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Look away

To that person who objected to the dandelions out by the clinic, you know, they make excellent food for bees and they’re actually beautiful little flowers. Not everyone hates them. Maybe it would be best to look the other way and let those of us who enjoy them just enjoy them.

Diversity of opinion

We have done such an injustice to our young people, our kids and our young adults, to let them believe that only one opinion is the right opinion and they are allowed to do anything to make their opinion accepted.

Saving lives

I’m calling about the person complaining about stop signs Downtown. It’s better to be safe and alive than dead and buried out at Memorial Park Cemetery. I think it’s a good thing they have the stop signs. A lot of people don’t even stop for the red lights.

Made in the USA

So now parents are having trouble finding baby formula. Why? Because 50% of it comes from China, our enemy. If you want to feed your family in the years to come, you better buy a farm, learn how to raise animals and a garden, and learn how to process your own food. If you trust the government to feed you, you’ll make the same mistake the Native Americans made.

What a party

I find the irony pathetic when Democrats are yelling “my body, my choice” when it comes to Roe v. Wade but when it came to getting an injection to stop the COVID virus, we didn’t have a choice. They were forcing people to get the injection or lose their job. What a party. It’s no wonder I can never vote for them.

Engineering by committee

I think the people of St. Joe should have a say on the double-decker bridge. From what I’m seeing in the poll numbers, people want it left alone. Just fix it and leave it.

Reduce speed

On saving money on gas: I don’t remember the year, but when we had a gas crisis before, they reduced the speed limit on the highways and recommended that when you go shopping, make three or four stops in one day instead of one store each trip.

The wrong track

Why can’t we have any coverage of high school or college track? They are some of the most crowd-watched sports in the spring. Did you even know Missouri Western has a track team? You never mention it in the paper.


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Another fine example of how republicans don’t give a hoot about someone unless they are still in the womb. A teacher was fired for giving an LGBTQ student that had been being bullied by others a hotline number to call. That was way to much for the principal, guess he rather would have the bullying to continue until the student decided he had enough. Wonder where it would have end, mass shooting or taken their own life.

Also it’s funny to watch these tough republicans freaking out with the protest of SC justices and of course poor Susan “he learned his lesson” Collins. But it’s ok if you yell and harass patients going to a clinic. And let’s not forget that it’s ok to walk into a church and kill a doctor you don’t agree with. Such good Christians.


Situational Hypocrisy strikes again. Tom Cotton is saying this formula shortage is a national crisis hurting poor moms and children the most. Wonder if he is just as upset with Rick Scott wanting to tax these poor moms and cut any aid they might get. I bet not.


Tom Cotton is like Josh Hawley...just making a lot of noise for the Trump base preparing themselves to run for president. Liars beget liars - insurrectionists eat it up. Fist bump that.


I see where women are now being compared to sea turtles by the right. In Montana they are wanting to take away reduce lunch for school children and MTG says that those who help the poor and immigrants are socialist’s and not a true Christian. I’m by no means an expert on the Bible but isn’t that the main teaching of Christian’s?


“Love God, love people.” That the main teaching. Hard to call how we treat immigrants as living people.


“Loving people…”. Good grief.


Yes indeed, and you don't have to be an expert on the Bible to know that.


Diversity of opinion…differing opinions are fine. The problem is that we often don’t know what the difference is between opinion and fact. Of course, in a time where “alternative facts” guided a presidency, why are we surprised? For instance, saying “Trumps tax cuts added huge level of debt to our country” may be responded with “that’s your opinion.” No, that’s a fact. “Trump was a bad President.” That’s opinion. “Biden has dementia” is an opinion.


What a party…vaccinations shouldn’t be seen as political. All kinds of republicans got vaccinated. And nobody was forced to. Also, pregnancies aren’t contagious.


I thought the same thing, in all my years I have never heard of someone becoming pregnant from being in the same room as a pregnant woman. But I know people who have died due to close contact with an infected person. More critical thinking from the right.


Well, one poster here from a few years ago mentioned how he didn’t understand why they stopped regular programming for weather alerts because when he looked outside his window all he saw was a clear night sky. That this level of thinking ended up voting Trump can’t be a surprise I guess.


It’s sad when you think some actually believe what they are saying.


Everyone had a choice to get the shot or not. Even with the caller saying some people had to get the shot " OR " lose their job. The key word being OR. That's a choice.


Made in the USA…this is a horribly ignorant call. The shortage is largely due to the biggest supplier of formula having to shut down a plant in Michigan due to safety concerns. It hasn’t reopened yet. They also recalled their formula creating far greater demand on the remaining brands. And none of this has to do with the government feed us.


The baby formula spin on China comes from Fox and its full time viewers.


Look away…dandelions are at best the nutritional equivalent of a bag of Cheetos for bees.

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