Gang of three

At some point, only three people are going to be left in the alternative reality bunker: Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Josh Hawley.

Different views

I read It’s your call and the wildly differing views on the same subject. It’s not Trump’s fault, it’s not the Democrats’ fault; it’s the mainstream media and the government’s fault. When the public loses faith that the media will tell them a truthful, unbiased point then they are lost. And when they have lost total faith in the government, then we get this kind of disruption.

Down the hole

I’m calling about the stimulus checks, $2,000 per person. How can our country afford that? The Republicans were finally doing something right, keeping it at $600, and then they go and follow their idiot leader down the trash hole again. You can’t give people $2,000, $8,000 or $6,000 depending on how many people are in their household that one time and expect them to spend it on rent. They’re gonna buy iPhones and televisions. They’re never gonna pay their rent or bills with it.

Restore sanity

You can support Donald Trump, but don’t ever call him a “law and order” president. A huge wave of pardons for convicted criminals and there is more to come. Can’t hardly wait until Jan. 20 when we can restore sanity to our executive brand of government.

Common good

Red Flags: Do your red flags have a hammer and sickle on them? The words “for the common good” are in the preamble of our Constitution. Since when does that make it a bad thing or something to be afraid of?

Trump first

It’s funny to watch Trump trash talk his own Republican Party and his old mouthpiece, FOX News. If this doesn’t tell his followers that the Trump policies were Trump-first policies, then they will finally understand when the presidential seal comes off the man.

Flip a switch

Mitch McConnell has just made it quite evident that in order for the American people to get the actual relief they need, they must flip the Senate to the Democrats.

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HAHA President Donald Trump has come out on top as Americans’ most-admired man for 2020, according to Gallup’s annual survey, ending former President Barack Obama’s 12-year run with the title.


Different views...unfortunately what people want is to be told what they want to hear. They believe high ratings are indicators that truth is being told. Like I said the other day, McDonalds sells more beef than Ruth’s Chris. But who puts out a better product?

more McDonalds .. must be your favorite..


No. Although I do like the McRib. It illustrates the point. Fox is the McDonalds of news agencies. OAN and Newsmax are the Long John Silvers.


Some people call these pardoned convicted murderers “Patriots.” Why? Because they killed Arabs.

.. waiting to see what Biden accomplishes... or not


Restore sanity....Trump loves convicted murderers.

GEE AJ is sad cos he doesn't have the ability to pardon.. like all Presidents do...


Uhhh, no. But I wouldn’t pardon war criminals, that’s for sure.

why not.. it all depends on how much they paid ME lol


No doubt that lack of integrity is what drove The Donald to pardon these scumbags.

ME first, money first. !!!!


Trump first...the problem is these people were good with a Trump First agenda. He was a spokesperson to their perceived victimhood. Remember, when he didn’t win an Emmy for The Apprentice, it was fraud. When he didn’t win the popular vote in 2016, it was fraud. They can’t fathom that people don’t love him like they do and he can’t fathom thy he isn’t anything but a total winner. Just ask him. Even here in Trump crazy Missouri, they struggle with the notion that Biden won without campaigning. They miss the fact that in Missouri, Gov Parsons received more votes than Trump did. Lots of conservatives saw the cult for what it is.

personally I like being FIRST.... grin and bear it


I voted for Hawley with a hope of a good young conservative. He’s nothing more than a Trump Cult45 member. He will never get my vote again.

we all know AJ always votes on the wrong side, then spends 4 years complaining about EVERYTHING. once a complainer, always a complainer. TRUTH. IYC has shriveled from nearly 200 posts to less than 50 most days. THANKS AJ


You’re welcome. We’ve reduced the number of dishonest posts on this forum. Pretty much down to bigoak and his daily dose of dishonesty, me, and your weird obsession with sharing your opinion about me sharing my opinions. Don’t worry, by about 1:00 pm, January 2, 2021, I’ll be gone. You guys can post whatever nonsensical, untruthful drivel you want unchecked. That’s what you all want, right?

i ordered more crying towels for you AJ.. you need them very badly .. counting the days.... need a moving truck? i have contacts... most of your sharing we have already read and made up our own minds.. the incessant copy/pastes from DC are just to satisfy your ego

unchecked ? lmao, like you could check....or uncheck. tame your ego

AJ meant Jan 20, not Jan 2 ...i think[scared]

America America

Thank you Josh Hawley! I took a chance on your and voted someone young and NEW in office. Good call on my part! Drain the swamp.


Josh Hawley is terrible. His latest stunt that he says he’ll pull, is nothing more than pandering to the cult for fundraising and sound bites for a 2024 presidential run.

folks, NOW AJ will be complaining about Hawley for the next 4 years.. get out your hip boots... hahaha

America America

I'm writing Josh Hawley a "thank you" note as we speak! Drain the swamp!

OH.. Nancy Pelosi has agreed to term limits.. IF.. IF her razor thin advantage makes her speaker again.. there's doubt on that

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