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Not hateful

I applaud DeSantis for pushing an anti-riot bill through in Florida. However, there’s no reason why there should have to be a law against riots. It’s already illegal to destroy people’s property. Our officials and our government are not doing their constitutional duty; they are inciting violence, like Maxine Waters. How dare they say this is a hateful bill?

Clean it up

The city and the county need to get together and have a company power wash the front of the law enforcement center. What a disgrace. It needs to be cleaned up. It sets a bad image.

Formerly free

People coming to this country think they are coming to a free country. Well, not anymore, and they are a big reason why — by breaking the law with the first step they take into our country illegally.

Are you proud?

I think we’ve got a bunch of idiots running this country. You’ve got the two in the White House; you’ve got the squad. Is that what you people voted for? A bunch of idiots? And I have not seen one single Democrat who can tell the truth. They’re all a bunch of liars, and one of them wants to get rid of all police and prisons. I hope you all are proud of who you put in charge of our country, because it’s a bunch of idiots who are running it.

Crazy times

Some of these governors are crazy. The one in New York wants to give illegal immigrants $15,000 while citizens of New York only got $1,400. How stupid is that?

Reason for stops

Many people are complaining about the way police handle suspects they have apprehended, but everyone seems to be ignoring the root cause. People are stopped by police because they are breaking the law.

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The days of the fascist sect of our media spewing their lies isn’t over but for those of us that aren’t old white people it’s exposed as hate bating, fear and loathing the two main planks of the retrumplicans.

The main reason the retrumplicans are losing is their hatred and their ability to embrace the most absurd of lies. Well that and they are just old and dying.


Are you proud, the Democrats are here to clean up the mess left by the former liar in chief. Maybe you don’t recognize the truth after four years of trump.

In four years, President Trump made 30,573 false or misleading claims(lies) and that`s a fact. Also the economy is heading for the best rebound since 1984 another fact.


As 2fer would say, my stocks look great. Haven’t heard a word from him about how the market is doing so well. Just like the study I read a few years back, the better a Dem President does the more the republicans hate them.

my stocks look great !!! I pay someone to look after's tax deductible you know...hahahaha FOOL .. these irresponsible laggards have no clue...

no biggy, I hate everyone that is lower class than me...especially two dumbells that post here.. hahaha

.. maybe back in 1925 huh...


harrah - Republicans have a real problem with those pesky BIG facts.

Republicans have a problem with idiotic Democrats...LMAO

BIG facts make Content look like a fool...her stupidity was in plain view yesterday and then here it goes again today...what an ignominious! hahahahaha!

election was last November....Colorado still has his copy/paste from back then, and continually repeats because losers do that..

a "fact", for harrah, is a rabbit jumping out of a hat.... an illusion


Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley was the only member of the Senate to vote against a bill combatting hate crimes against Asian Americans.

On Thursday, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, the Senate voted 94 to 1 to approve the COVID Hate Crimes Act introduced by Senator Mazie Hirono and Representative Grace Meng.


He is a disgrace, making money off of fools. It’s starting to look like republicans have found an easier and faster way to take money from those in the bottom and give it to the wealthy. No need to pass laws to benefit the wealthy just ask them to donate to you for owning the libs. Not a smart bunch.

those on the bottom NEED to support those on top...the way it rolls, Ricky

AJ is a disgrace, making ZERO money off of his idiocy and utter nonsense, getting his cuddle-doll Prickalow to agree

... don't affect me ..don't care

"[I]t turns the federal government into the speech police - gives government sweeping authority to decide what counts as offensive speech and then monitor it," Hawley tweeted. "Raises big free speech questions."

it's sure a blessing that Senator Josh Hawley won over McCaskill...AirClaire would have been too busy flying around in her taxpayer funded airplane to attend. hahahahaha!

Reason for stops caller - I agree! Derek Chauvin immediately stood and calmly placed his hands behind his back after receiving the guilty verdict. imagine where we would be if George Floyd would have done the same thing...

George Floyd .. gone and forgotten ..don't care

Comment deleted.

They get it, he didn’t look like me so I don’t care.

ajpic - the racist...he never fails to play the race card every opportunity he gets. certainly doesn't matter to the rest of us but he jumps on the bandwagon at a moments whim. sad, sad, sad!

of course, absolutely true

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