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Trading places

I hear people on the radio all the time who hate our country. Why don’t you trade places with some people in Venezuela or Honduras or some of those countries? They would dearly love to come up here, and I bet they’re better workers and better people than you. If you don’t love it, leave it.

Trading place, part II

Just like Trump’s first impeachment trial, this was another scam. And the Democrats know this. That’s why they were sitting at their table snickering and passing notes. And you people who are falling for this don’t deserve to live in a free country. Go to Russia or China and stop trying to make America like them.

Inside man

So let me see if I have this straight. The head of the Proud Boys, a government informant, encouraged his members to crash into the Capitol and trash it. Do you really believe he was working for the Republicans?

Buyer’s remorse

I hope the Democrats that voted for Biden are having buyer’s remorse. He said he was going to get the schools back open; now he says maybe they’ll be open one day a week. He doesn’t care about the children. He cares about the people who gave him the win, like the teachers unions — who also don’t care about the kids, because if they did they would see this is destroying our kids and we will pay for this for years to come.

In and out

Biden wants to let 20,000 asylum seekers over our borders while he’s also trying to shut down our travel in the United States? How dare he.

Build up Krug

It’s time for the city to invest in itself. Build up Krug Park to foster a positive image by creating a reason for people to visit our fair city in the future. Those patrons can spend the night, experience our culinary delights and visit our museums to learn about our past. This is our opportunity to focus on the future.

Smooth sailing

I’d like to thank the people who organized the vaccinations at the Gordmans store. It was so well-orchestrated. My husband and I were in and out and back home in 45 minutes. It’s really too bad that whoever set this up isn’t a part of our government. I’m sure it would run just as smoothly. We would all be blessed. Thank you for your services.

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WHY were you looking in Limbaugh's diaper? GEEZ

wow just wow! Sleepy Joe has sent 60 generators and some blankets to help the Texans. what a generous gesture - 60 generators??? proves how out of touch he is with the American people, huh???

Biden is putting the other 14,440 generators on a train to the border.. migrants need to keep warm also.. OOPS


More than Cruz has done for his state. Sleepy Joe kicked Trump's backside and now showing up Cruz in his own state.

wishful thinking from a rabid Democrat Cruz has a highly paid government position, YOU don't ..don't cry now

don't you find it odd Sen Cruz won reelection; obviously the good people of Texas don't agree with you...maybe you should move to TX and run for office??? hahahaha!

Comment deleted.

Watch what you say. It could ( I hope it does). Come around to bite you in the but t.

cry foe me

Slow Joe stated that there was no vaccine when he came into office! the 25th amendment is approaching fast!

Comment deleted.
cry foe me

I'm sure toro's diaper is full now.

Comment deleted.
cry foe me

You are one sick individual! FYL.....

Comment deleted.

gee...really important tidbit to share - truth or not


861,000 filed for unemployment last week--thank you President Biden---who is focused on making as many citizens of as many illegals as possible. Since they can't pass a test, they are given a "pass".


Buyer's remorse---Folks should have "thought" a bit before voting for Biden. Trump was in the process of cleaning the Swamp, so the Swamp called on their "useful idiots" to elect a member of the Swamp. More corruption, more money to spread among the swamp denizens.


In case you didn't notice, TRUMP was the swamp. How many of his cronies went to prison.....several! Trump was nothing but a blow hard and he knew absolutely nothing about government and wasn't capable of learning. You are, obviously, one of his brainwashed cult members who will never admit that Trump should have never been elected in the first place.

liberal quicksand seems to have swallowed debbie

ohhh i remember someone saying "cult members" haha

cry foe me

Debbiey does dallas is that you?



Trading places, part 2. Biden's approval rating right now is 62% which is the highest of any President at this point into their Presidency. It's because he is laser focused on doing things the right way. His predecessor never cracked 50% in 4 years.

FFS stop repeating your putrid posts... nobody cares


clearly you do or you wouldn't comment. You just don't like the truth. You prefer garbage like Limbaugh used to throw at you. And 8 million people care a lot about Biden who took office in the nick of time winning a landslide victory by 8 million

"useful idiots" indeed!!! China Joe needs these kind of people to spread both his and the media's lies - gotta laugh at their ignorance!!!

your version of the truth is what CNN tells you, get a life

I've said many times, I only care about my wallet... no matter who is in DC. that includes your incessant groveling for the Democrats.


The "useful idiots" are alive and well.

hahahahaha! 62% was from CNBC economic survey...that's not his approval rating. must be getting desperate if you have the gall to repost that lie again today.


Trading place, part 2: Of course the "impeachment" was a scam. They are afraid of him in 2024 and hoped to destroy him. Instead, His followers, being brighter than Democrats, see through the ruse.


Trading places---Alinsky stressed the importance of "useful idiots" in converting a country to socialism. It seems to be working.


Smooth sailing--Biden is making government larger, and even more inefficient.


Build up Krug---But Biden is discouraging travel within the states for citizens. But there is hope, he wants the illegal immigrants to come---maybe we can encourage them to visit St. Joe? You think?


It would take a decade to do what they want to do at Krug.

spend 52 million enhancing Krug ampitheater.. and "hope" you draw big name entertainment to a podunk town with no readily available parking for any big event there...sure, right, DUMB

Why is Texas without powers when they process more than 90 percent of petroleum and natural gas? Why that would be lack of regulations by the GOP, just like the flood in Houston where the developers were waned not to build in a flood plain. Windmills supply only seven percent of the grid in Texas, and the coal and gas fired plants aren’t functioning du to deregulation.


Texas has it's "own" power grid, not connected to any regional grid. whatever happens in Texas, is strictly on Texas. coal and gas plants are experiencing mechanical problems; lack of maintenance and updates, but they ARE operable and "mostly" function daily. has nothing to do with deregulation.


Texas Senator Cruz said forget it and left yesterday for Cancun. What good is he? No good...a wuss.

i don't blame him, Texas is a disaster

Houston, in itself, is a giant cesspool per se of vagrants and lowlife.. seen THAT in person

cry foe me

Windmills froze up! but but....

You hear what you want to hear. This is a Republic, you don’t throw a fit and take the ball just because you’re losing and boy are the Republicans losing................


Two years to mid-terms---unless the Democrats cheat again.

.. seems you lost a long long time ago . put some air in your ball and get a grip. lmao


Thank you for your profound assessment.

... my comment was addressed to the Biden coat tail...

cry foe me

I believe your brain has frozen on stupidity!

cry foe me

toro toro taxi...

hmm a taxi doesn't accept EBT cards.. OOPS

very true...don't do like the belly aching democrats did when Hillary lost election - lots of basement dwellers after that happened!!! boo hoo!!!

we've seen that first hand...

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