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Grand old enablers

The behavior of Republicans toward Pelosi’s husband is horrifying.

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Leave it to the GOP to destroy the nation's recovery from Trump. Biden got the pandemic under control and prevented the deaths of another million Americans. He got the country back to full employment, after Trump’s Administration became the first in history with a net decline in jobs. The economy (GDP) grew by 6.9% during Biden’s first year. Biden kept hundreds of thousands of small businesses afloat with PPP loans, and still cut Trump's deficit by more than half. They reversed Trump’s pro-Russia policies and correctly believes Putin to be an enemy. He restored NATO and destroyed Putin without a nuclear war or risking American lives. Biden’s one appointee to the Supreme Court is the most popular with the American people since 2006. He reads reports by his intelligence staff so that his decisions are based on reality instead of the location of hotels. Biden pushed through an infrastructure bill that Trump promised and then failed to deliver on. Today it provides billions of dollars to improve roads, rail systems, and bridges, expand internet access, ensure access to clean drinking water, promote pro-environmental technologies, expand security for our nation's cybernetworks to defend against attacks from Trump's friends Putin and Kim.... and create 1.5 million jobs a year for the next ten years. Biden has not given top-secret intelligence to the Russians & does not think our intelligence agencies are Notzees, that POWs are cowards, or our military commanders are idiots. Biden has never mocked people with disabilities. He has never been impeached - much less twice. He has never participated in an insurrection against the US, stolen government documents or foreign gifts or transferred $3.7 billion from the military to pay for a wall of Swiss cheese. He's never invited the Russians to assist him in getting elected nor ordered the military to use his resorts to line his own pockets. He has never publicly praised Hitler or exchanged love letters with Kim. Vote Red, Democracy is dead! Vote Blue it`s what Patriots do!

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