Give a number

In regard to having to register for the COVID shots, is it possible to post in the paper what number they’re on? That way it would give people an idea of where they’re at. It’s been over two weeks since I’ve called the register and I haven’t heard anything from that. It would give people an idea of where they are at and how long they have to wait.

We control it

America needs a consistent energy source that man can control, not wind power and stupid solar panels that Mother Nature can control. This Green New Deal is going to really hurt this country.

Oil still flows

I wonder if the lady who wrote the opposing view to the Keystone Pipeline realizes there are two Keystone Pipelines. One runs through Missouri. That oil from Canada will very likely run through Missouri. Now, it will probably go right down the railroad tracks through Downtown St. Joseph.

Enduring pain

I served in the Gulf War. I’ve been dealing with back and neck pain since. I’ve been under doctor’s care and treated with pain medication for over 20 years. In the last few years, my medication has been reduced to under a third of what I had been taking. It’s been very hard to adjust to the low dose. Over the last Christmas, I was a bad boy and took more for the pain, to spend quality time with my grandchildren. My doctor had a screen test for me at the end of that pill period. So, as for punishment, he refuses to fill my medication. This the best we can do for those in pain?

Still No. 1

Hurrah for George Washington. Hurrah for the United States of America.

Trump’s plans?

I have a question to my fellow readers. Is Trump going to have another insurrection against the United States government? If he gets that done, you can forget your freedom, pal.

Giants of old

When I was a kid, FDR was in the White House, Truman was coming to the White House next and Eisenhower followed him and then Kennedy. We had giants running the country. We had men that could run the country. I’m telling you, Trump was in the White House and what he did to the Capitol building, they ought to give him a nice prison sentence.

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President Joe Biden already has a higher approval rating than Trump had during his entire 4 years...Trump never broke49%. Keep up the good work President Joe Biden!

cry foe me

I guess Trump should have stayed in the basement like senile Joe!


He should have not run again and saved himself from that shellacking.

Biden victory was simply an exercise in futility from the laggards of society. It ain't over just yet

Let's take away the mail in ballots except for over seas station military men/women. And those confined to home or nursing homes. Then see what the out come would have been


Every vote counts - - except yours?

hilarious the lengths you liberals go to push your lies...that wasn't an approval rating...but we know truth isn't your strong suit!!!

nope, Content specialty is jaw-flapping, though nobody cares

Biden hasn't been in office long enough to get ANY kind of rating dummy

You always get good approval rating when you don't do anything against what your handlers want you to do

it will be a breath of fresh air to see and hear former President speak at CPAC on Sunday. that guy that thinks he's running our country now continues to have that blank look stare - inhaling all that ink residual from signing EO's including the one today has caused his demented condition to worsen....his brain matter is at 10% - that's the "big guy" you know...hahahaha!


"That guy that thinks he's running the country" kicked Trump's backside and won the election by a landslide. It's like fresh air not having to hear Trump's big mouth daily spewing lies. Trump is a LOSER and a GONER :)

aw, gee, whiz...I thought you said you had a job and so you didn't have much time to listen to the media...either you lied or you lost your job...hahahahaha!


Self employed.

so if you're self employed then you're saying you lied??? hilarious!!! what a coverup!!!


So you don't think self employed people have a job or work? No wonder you post ignorant things.

cry foe me

I think content is growing the recreational! that explains alot.

ha! growing the are most likely closer to the truth than you know

job ?? you gotta be kidding !!! welfare is NOT a job

past tense.. the election is over.. move on or keep hanging onto Obama coat tails

Wow, you got that right. "That guy who thinks he's running the Country". He did win the title of President. But, that's about it a title

Cuomo is getting deeper in hot water day by day... not only did he kill thousands of nursing home residents but currently he's facing sexual harassment claims. it's a long way to the bottom, sonny boy!!!

authorities deported 15 people to Jamaica and hundreds of others to Central America.

HOUSTON (AP) — A federal judge late Tuesday indefinitely banned President Joe Biden's administration from enforcing a 100-day moratorium on most deportations. YAYYYY


Giants of old---Trump did nothing to the Capitol building. The folks who participated were wrong, and both Trump and the Republicans denounced their behavior. Meanwhile, Democrat leaders were strangely silent during the true "insurrections" which occurred nightly in our (Democrat-led) cities which vocally refused and denounced offers of federal law enforcement assistance. Do you people live in a fantasy world? Where is your common sense??

gee, Biden said on a talk show that he got arrested at the Capitol...

NAH. that was toro in a bad costume.. lol

Sorry you missed it but Trump was impeached by Democrats and Republicans for starting the true insurrection on the Capitol even the top Republican Mitch said that Donald Trump was “practically and morally responsible” for the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. The Democrats also denounced the violence that occurred from the left wingnuts. You surely don`t call yourself a Patriot because a Patriot would work to unite the country instead of tearing it apart like Trump tried to do. So all you do is come on IYC and preach your lies and hate of Democrats. What fantasy world do you live in. You must watch a lot of Fox Entertainment to be so lost in the facts. And no I don`t watch CNN they are short on facts too.

cry foe me

You may be slow so I will explain that he has been acquitted twice! not guilty!


Go Joe Biden! So far you're doing great!

real... real... REALLY .. S L O W

He was only acquitted because the Republican Senators think that the Trump voters will keep them in power. More people are getting out of the Republican party by the hour because of the disgrace that Trump is still causing.

Content Just what's he doing great in? Yes, he has gotten the vicines. Moving. But former President Trump was doing as much. What else has he done? Please tell us

some people may be leaving the Republican party but the odd part is that they aren't going over to the Democrat party...just staying unaffiliated. your gotcha moment about Trump being a disgrace has no grounds. what is next on your dream list???

Is it just me. Or have anyone else noticed that content never says President Joe Biden. It's Just Joe Biden. See content knows he's just the puppet. Some one else is pulling the strings.


Biden reversed all the stupid mistakes Trump made. That's a GREAT start!

and Biden is uniting WHAT and WHO by all the EO's ?? now, it's cancel culture, NOT uniting !! there's PLENTY of reasons to hate Democrats, inquire from Canada, from the southern border where 25k more illegals will be soon flooding America.


Boo Hoo.

and more boo hoo... $15 dollar minimum wage isn't happening.. 10 or 11 MAYBE


Probably - you start high and negotiate.

two impeachments, two times NOT convicted, just two more scams by Democrat Pelosi and her band of thugs


Go Joe Biden! So far you're doing great!


Trump LOST the WH - LOST the Senate - LOST the House. And he will likely be serving time or unable to run ever again as a convicted felon in the courts he has coming up.

.. so you say.... hahaha

More reaching for straws huh toro ? (notice the wording.. lmao)

btw it's spelled "hurrah" not harrah...


How about HURRAY!


Go Joe Biden! So far you're doing great!

Certainly less capability required to copy/paste... but if that's all you have... lmao


Trump's plans---since Trump had nothing to do with the so-called insurrection (as opposed to the "peaceful" riots which burned buildings, looted stores, destroyed dreams, and assaulted police officers", how could be possibly be suspected of a second one. You have drank too much Kool-Aid.

When he loses again in 2024. Duh!

.. yet another Democrat prognosticator.. KOOL AID TIME (Sounds like yet another Colorado login name...)


Go Joe Biden! So far you're doing great!

frustrated much Colorado ??? lmao

that 10% for the "big guy" IS paying off...he IS doing great!!!


Still number 1---Thank you for sharing. You are 100% correct!


Hoorah for Joe Biden who beat Trump in a landslide!


Enduring pain--Thank you for your service to your country. Now if you were a non-working welfare recipient, or an illegal alien, you would not have to worry. Democrats would be rushing to your aid. Otherwise, they "don't feel your pain".


Oil still flows---Those trains supply a steady flow of income into the pockets of Warren Buffet (among the greedy) who is "excused" because he donated heavily to the Biden presidential campaign and the Democrat Party. Hypocrisy abounds.


Warren Buffett is much smarter than bigoak and Biden is proof that he is smarter than Trump the Liar & LOSER!


We control it---Common sense should tell Mr. Biden and the Democrats that if they desire to replace carbon fuels, they should first establish the grid network to provide so-called "green energy" before pulling the plug on existing resources. Life-support is needed for many families by with our current system. Workers once supporting their families must now depend on government assistance. Not logical.

We control it, I laugh at your inability to see. The coal and gas fired plants were the ones that failed in Texas, at that time only seven percent of the grid came from wind, which would have worked if not for proper installation. Why are the turbines here working? Coal is done, natural gas and nuclear for backups to green as opposed to greed.


Actually the wind turbine blades were coated in ice and inoperable. Thousands of gallons of fossil fuels were burned in the process of de-icing their blades. They failed in the time of emergency.


It must be comforting to live in a fantasy world.

Why didn’t our’s fail. You lie, plain and simple, your orange lying coward did it for so long you think truth doesn’t matter. Have a cornflake.

PSSST: el-toro... Trump will run again in 2024, and WIN!! lmao


PSSST: EYE4...Trump will either be in jail or eliminated from running in 2024 due to convictions coming in New York and Georgia.

hahaha it's SO easy to compete with imbeciles, who have no weaponry except their flapping jaws...

cry foe me

I think liberal air is thinner, that would explain their crazy outbursts!


That too must be why Trump LOST to Biden. Now go cry.

You'll be one crying in four years when the conservatives reclaim control.


Not going to happen. The Republican party is broken and Biden's approval rating is already higher than Trump's ever was or will be.

cry foe me

A Green Deal wacko! think of all the electricity you are wasting on this site! please go green and disappear.

hahaha gotta love it


I do love how Biden won the election. BIGLY!

it is BIGLY how Biden hunkered down in his basement during the campaign and yet won the election...and earlier China Joe had called Trump xenophobic,,,gotta love voter fraud, huh???


No evidence whatsoever of any voter fraud. Sixty - 60 courts including the SCOTUS says so.

if you believe in Tinkerbell, then there was no voter fraud...

green, per say, is many many years in the future.. keep hoping. For now, I'll stay with fossil fuels

it was China Joe's Dept. of Energy that blocked Texas from increasing power ahead of killer storm...otherwise they would have been prepared. Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output in Texas, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state. no other explanation - just thank an incompetent Democrat administration!!!

cry foe me

It seems to be that Demorats are trying to destroy the USA. I cashed in my IRA, the bubble is ready to pop with the lefts politics!


Whew...what are you going to do with that cash? Send it to Trump like other trumpanzees?

idiot, stop talking to yourself, you appear really really STUPID

oh wait, never mind... we already knew..

Biden administration did not block Texas from increasing power before winter storm that was fake news from InfoWars.

not fake news - the document is there for everyone to see...isn't it cool when these liberals get slapped down with REAL FACTS and their only retort is oh, it's fake news...hahahaha!


Touché toro!

need a new pacifier there Colorado.. Content... el-toro... harrah... what am i thinking.. how about another nickname ?? lmao

cry foe me

More like a new diaper.

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