We got buildings

Someone said we could use those K-Marts for schools, but look at that Washington School. That’s been there for years. And if you go a little further, remember the community college? We got plenty of buildings, we just need to utilize them instead of letting them sit and deteriorate. You guys want to spend all this money we don’t have. Let’s get rid of some of these council members and get back to the basics.

Change in policy?

So Texas is freezing, they have no heat, the wind turbines are freezing due to the cold. I guess this is what happens when you want wind energy. It’s too cold and the turbines can’t move, so we’re having rolling blackouts and people are without power. I think they need to revisit their whole climate policy.

Weather wizards

I know why we are having all these severe winter storms. Donald Trump and the guy from Russia got together and they planned it.

Minimum wage

In regard to the gradual increase of minimum wage, I would like the News-Press to ask the Chamber of Commerce outright if they would be in favor of a gradual increase to help working families.

Good impression

Joe Biden should be impeached for impersonating a president.

Good-old boys

I think if there’s one thing the American people have learned from politicians on both sides of the aisle is the fact that if you’re not part of the good ol’boy network and a career politician, don’t get into politics. Because they will ruin you.

Days of old

I was just reading in the paper about the dinosaurs, and it says that 230 million years ago in the Triassic era, carbon dioxide levels were 10 times higher than they are now. Darn those cavemen and their pollution.

Editor’s note: The dinosaurs died out about 65 million years before the first people appeared on earth, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Short-term pain

As the coronavirus starts to recede, gas prices will rise as economic activity picks up. It’s simple supply and demand. Electric cars might be the long-term solution to high gas prices, but 2035 is a long way off. What’s your solution for the here and now, Mr. Biden?

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I use “the biggest of words”

ha! that explains your pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism...use of biggest of words trying to make up for your intellectual disability - sad

MENDACITY, I put that in trumpkin...........


The liberals on this forum either failed Economics 101, or were in college after the socialist indoctrination began.


Biden--So far his plan for the nation is simply to undo the sensible policies of Donal Trump. Democrats, thanks to hate, cannot understand that. Read Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm--then read Saul Alinsky's program for initiating socialism. You will be enlightened.


weather wizards---It just wasn't a plot, global warming contributed considerably. There are already strict restrictions on carbon emissions in the United States, but India, China and Russia are taking up the slack. Too complex for Democrats to understand.

There’s a fact check column above that will explain to you the ridiculous nature of the Texas GOP, we pay for the regulations they decided to let their leaders dispense this voodoo grid and they are literally paying. Thanks sjnp

(the voice from la-la land...)


Short term pain---in addition to increased demand, restriction on the coal and gas industry will further increase gasoline prices. Many will be unable to travel to work. The increase in gas prices will impact transportation of good--semi-trucks--further adding to the inflation caused by increased minimum wages. We are in for a rough economic ride. Increased costs will mean decreased job openings. Democrat economics at its worst.


Democrat economics is what pulled us out of the great recession of 2008. Obama/Biden team saved us from a depression and then after two terms handed Trump a very good economy that is suffering now because of Trump's actions and inaction the last year and a half of his disastrous presidency. Republican economics with George H. Bush took down the economy and Clinton brought it back BIG! George W. Bush tanked the economy and Obama brought it back. Trump took something good and squandered it and now Biden/Harris will bring us back. Republican economics stink! And true Republicans know that Trump was not a Republican or a conservative. He was a lifelong Democrat and ran as a Republican because in his own words when asked if he would ever run for president he said..."if I did I would run as a Republican because they believe anything." Glad the Trump farce is over.

Democrats are making it where Colorado/el-tor0/Content just may hafta give up his free "hotspot" internet connection due un-affordability...

cry foe me

The slugs always get free sh*t. Democraps say : hears one for you and you and you.....


Minimum wage---Sounds good on the surface, but as always, that is as deep as Democrats think. The price of goods will increase accordingly. Some jobs will be discontinued. All Americans, including minimum wage earners, will be paying more for the products they buy. Foreign-made products made in Asia will dominate the American market, costing more jobs. Wages will increase, but "buying power" will not. Minimum wage workers will be in the same relative position (unable to purchase the products they desire) while the rest of America will pay more---of course, it will have little impact on the wealthy. Democrats need to stop their knee-jerk reaction to perceived problems and think beneath the surface.


Good impression---President's Day should be cancelled until we get one.


God created man and woman. All other genders were created by Democrats!


Change in policy---Texas: Thousands of gallons of aviation fuel in helicopters were used to de-ice the frozen windmills. Reliable energy? Hardly!

Wonder why our windmills are working and the ones in Texas are not? It’s called preparing. The willingness for Texans to do their own thing and forsake the regulations the rest of the country rely upon. But Sinclair and the rest of the right wing purveyors of alternative facts will blame it on anything but the incompetence of the Texas GOP.


Exactly toro!

.. is there ANYTHING you won't complain about?

it was China Joe's Dept. of Energy that blocked Texas from increasing power ahead of killer storm...otherwise they would have been prepared. Acting Energy Secretary David Huizenga did not waive environmental restrictions to allow for maximum energy output in Texas, instead ordering ERCOT to utilize all resources in order to stay within acceptable emissions standards – including purchasing energy from outside the state. no other explanation - just thank an incompetent Democrat administration!!!

Purveyors of alternative facts...........

how DUMB .. talking to your other IYC names !!!! like a child..

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