Sign your name

I am suspicious when I see comments in It’s your call that say things like, “repeatedly young professionals, when given a tour of St. Joseph, fall in love with our community until they are shown our high schools.” It makes me think that if this were a credible person, they would write a letter to the editor and sign their name, and tell us why they are in a position to be giving these professionals tours. Frankly, I don’t believe this anonymous caller.

No fair

I don’t usually agree with Mr. Flinchpaugh when he writes opinion letters to the paper, but the last one he wrote about senior citizens having to pay taxes to the St. Joe school district when they haven’t had any kids in school for years is right on point. Why aren’t the senior citizens getting a break on school taxes when we don’t have any kids in the schools? It doesn’t seem fair.

Going too far

I saw the University of Michigan wants to do away with the word “picnic.” That word has been around since the horse-and-buggy days. Leave it alone. These idiots in these universities don’t know anything. They’re spoiled brats who don’t even know what the word “picnic” means.

Editor’s note: Some people believe that the word picnic originates from crowds gathering to witness lynchings, but says that belief is based on rumor and false information. The word originates from the French word “piquenique,” which is derived from the verb “piquer” (to pick).

Far away

According to Tuesday’s paper, the White Cloud wind project is about completed. And if you read the article, the very last paragraph says “Associated Electric Cooperative Incorporated of Springfield, Missouri, will be purchasing the energy output from the plant.” So evidently all the wind energy is not going to be used where the turbines are.

Teacher preference

I don’t see anywhere that says teachers are going to get the vaccine for COVID. I believe teachers should get them, too. They are taking care of our children.

Just like Harvard

What’s the deal about replacing our high schools? We have three beautiful buildings. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of Yale or Harvard? They’re old too, but you can still get a pretty good education there.

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We have administered 2% of the 100 million vaccinations Trump promised by year's end.

America’s Vaccine Rollout Is Already a Disaster


President Trump tweet rages last night that Georgia Sec of State Brad Raffensperger is conspiring against him because his brother works for China. The only trouble is that Raffensperger doesn’t have a brother.


With this slow and disorganized rollout of the vaccine, I’m just curious: Is the head of the Covid Task Force still skiing in Vail?

On the golf course with the orange lying coward .


Weather--Be careful out there if you need to drive!


Sign your name--There is no basis for believing what comes in as a signed letter is any more "true" or "untrue" than what is phoned in. People who phone (products of the local school system) often lack the confidence/skills/vocabulary to write a letter. This does no make their comments more or less true.


Just like Harvard--I am much more concerned about what goes on inside the classroom than the appearance of a building. Abraham Lincoln learned in a log cabin. We are graduating students totally unprepared for the workplace--but well-trained on "political correctness" and "diversity indoctrination".


Fake. Students are graduating everyday who become doctors, lawyers, business people etc.


No cowboys though 🤠


Plenty of cowboys.

. but, just NOT in st. joe lol


Going too far---(word "picnic")--Society has become ridiculous with this "political correctness". It appears there are too many people with too much time on their hands who have nothing to do but complain. Too bad they are not working for a living, but the Democrats have made it lucrative to stay home and get into trouble,


No fair---If (and that is a big "if") test scores were respectable and students were not subjected to "diversity" training, "self-esteem classes", and "revisionist history" I would be in favor of paying for public education. But today I am opposed to "politically correct indoctrination" of students. Education has become a liberal farce.


Do you have an example of a self esteem class being taught locally? Or a revisionist history being taught? Willing to crawl back out from your rock to defend what you say?

.. crawling is so NOT necessary ..


Far away---wind farms---the people on the east coast do not want the ugly windmills spoiling their countryside, so they are built in "fly-over" country and the energy is transferred to the east coast---We are pawns for the "green" idiots.


Caller mentions Springfield MO, big oak thinks east coast. 🤣

electricity is generated... someone buys it..

Oh really, you and those that believe that should just go to Bates county and live with the Amish. Horse and buggy days are done, just like coal. Get on board with renewable energy or get on your horse and buggy. The argument that windmills are some sort of government subsidy is absolutely ridiculous, and just like electric cars here to stay.


Teacher preference...agreed


Far’d really be ridiculous if they shipped the energy from as far away s as someplace like......I dunno.....Wyoming. 🙄


Going too far...the issue at Michigan is dumb but won’t matter to anyone in the long term. Good grief, people get upset at the dumbest things.

America America

Going to far: This is only ONE example of going to far. These days people are offended by anything and everything. For some odd reason they all of the sudden became offended by a word, statute, name of sports team etc, in the last year or so. Does that tell you what political party they are associated with??? You breathe and this group gets offended!


You seem offended by them.


No fair....the city as a whole benefits from a good and well supported school district. Educated seniors understand this. It was that way when they were kids, it’ll be that way long after they’re gone.


Sign your name...I don’t think anyone is giving “tours,” but what would the appeal to a young professional be to live in St Joe? Their company likely isn’t here but if it were, there are better options where to live. The city is notorious for not supporting the school district, dating back to before the issues with Dan Colgan and stipends. Not much in St Joe to entice a young person to relocate.


Just like Harvard....a tour of one of those schools is in order. Their upgrades are extensive and expensive. Probably cheaper to build new buildings. St Joe buildings are just adequate, but the upgrades to be anything like other high schools hasn’t happened and would be really expensive.

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