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Stop means stop

Well I almost just had my first traffic accident ever. At a stop sign where there was a stoplight, somebody ran their stop sign and almost hit me. I think it’s ridiculous to take down all the stoplights where the intersections need to be controlled. I think you’re going to see a big increase in wrecks because people have no common sense.

Drawing it out

When a criminal pulls a weapon, that means deadly intent, and an officer should not wait for the criminal to get the drop on them. Lawyers combined with racial activists are creating needless and long-drawn-out court cases that should be cut and dry.

No responsibility

The problem with our illustrious vice president is that she doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything.

Free IDs

I find it shocking that you can actually get a free government ID now. It’s sure funny that the Democrats will drive you to the polls to vote, but apparently they can’t drive you to get the ID. And if you can’t get it yourself, that implies that you’re stupid. So which side of their mouth will they talk out of next?

Bring in Apple

Here’s a thought for the American Family Insurance building: Apple is looking for places to place jobs all across the country.


We need to teach our children consequences. Right now they think they can do whatever they please and there’s no consequences. Sorry, but if you drink, or smoke, or defy the police — do whatever you want to say or do — there are consequences.

Ghost of JFK

There was a Democrat politician I admired back in the 1960s. His name was John F. Kennedy, and at age 43, he was then the youngest person to be elected to the U.S. presidency. At his inauguration, he said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Can you imagine a Democrat saying that today? The Democrat Party now preaches the opposite.

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anon teacher

Why the heck would Apple want to live in our backward city? People are too poor and stupid to support city works and public education here. I'm out of here as soon as I can find another job... along with most other educated young families.

btw... on your way out, please remind the city and school board of their insane stupidity.. LISTEN to what the taxpayers want !!!!

looks like Medicaid expansion for Missouri is dead in the water - both House and Senate have voted against it. I like it when our elected officials show they care about Missouri taxpayers and are going to be frugal with our tax dollars.


They went against the will of the people.

only against the will of single women with 10 kids that daddy abandoned... SHOT DOWN !!


Understanding elections is hard for you, isn’t it?


Not the top 1%.

'It's past bedtime for Sleepy Ted Cruz, this guy is a very disrespectful loser, dreaming he was in Cancun during Biden`s address.[sad]

Hate is a wonderful thing for Dumbocrats...


I say let Ted sleep. He’s much more effective when he’s sleeping than when he’s awake.

of what significance would that be for you? ignorance is your calling card, huh???

Content're right! What a putz Cruz is!


Look at his record, he’s not remotely effective when he is giving it his all.

So are you... oops

1360 days until Biden is gone... hope we survive! the first 100 days have been a tragedy!

,,, but a delight to the radical left.. lol

It`s more like 2748 days until we have a woman president, unless Biden dies before then. The tragedy is only going on in your small mind.[sad]

Hillary surely agrees lmao

Biden will croak before then...and yes, Ivanka would make an excellent president in 2024!


Trump will croak before Biden...and Trump might be in jail when he croaks.

Ivanka HAHAHAHA[lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]

Harris HAHAHAHA [lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol][lol]


Covid vaccine getting to people. Cases going down. Unemployment going down. Stock market soaring. Allies happy. 82% reduction in immigrant children in custody at the border in a month. Notsogenius says it’s been a tragedy. What a hoot! Trumpers are clueless.

more insane babbling from the peanut gallery... makes good firewood starter, printed paper trash... the supposed 82 percent were simply shipped to other holding stations.. and shoulda stayed home...unemployment won't go down until the giveaways stop.. Biden would have NO vaccine if Trump hadn't pushed it..


No. The 82% reductions means their going to sponsors or being expelled. The point is they’re out of CBP custody. You know, the kids in cages issue that both sides have a problem with?

Unemployment HAS gone down. Both Feb and March saw a lowering of percentage. That’s fact.

The vaccine was well on its way to being developed long before Warp Speed was signed. Another fact. Even still, the Trump rollout plan was an abysmal failure, essentially because there was no rollout plan.

Either way, Bidens first 100 days are significantly better than Trumps and far from being a disaster

WRONG.. Biden has done nothing but cause grief and consternation.. Biden is tragedy el completo


Only to Trumpers. Literally the rest of the world is glad he’s there. Even people who disagree with him politically are happy a decent person is back in the White House.


You really are clueless. The more good Biden does the more you can’t stand it.[crying]


Great speech last night given by President Joe Biden and his first 100 days. Biden over delivered by working hard and listening to his experts instead of playing golf.

It sure beat the heck out of Trump's first 100 days of failures with repeal and replace, the failed wall and so many other things he promised in his first 100 days...he didn't even get it done in 4 years. All he did was get his wealthy friends gross tax breaks.


Nice to have a good person in the White House.

i heard they're gonna repaint the Whitehouse black...

well that's a wrap...67 minutes of lies and BS - America deserves better!

Biden speech.. a long list of impossible dreams.. BORING

Well those dreams could be reality if the Do-Nothing Republicans would participate in making the country better for everyone and not just the rich.

ha! Biden's agenda doesn't consist of dreams - they're nightmares. thank goodness the Republicans will soon be back in control after the midterms...America is headed toward disaster!

I'm glad you enjoy all the freebie handouts...

Whoa you must of been on the wrong station sounds like you were listening to one of Trumps rally`s. It’s a tough time for Republican`s right now, given the public’s landslide majority support for so many of Biden’s big-ticket agenda. Republican`s need to choose “hope over fear and truth over lies, instead the Republicans are worried about Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head and how much meat you can eat. Most of what Biden said was factual and some may have been a little exaggerated, but still far truer than anything Trump has said.

Comment deleted.

That's what most Americans want, their tired of all their hard earned money going to the rich thanks to the Do-Nothing Republicans. [beam]

Comment deleted.

An IRS report released in the last few months estimates that the very wealthy don’t report 20% of their income.

delusion after delusion.. Biden was literally "begging, nearly crying" trying to get people on board for his idiotic agenda

Comment deleted.

more than that cos the IRS rules are complicated and easily manipulated.. it's ok, don't change a thing

WAKE UP, wake up.. you're mumbling in your sleep

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is putting 15 counties that encompass the state’s biggest cities into the state's extreme risk category starting Friday, imposing restrictions that include banning indoor restaurant dining. As Brown issued her order on Tuesday, she said rising COVID-19 hospitalizations threaten to overwhelm doctors..... geez, rioters, looters, burners do the strangest things..


Last night on Fox News -- two days after the Biden-meat-limit nonsense was widely debunked and even a Fox anchor admitted it was wrong -- Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said, "He's gonna control how much meat you can eat. Can you imagine that?"


Sad but I can. Even Willams is stating on the five that Fox is nothing but a bunch of lies. Hamburgers, kids books, Mr. potato head is their concern.


Just saw some Republican in Orange County CA I think asking if vaccines have trackers embedded in them. These people are just horribly stupid. They also believed that immigrants were being given copies of Kamala Harris’s book. FOX had a business owner in Texas saying “people quit so they can get unemployment...”. Clueless bunch of people.


It’s hard at times to believe there are people who actually believe the things they say.


Yeah, until you talk to one of them. Then it becomes painfully clear. You can’t hide ignorance

aj/pic - thanks for proving that to us by your example!

solution: then stop talking to people so they won't realize how ignorant you are AJ


I fully admit my ignorance. Trumpers are completely unaware of theirs.

we all knew you had serious problems...

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