A pill for that

When Joe Biden is asked questions, he doesn’t answer them. He just walks off. We need to get used to it, because the Democrats are going to do that and hide everything from us, so we won’t know what they’re doing. Have you people caught onto it yet, or are you still taking stupid pills?

Supply, demand

It just dawned on me why everyone was hoarding toilet paper when the pandemic hit. They saw people standing in lines in socialist Venezuela trying to get toilet paper, and they see our country turning socialist. So yeah, they’re worried there’s not going to be any toilet paper.

Mask moves

I saw somebody had said Harrison County stopped doing their mask mandate and they wished other counties would do the same. Well, Harrison County are the stupid ones here, because the masks do help. They keep you from getting it from me, and keep me from getting it from you.

Real polluters

Why is it that people always want to hamstring America when it comes to carbon? The United States’ carbon footprint was lower today than it was 10 or 15 years ago, yet China and India have increased two- and three-fold. Why don’t you go after the real polluters, instead of countries like the U.S., Germany and England who have already taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint?

Poll position

A recent News-Press ping poll asked “Who’s the bigger threat to the U.S.: China or Russia?” Just after the recent presidential election, a media research center poll found that 9.4% of Biden voters would not have voted for him — enough to change the outcome of the election — had they known about the Biden family corruption investigation, a story the New York Post published last October.

Pelosi factor

I find it very funny that the Associated Press is now blaming Trump’s hesitation on the relief bill delaying the aid payments. Did I hear anything about Pelosi delaying the bill since June? For six months she delayed it, so don’t talk like it’s Trump’s fault it had to wait another two days. Pelosi should be ashamed of herself. Trump was looking out for the American people, not her.

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GEORGIA ... the state where elections go on, and on, and on...... AND ON


Help me understand how 140 House Republicans will challenge Joe BIDEN's Electoral College Presidential win and yet fully accept their own results putting them in office.


Teddy Vandy

Happy New Year 2021 from Florida to my IYC friends! Wishing you a prosperous new year. Get prepared to open your pocketbooks wide for Biden's tax debacle.


Be quiet B4AliceVandy.

with added tax implications in 2021, i have fully prepared... had my CPA make a charitable deduction to Colorado.. it's the only thing i need to once again pay zero tax.. OOPS


Mississippi State-Tulsa brawl--typical neighborhood behavior.


Can’t give up the racism, can you?


In 1873, Jefferson Davis told a reporter that Southerners had been “cheated, not conquered."


Pelosi factor--great call, spot on!


A pill for that...I have yet to see Biden walk out or stop an interview like Trump did.

dunno... have no time to "watch" ANY of DC fools ... show me the money !!!


Supply, demand....let’s hope that the next time something “dawns on (this person)” they have the good sense to keep it to themselves. This is a really bad call. Nearly as bad as bigoak’s comments.

.. more bitterness..


Mask moves....masks are simple to wear and quite effective when worn properly. Not sure why 10 months later and 330,000 deaths later we are still having these problems. One only has to wear a mask when they’re around other people not in their household. For most people, that means at the grocery store or gas station (only if you go inside, really). What’s so hard about this?



Real is the answer that the US should match the Chinese in carbon emissions or that we should somehow impose our will on a foreign nation?

... think you're reading that post wrong


The point is that China and India, along with Russia, are the worst offenders. Yet the idiot protestors continue to point their fingers in the wrong direction. For one thing, those real polluters could care less what the "protesters" think or do.


So, should the protesters stop?


Poll position....I doubt this is true. And what is the relevance of an investigation into Hunter Biden to Joe Biden? This is one of those murkey areas where Trumpers have a hard time explaining relevance.

DC corruption... not the first, won't be the last... it is what it s..


Because in the various emails there were frequent mentions of the "big guy" and making sure he was in the loop. We know Hunter had no connections to Trump, so the obvious solution is that Joe was the "big guy". A special prosecutor could find that out. It is hypocritical to be in favor of a special prosecutor when the target is someone you hate, but be against it when the guy is "on your side".


Who said I’m against it? Investigate away. I hear both Durham and Horowitz have time.


Peloton factor...ah well Trump can write about it in his post presidential memoirs.

Queen Nancy did NOT get her Christmas wish list in sad, too bad..


A pill for that....Maybe a Gas-X pill would relieve Biden of that pained, squinty-eyed grimace he wears like a mask

The New York Post has devolved into The National Enquirer

.. and the "gem" will replace AJ on Jan21 as the nastiest mouthpiece on IYC.. God help us lmao

Teddy Vandy

Oh my lawd.

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