells, man. (two more scheduled) Comey says NOT to charge Trump with insurrection, just let the lights go out (finally, a smart comment from a dumb Democrat) ..btw AJ watched tv also lmao .. oh, ... munchgirl, munchgirl where are you? hahaha


Republicans are increasingly worried they may be in danger for not following the demands of violent Trump supporters seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

"There is particular fear among Republicans in Trump-heavy districts who voted against the GOP's doomed bid to overturn the election results," Politico reported Monday. "Many came home last week to find constituents — preachers, school superintendents, churchgoing men and women — cheering on the effort rather than condemning it, according to multiple GOP lawmakers."

One Republican explained why Trump supporters are more dangerous than activists on the left.

"Both parties have extremists," the lawmaker told Politico. "There's a difference in our crazy people and their crazy people. Our crazy people have an excessive amount of arms. They have gun safes. They have grenades. They believe in the Second Amendment. They come here and Trump's made them think this is the Alamo


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has plummeted, tying the lowest point of his presidency, following last week’s mob attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In a new Quinnipiac University poll released Monday, 33% of American voters said they approve how Trump is handling his job, a dramatic drop of 11 percentage points since December when 44% said they approved of his job performance. Sixty percent of voters disapprove of his job performance.


Alright guys... I am seriously starting to doubt Mexico is going to pay for that wall.

More awesome news! Thank you Lord! Today the Supreme Court halted the mail delivery of abortion inducing pills. The Court reinstated a requirement that women visit a medical facility to obtain the abortion-inducing pills,


More naïveté.

The orange lying coward just lost the turtle, fini

Praise God for answered prayer! Missouri is the first Abortion-Free State after the last Planned Parenthood abortion center in St. Louis has stopped killing babies. Seems the facility doesn't want to comply with Missouri's pro-life laws.




Joe Biden--In a speech yesterday Biden increased the racial divide. He said that if it were BLM members assaulting the Capitol Bldg., they would have been treated differently. He says that after Mayor after Mayor told the police to "stand down" during the BLM riots this year. Biden is proving his (lack of) leadership ability.


You think cops would have taken selfies with BLM?

selfies.. such an important item...WHO CARES


Two officers were suspended for taking them. And the question remains, would they have done that with BLM protesters or the “million man march” guys who were black and many who were muslims? If the “QAnon Shaman” was instead a Muslim dressed in traditional clothing, would we care that his mom complained about him not getting organic food while in jail?

...don't care...


You would if the scenario were what I mentioned. You know it. So do I. Otherwise, why post about the Memphis police officer using the term “usual suspects?” Closeted racism is still racism.

nope.. again i said DON'T CARE .. I posted the Memphis thing cos i knew you'd like it lmao sad, SAD lifer...

you antagonize and insult.. guess you like adversity huh


Insult? Not at all. Telling someone who shows their ignorance daily that they’re ignorant isn’t insulting. It’s truth. 🤣

and you surely show ignorance DAILY.. you're gonna be totally lost without irrelevant postings on IYC .. totally laughable.. but fools tend to reside in their heads


Down the tubes--the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party is well documented. It is simply "standard operating procedure" for them. A den of inequity.


loss of power--Many people respect the fact that these people are standing up for the future of our electoral system. When people lose faith in the honesty of our elections it will cause the collapse of our system of government. Apparently that is the desire of some in the Democrat Party.


Its been Trump who has been sowing doubts about the election ever since before he was elected and never stopped.

Honesty in trumplandia? Truth isn’t truth. If you people weren’t so utterly deranged you might be humorous.

cry foe me

Thanks old wise one! Obi-Wan Kenobi

.. sounds like munchgirl in disguise... derangement is contagious


United we fall---Reasonable people understand that, but we just elected an unreasonable political party to power.


Elites scared--They were frightened of Trump from the beginning. He recognized that Washington is a swamp of corruption and he tried valiantly to expose it. The swamp liked their corruption and their self-serving lifestyle. They simply used the "useful idiots" to remove Trump from office. America loses.


crazy meets crazier---Impeaching Trump at this point is simply being mean and vindictive which pretty much describes today's Democrat Party.


Down the tubes--The Democrat leadership is obsessed with power and willing to use any tool to achieve it.


It was Trump and trumplikens who tried to overthrow the results of an election to remain in power, not the democrats

cry foe me

We live in your head everyday! put your tin foil hat on pops!


Biden rolled up his sleeve for his second shot showing off his big guns and how he is in so much better shape that Trump. I'll bet Biden could knock Trump out with one punch.

... laughable, only bet on sure things

cry foe me

Biden broke his foot playing with the dog! yeah he's superman!

The I know you are but what am I defense falls flat in the case of The Capitol riots. It was finally the straw for the orange lying coward. Six people dead, one of the most sacred acts performed in that building interrupted by Trumpkins and your pathetic enablers still trying to blame Antifa.

best of all, just another pathetic poster..

Helpless with your inability to engage the truth. Weak to the point of absolute uselessness. Steel and iron these are my two solutions to you and yours. Those are my nicknames for my appendages.

cry foe me

Looks like you forgot to take your meds today! Off the rocker you are! Orange man bad! you sound .....

.. a symptom of ultimate delusion... we already knew that

counting electoral ballots is mandated, not a "sacred act" .. 4 of the 6 dead were medical related, they shoulda stayed home in the first place. control your Democrat ego

Doom on you

so sorry, you lose

cry foe me

You simpleton !

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