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Krug questions

After reading the bit about the Krug Park deal, leave the place alone and quit trying to screw it up like you’ve done with everything else in this town. There’s only two smart people on the City Council.

Leave it alone

The city wants a new amphitheater. Leave Krug Park alone. The American Family building and area is still for sale since the school bond failed. Buy that. The slope of the ground in the area would make a great amphitheater, and excess parking could be funneled to Missouri Western. At $15 a pop for parking, the college could make up some of the money they have lost due to the enrollment drop. It’s a win-win for everyone.

What people want

Is it me, or does anyone else feel that politicians in D.C. are not looking out for the good of the people, but rather their own party or their own pockets? I’m getting really tired of hearing “Oh we need to do this because…” and it doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t they interested in what the people truly want?

Northern exposure

I’m just wondering why the Canadian border is closed but the Mexican border is open. That doesn’t make much sense.


Putting lipstick on a pig still does not make me want to kiss it. This new infrastructure deal is nothing more than the Green New Deal in disguise. It is only going to hurt the middle income and the poor, with increased transportation costs and increased but unreliable utilities.

On the run

I told you, Donnie Trump’s not going to be running for any office. The only thing he’s gonna be running from is the law.

Local Videos

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Police---I support law enforcement. I support them in all the "incidents" that have taken place nationally. They are simply doing their job, dealing with hostile, violent, and poorly educated people.


So bigoak supports murder huh? The jury found him guilty and more to come. bigoak is fine with murdering poorly educated people who comply and our handcuffed on the ground helpless and no threat to anyone.


Miami airport---fights broke out, fists were flying, it was total chaos. All participants were the "usual suspects".


Insurrectionists????? Again?


What people want---In the beginning, leaders took time off from their profession and donated it to the good of the nation. Over time, political office became a profession in itself, when politicians realized they could openly reach into the national larder and help themselves to largess. Do not expect much change, especially with the current administration.


Trump helped himself and the wealthiest people in our nation...and played golf. The rest of the time he tweeted to his sheep. After enough lies he was removed from twitter permanently...then removed from office by the American people in a landslide - permanently.


Camouflage---It increasingly appears that AOC is running the government now. She is receiving more press time than Nancy Pelosi. I think a real cat fight is brewing!


Cat fights went away with Melania/Ivanca and all the other pussycats in the Trump administration.


On the run---You actually think Joe Biden is an improvement? Prior to Covid, Trump had this country running smoothly, creating good-paying jobs and restoring sanity. Now we are back in the nut-house.


Wrong bigoak - The stock market is doing better and unemployment is lower than when Trump left office. Had Trump done anything right in regard to COVID (like not call it a hoax, not said it was totally under control with 15 cases, said to drink disinfectant to kill the virus, said it would all be gone by Easter etc. etc. etc.) Then, to celebrate his insanity - call for and get an insurrection!!!


Northern exposure---why would Canadians wish to leave a sane country for the idiocy leading the United States?


That idiot left January 20th 2021.

If its so bad in the US why aren`t you leaving?

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KamalaHAHA has done nothing except phone the leaders of migrant countries and get them to put back in place the Trump agreements to put more soldiers on their own borders to slow migration. Other than that she is just a stone statue standing in the background at Biden's talk sessions. Harris is only there because she has her eye on the Presidency when/if Biden croaks or resigns.

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So far, the Biden administration is worthless...(the now "open border" plan...)

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Comment deleted.

Time for you to have a little bleach.

(1)Why does SJSD insist on putting the most vulnerable children in a building on the outer fringe of the city? RIDICULOUS

(2) Elementary children, for the most part, HATE "zoom". they want back in schools. Hindsight.. better planning by SJSD could be had... no more zoom for elementary kids, less headaches for parents, jobs, etc. mask up, go to school, and LEARN

In the survey, majorities favored continued the building of Trump’s wall and his remain-in-Mexico policy. They also want those entering to be proficient in English.

“Americans support the common-sense immigration policies of the Trump administration, including the remain-in-Mexico policy, border wall, and deportations of fraudulent asylum-seekers,


Agreed. Trump had the border under control and stable. Then Sleepy Joe got involved. This, along with statehood for Washington, D.C., and packing the Supreme Court is nothing but a power grab which has the potential to make us a one-party nation---just like China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, etc.

Heritage Action and the Heritage Foundation have both turned their focus to the border that was quiet at the end of the Trump era.

Biden’s election, his signaling of an open-border policy, an end to Trump’s policy of keeping migrants in Mexico awaiting approval to enter, and his suspension of deporting criminal illegal immigrants in the nation have resulted in the biggest surge over the border in 20 years.

“Voters rightly blame Biden's failed immigration policies for the border crisis by wide margins and are very concerned with the effects of illegal immigration on America's social services, taxpayer burden, and public safety. Americans know what the administration refuses to admit: the border is in crisis, and Biden's weak policies are to blame,”

“The Biden administration got caught flat footed,” said a person who consults with the White House on immigration policy. “They made this much worse.”

the border.. ah, yes, a Biden nightmare... QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY NATIONAL POLL: • the situation at the Mexican border: 29 percent of Americans approve, 55 percent disapprove, with 15 percent not offering an opinion.

Residents in key swing districts are angry about the historic border crisis, blame President Joe Biden for it, and stand ready to make the Democrats pay for it in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a broad new survey on the illegal immigration calamity.

In 16 battleground congressional districts in 15 states, 56% blame Biden’s dismantling of former President Donald Trump’s policies for the crisis, including a whopping 48% who strongly agree, according to the survey for Heritage Action for America. ALSO: • gun policy: 39 percent of Americans approve, 49 percent disapprove, with 11 percent not offering

an opinion

Krug questions ... There's no way in whale St. Joe can attract 25 thousand people here for ANY dumb concert. Dump the grandiose plan to make a big concert venue. Fire the idiots who came up with this monstrosity


OMG! I actually agree with eye4eye on something!!! And spending the money for studies on this is ridiculous when we need so many other things and we know the outcome of what will happen here with a vote.

They can still have a small quaint venue with what they have like 50 - 60 years ago.

Trails West had a few 30,000 crowds with big name entertainers years ago when they started and for about 10 years...and a reported 85,000 over 3 days as a festival once a year in August. After 26 years it fizzled out. Most festivals fizzle out after 12- 15 years. Krug with what they are talking about in a residential area will never come to fruition. Less is more!

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the SJSB planned a new high school, at the outer fringe of the east side... that balloon popped in a huge way. you cannot build a house with the roof first.. build FIRST with a foundation... consolidate the elementary schools first, then the middle schools, finally the high schools... SELL those buildings that aren't in the plan, and move on !! a realistic approach to downsizing could possibly induce voters to come on board

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OH... Let's not forget the "Riverfront Plan".. guess we can build a major attraction there ON STILTS, since the riverfront floods nearly year..

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No argument here. :)

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