This shoe fits

Dick Polman should look up “sore loser” in the dictionary. When he does, he will see that it says “see the Democrat Party.” Because for four years they did everything they could to oppose President Trump, claiming that he was not the lawful president. Well guess what? The shoe is now on the other foot.

Target the source

In regard to how much to fix the South Side flood, I think what the people down there need to look at is A, who owns the land where the creek is on? and B, dumping the trees in the creek? That’s who you need to be going after instead of the city.

Add it up

I read the article that Sandra Horn wrote, and I think she needs to check and see who won the election by over 7 million votes. And she should probably quit watching so much Fox News.

Red flags

I was reading the article “Considering faith” about the virus and the way to fight it, and I couldn’t help but notice the phrase “for the common good.” Whenever I hear someone say the words “for the common good” of everyone, red flags go up. Since when has mankind ever done anything “for the common good” of others?

Throwing the flag

I don’t think we need organized football in the middle schools. It will cost the taxpayers too much money. You have to have equipment and extra coaches; you have to have transportation so you can go to one point or another to have a game; and there’s going to be medical problems with pandemic and social distancing. The school board’s in a financial crunch as it is. They’re working their way out but they have a long way to go, so they don’t need to be adding more expenses.

Throw it out

I saw that Harrison County in Missouri has actually started following science and ended their stupid mask mandate. I wish other counties would follow suit.

Three, there are

The city needs three high schools. One in the north, one in the south, and one in the east. That means they should close Central. You will never hear them mention that though.

First in line

We owe a great debt of gratitude to all the unsung heroes who participated in the clinical trials that lead up to the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine. I want to give them all a personal thank you.

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Target the source---interesting that those who claim compassion are so willing to ignore the problems of the south end. Are the people in the south end unworthy of your "compassion"? Where are their champions??


Add it up---another call-in by aj this morning, I see. BTW, has Fox been beating up all the other networks again??? Darn Fox, they get the majority of viewers and win the rating wars!


Red flags---Methinks you have developed a very cynical attitude, caller. This country was founded on the simple belief that human beings are capable of taking care of themselves and their families with minimal government interference. Those who founded this country disassociated themselves from the tyranny of government, and now a stupid electorate wants to increase government control. We will need another revolution, it appears.


Bigoak is calling for violence! Wow! Moderator, is this allowed? Bigdope didn’t get the election results he wanted and is now advocating violence.

lmao .. the craziness never ceases...

more... the revolution is coming hahaha

an opinion, saying a "need" for revolution is NOT a call for violence ... nor, as such, a call to meet or fight.. you know that AJ..


First in line---If it weren't for hate we would be thanking President Trump for fast-tracking the vaccine which is now saving lives. Thank you, President Trump!


Fast tracking a vaccine during a global pandemic is the lowest bar of a standard you could expect. He had 0 opposition to a fast track. In fact, it was expected of him. It’s like tying his shoes before the first day of first grade and bigoak wants to give him a gold star.

i like gold, stars also....

cry foe me

Aj, take the red pill!

tis the season.. i'd bet it's the candy cane striped one.. FOR KIDS

always anti, always bitter... it's expected... but.. NOBODY CARES

America America

Actually "Thank you President Trump" for many things. The vaccine for those who want to take it, protecting our borders, READING the new stimulus package, putting AMERICA first, etc. So many politicians making millions off the working class. It's shameful to watch and if you are one of them that sits back and just watches it happen, shame on you also.


I’m curious how politicians are making “millions off the working class.” Do you have an example?

do you know ANY politicians who AREN'T well off ?? ....


Well off isn’t the same as making millions off of the middle class. Lots of rich people run for office. Rich first. Try again.

don't need to try, at all. your reasoning is even worse than a politician.. growing up is even more difficult for you...

.. think O-BUMmer's money trail..


Wouldn’t it be easier to just admit you don’t know what you’re talking about?

I smell moth balls

Jingoist, look it up


Throwing the flag---educational scores remain below acceptable levels and the solution is "middle school football"? Perhaps that sort of thinking is the reason test scores are low?

the SJSD gets dumber by the week.. in many eways

Uh no. There is no one on this planet that compares as a sore loser than the orange lying coward. Hillary conceded the day after the election. I just pray he tries to stay on the twentieth so we can see him and Bruce Jenner, still haven’t seen him and Melania in the same room, by The Marines.


Hate is a self-destructive emotion. Hate based on false illusions is irrational.

You and your ilk have not a clue of the truth. You prefer the babbling of Limbaugh, Hannity, and the orange lying coward. I can’t wait to hear the hue and cry when Georgia goes down just like when Sherman entered the picture for those plantation owners.

Incidentally no thinking person would waste a emotion as powerful as hate on such a pathetic individual

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