Give it up

For the love of God, when is Nancy Pelosi going to give up her vendetta against Trump and do what she was elected to do in the first place? And that is the people’s business.

Reaping the wind

After hearing on the radio and reading in the paper about all the problems they’re having in Texas with no power since they got this cold front coming in down there, tell them to call President Biden. He’ll send down some solar and wind power and it will take care of the problem. I can’t wait until they get rid of the coal, oil and gas power, can you?

Buying from China

Biden wants to replace all the government vehicles with electric vehicles, which is 650,000 vehicles. Guess where we get the rare earth minerals? Oh, it’s China. China has gone into 15 African countries to take their resources and everything else important to these people, and now we’re going to have to buy the minerals to make the batteries to power the cars. Boy, Biden’s going to get rich on this one.

Politically wrong

I worked at Quaker Oats, and there was nothing wrong with the Aunt Jemima name. I guess they’re going to have to change Uncle Ben’s and the Eskimo pie guy too, huh? Politically correct is politically wrong sometimes.

Editor’s note: Uncle Ben’s is being changed to Ben’s Original rice. The image on its packaging is being removed.

Hats off

I’d like to give a big shout-out to my paper carrier through this cold, terrible weather. My newspaper is always on my front porch. I know they hate getting out early in the morning, braving the cold and the ice, but I have the best News-Press carriers I think there are, and I think there’s others out there just as good. Kudos to the News-Press carriers.

Blaming Pelosi

It seems to me that if Nancy Pelosi and her hate-filled heart were out of the Capitol building, maybe the riot wouldn’t have happened. Maybe she’s the cause for all this, and not President Trump. Let’s kick her out of there and see how things calm down.

No bailout

I was glad to see Biden decided against the Zoomer bailout, otherwise known as student loan forgiveness. Bailing out college graduates is a transfer of wealth and removes the incentive for choosing majors that lead to well-paying jobs.

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As it currently stands, the COVID relief bill includes:

$1400 dollar cash stimulus, with monetary income caps

an expansion and increase to the weekly federal unemployment boost of $400 per week through Aug. 29.

an extra 15% worth of food stamp benefits into the pockets of those who qualify.

These benefits would last through September

extra money for the WIC program, which would receive an extra $880 million

an expansion of the Child Tax Credit to $3,600 for children under age six and $3,000 for children under age 18. ..split into monthly payments

$19.1 billion would go to state and local governments for housing assistance to help cover late rent payments, rental assistance programs, utilities, and other housing assistance to unemployed, at-risk, or low-income households.

$10 billion for mortgage payment assistance that is earmarked for states and tribes, and another $11 billion for rental assistance and other support services for the homeless.

Other notable benefits include $350 billion in financial aid to state and local governments, tribes, and territories, as well as $14 billion for vaccines and $46 billion for testing, contact tracing, and mitigation.


That is a lot of money but does not equal the huge tax breaks to the billionaires and millionaires that Trump gave to himself and the others...time to take care of the other 99% and small business's.

. it ain't over until the bill is signed.. additions, deletions.. time will tell

personally, i loved the gifts from Trump.. fat wallets are supreme!!

with all the upcoming freebies those 99% are more "well off" than the 1%..

economists say inflation is on the horizon. those who would be receiving the $15.00 will also work less hours or lose their job because of less discretionary spending.

the country is in a tailspin ..who knows what is next


Tailspin because Trump didn't know how to fly or navigate...just lie.

tailspin cos of really really dumbocrats.. throwing money doesn't solve the problems..

it's Biden now, concentrate on current events, fool

When cost raises the first to get cut is the labor force. Jobs lost. Next is service. It just keeps going down from there.

during the Trump administration funding for Covid-19 was in the it's taking a back seat as the dems look for other ways to bilk the American people. more taxpayer money is headed abroad... $750,000,000 to be exact.

The Stormy Daniels saga is over... The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected adult film actress Stormy Daniels' bid to revive her defamation lawsuit against former President Donald Trump over a Twitter post in which he accused her of a "con job"


Who cares about Stormy Daniels. The only place she will come into play now is with the courts and how Trump paid her off and how it was reported on his taxes (fraud).

as i read it,, it's over, done, kaput


The Grand Jury will decide that...after they have a good look at his taxes and more.

they can do what they want, doesn't affect me

INTERESTING NOTE: the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, Alicia Garza — a Californian, Admittedly, much of the plan reads like a Christmas wish list to Black Santa.

Put cash directly into the hands of people — $2,000 a month until the economy recovers from the pandemic.

Cancel rent, mortgages and evictions, as well as bills for public utilities and internet access.

Eliminate zero-tolerance policies and ban the presence of police in schools.

Enact universal "family care social insurance policies" to ensure paid leave and access to affordable healthcare, including child care and long-term care.

Fully fund the Department of Housing and Urban Development's budgets for public housing and Section 8 vouchers.

You get the idea.


Yes, we all get the idea idea what you are...and what you worry about.

ridiculousness should be everyone's worry .. and i see where you sit lmao

Comment deleted.

SCOTUS simply returned the lawsuit to lower courts, whereby Trump was denied prior. In essence, yes, the grand jury subpoena will be in effect, and eventually the tax returns will be provided.


It was a terrible week for Cruz last week with his cowardly actions unless you like Ted Cruz. And if you like Ted Cruz then you are Ted Cruz.

let us know when Ted Cruz sleeps with a Chinese spy...or kills 15,000 nursing home residents

Comment deleted.

uh, you seem to know a lot about what women do and don't like about sleeping with other men - is it personal???

Comment deleted.

Ha, hardly, I said I couldn't imagine...he's as disgusting to look at as he is personable. He's a disgusting snake.

Comment deleted.

why would you even try to imagine??? sound fishy....

Comment deleted.

blah blah blah, more Colorado hyperbole

Comment deleted.

Hey cats - is that a picture of Trump? You would know. I think Trump is much fatter.

Comment deleted.

..GEEZ, simply a diehard, freebie loving Democrat.. all alone and pouting ....

Comment deleted.

ooops. maybe not alone eh? seems catsie is interested... lmao

Comment deleted.

Oh Content you are so sweet. Thank you for admiring my picture. Yes, I am well built in all the right places and I know you and I have some good times ahead. I'm sure you've been to that wonderful nightclub on Felix - how could I have missed seeing you? Till then...

The crisis in Texas has absolutely nothing to do with windmills and everything to do with deregulation. But don’t let the truth get in the way of your opinions. They need some of those space lasers to warm them up.

you have no clue what you're babbling about... Texas has their own grid cos they DON'T want federal regulation.. even if their grids are outdated

while thousands of Americans are without power because of a faulty energy infrastructure, remember China Joe rescinded a Trump executive order banning Chinese involvement in our power grid...yep poor Joe is gonna shoot himself in the foot

Reaping the wind comment: China Joe has been president for a month and he's already solved global warming!!! hahahaha!!!

remember when Cuomo was in the media spotlight day after day with his proposed handing of the it's been reported that Biden is hiding Cuomo in his basement.

I keep reading about canceling study loans. Why should they be canceled? Peoples home loans are hurting the family as well. So, let's cancel them as well. If a person was having trouble paying the first loan why were they allowed a second or third loan? I would be okay with lowering the interest rate. Or even forgive it all together. But not the principle amount. No one forced you to sign the contract. Or contracts. It's your responsibility to pay it back even if it takes you a life time.

but but don't understand - it's the liberal way of life. remember Obama's bank bailouts??? taxpayer dollars went sailing out of DC for that!!!

Biden... the Obama coat tail...


It was mentioned canceling part of student loans up to $10,000 after first having the limit of $50,000. It was a consideration to help stimulate the economy which helps all of us in the end.

SURPRISE... read the semi-final draft.. the "fuffy=fluff" is still in the bill.. 50k student loan and minimum wage..


COOL! Even better

next up.. the House and Senate haggling over a final bill...

Sure the liberals way. The give away party. We'll for give your student loan then you vote for the liberals running for office. Just more control

Biden announcing today, changes to the PPP program.. watch the dollars fly out the door...


Trump gave away more money to the ultra rich and sold his soul to Putin. I would agree to forgiving portions of student loans over what Trump did before and after he left office in total disgrace.

it's the democrat's DREAM to keep the middle class from thriving -

you would agree to anything as long as you don't pay for it..


I'm thriving and paying my way. I started rearranging my financial portfolio 4 years ago when Trump was elected...I saw the writing on the wall and the monster that he is.

a ;portfolio? biggest laugh of the day.. surely you jest

cancelling student loans doesn't stimulate anything except the fools who contracted for those loans.. the same people who have their cars and homes repossessed.. sign of the times we live in..

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