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Why does America spend billions to protect our country from being invaded by communist governments, and then allow Maxine Waters to hold office and abuse the American justice system? Joe McCarthy, a long-gone Wisconsin senator, was 100% right about the need to get communists out of America’s government.

There’s a reason

I just don’t understand this. Our forefathers, for a reason, did not make D.C. a state. And yet, they want to change it and if you oppose it, they say you’re racist. How about following our Constitution?

Culture of chaos

It sounds to me like the elected leaders in Washington are not working for the people who elected them. They want chaos in this country. They want to make policemen able to be sued and use their own money to fight it. We will not have a police force anywhere in this country if they do that. Wake up, people. You need to tell you representatives this is a bad idea.

Example of hypocrisy

Even though Democrats used the filibuster over 200 times when Trump was in office, now they say it’s racist and they want to get rid of it. It’s only racist when Republicans want to do it, but when Democrats do it, that’s fine. What hypocrisy we have in this country.

Justice warriors

The sad facts about the Columbus shooting of the 15-year-old girl are: If the police had not come, if the Black girl had stabbed another Black girl and killed her, we would not know either of their names. No one would care. The only reason these “justice warriors” care is because she was shot by a policeman. And that is appalling.

Car No. 2

I keep reading about the mother and kids killed in the car accident, but how come no one has said anything about the other car that was involved? Was it somebody the public shouldn’t hear about?

Firehose of money

The lead story in the Weekender told of Missouri-American Waters’ plan to spend $400 million to replace existing pipes in Missouri. The article then told of the Biden administration’s plan to spend $101 billion to upgrade water systems and replace lead pipes. No wonder the water company is excited, with the possibility to have an extra $400 million profit as taxpayers repair their system.

Math lesson

Ok, everyone’s running scared of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of possible blood clots. Do some simple math: divide 15 by 8 million. That will give you a 0.000001 chance of getting a blood clot. It’s OK to be stupid and ignorant, but do you need to be so proud of it?

Cutting-room floor

Prosecutors not charging every submission from the police is one of the checks on the power of law enforcement, something that’s worth remembering in this day and age. Maybe the News-Press could next do a story on all of the news tips that it rejects.

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The folks who want everyone to have a firearm in public say wearing a mask in public makes them feel uneasy.

There’s always one thing we can count on, a stream of lies from faux news.

.. AND a stream of blah-blah bulls*it from Colorado ... OOPS lmao

more than 170,000 migrants were apprehended at the border last month – breaking a 15-year record. and where is Kamala??? she's supposed to be in charge of the border crisis...well she's just too busy getting her books to the migrant children in California. another glaring question...are the taxpayers paying for these?


Wait...I thought we had an open border policy now. Why are the agents apprehending people if we have an open border policy? You guys need to make up your minds.

do you understand what Biden's open border policy is...???


Apparently to apprehend people crossing the border. Sounds really open. 🙄

wow, what a whiz kid you are - why not devote some time to actually finding out what the policy is??? then you won't appear to be so ignorant...even though you are! hahahaha!

.. beyond his comprehension.. just having someone to converse with...

aj doesn't have a clue what Biden's open border policy consists of...and so he's making a fool out of himself...well, that's predictable...


Where's Kamala? She is out there working which is something Pence never did.

Working on what?

grandpadude - too funny! [lol][lol][lol]

KamalaHAHA is working on the phones.. with these other countries AND working while standing like a statue in the background at Biden's "talks"


Well, she isn’t wasting taxpayer dollars to protest the NFL players like Pence did.

Harris is far too busy fretting about her new "digs" in DC

she isn't "out" anywhere...

looks like Matt Gaetz will get the last laugh - remember the fools on this forum who were pronouncing him guilty???


No done with him yet...he will pay a price. Still ongoing...and no one in DC likes him anyway.

it's been almost a month and so far not one single “accuser” has come forward against Gaetz. the TRUTH will win the day and Matt Gaetz will emerge stronger for the struggle.


He will be demolished by the voters and by some of his own in office that hate him.

polls show that Matt Gaetz's constituents in Florida are standing strongly behind him

and they’re not wavering.

sorta like and Content getting demolished.. OOPS

dammit.. AJ n Content

Really, he’s finished and will be lucky if he avoids prison just like the orange lying coward.


Math lesson - I think all the stupid and ignorant people out there can use a lot more tutoring. Get the vaccine!! The people of India are dying in droves and being cremated in the streets because they don't have the vaccine.

INDEED !!!! only fools avoid the vaccines.


Yes! Fools avoid the vaccine. Trump voters, more than others, are avoiding the vaccine. Fools.

And you know this how? I've never seen this information published any where. Not even on Google.

yes! that's a good question, Grandpadude...we'll all be patiently waiting for his answer.


46% of Republicans are not getting the vaccine..........yet. Some of them are in Congress.


Took 5 seconds to find on Google. Trump supporters aren’t very smart.

of course liberal rags will blow this out of proportion and suckers believe every word. did you even read the reasons why they are hesitant to get the vaccine? maybe Trump supporters have legitimate questions about the effectiveness especially when it appears a booster shot may be needed. and then there's the blood clot issue which is scary for some people. both of my shots were tolerated without any side effects but there are some people who have had severe reactions. it's an unknown which only time will tell.


That’s not putting it into the right proportion. Blood clotting is a tiny fraction. No deaths from the vaccines. Trumpers are dumb and deny science.

I'm positive you're keeping count AJ ..


Math lesson...several reports show a commonality in counties where vaccine use is down. They all tended to vote vote the same candidate in 2020. They don’t take the vaccine. Not the most intelligent group of people. They think a guy with a sun 50% approval rate, 30,000 lies, russia colluding twice impeached one term president was the best we’ve ever had.

.. the always bitter, always irrelevant one... BUT.. here goes.. hehe Trump may run again in 2024.. lmao


Covid vaccines aren’t irrelevant. Not taking them is stupid. Certain people, more so than others, tend not to take the vaccine. That’s fact. And it affects all of us.

Trump's properties reportedly raked in at least $8.1 million from US taxpayers and Trump's supporters. Hopefully he`ll get prosecuted for that.[lol]

Speaking of taxes...did you see where Joe wants to give an extra $80 Billion to the IRS and more authority over the next 10 years to help crack down on tax evasion by high-earners and large corporations, just gotta laugh at yet another one of his idiotic schemes...does he think there's that many tax cheats??? maybe he needs to review the tax code to learn that these taxpayers are using legitimate deductions because of the tax loopholes??? and giving more authority to the IRS is way beyond scary - welcome to the Gestapo style of living folks!


The administration believes that up to $700 billion can be recovered by people evading their tax burden. Probably won’t be that high. Bu even half that high seems like a worthy endeavor. Going after tax cheats isn’t gestapo. It’s just good sense.

the administration "believes"...right there that throws up a red flag. the Biden administration is a joke. yes, the IRS has employed Gestapo techniques in the past - just talk to any person or business who has undergone a tax audit for no reason except that they were selected randomly.

... wasn't talking about vaccines bein irrelevant...

my pleasure AJ... you're welcome ........ (laughs)

same ole song and dance - the strings on your violin have snapped into pieces and now you're out of tune with the ongoing mess of an inept Biden administration .

watta mess, watta mess, ye gads


My grandmother who would be 112 this month used to say "ye gads" all the time. I haven't heard anyone say that for a very long here's to you old eye4eye...YE GADS!

yep, old, but not 112 haha


Manifesto ...uhhh, there’s nothing against the law with communism in the US. And Maxine Waters is not a communist. Goodness, you people are not too bright.

neither matter..

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