False praise

I see in the news where Trump is praising Rudy Giuliani, calling him a big top crime fighter. He’s not that big of a crime fighter. Crooks still walk the streets.

Defense lessons

When will the Chiefs ever learn on defense they cannot let the other team have three shots down the field — five and 10 yards. They’re playing back too far. What’s going on?

Now, not later

Of all the presidents in U.S. history, Donald J. Trump has defied our constitution more than any other. For that alone, Trump should be impeached ASAP.

Play like sportsmen

I am angry, and I am embarrassed. Friday night, I went to watch our Lafayette High School football play against Cameron. We had at least six personal fouls plus at least six roughing the quarterback. Finally, one of our boys was ejected. And yes, I played four years of high school football. And this would never have been allowed.

Western influence

I see where the chamber is seeking workers from California. I guess the good news is it will give people a chance to escape the socialist paradise, but the bad news is — as Texas is finding out — the people are bringing their leftist political views with them.

Impact of windmills

I was reading the article in your newspaper today ‘Where have the wild birds gone? 3 billion fewer than 1970’. May I suggest that you look very closely at how the windmills kill the birds. Talk to West Texas, Colorado and other states that have large amounts of windmills. That gives you the answer.

High hopes

I really do hope that Hillary Clinton runs for president a third time. Then the buggers can prove to her that — madam — the third time is not necessarily the charm.

One door closed

It’s no wonder Hunter Biden is resigning from that job in China. He’s already made enough money to retire for the rest of his life. And besides, with connections like daddy, that’s just another door closed so another one can open.

The best policy

In answer to ‘The champion,’ I consider myself left of center. I consider myself an atheist. I vote Democrat, I don’t hate the founding fathers, I revere the constitution — I like honesty in my leaders.

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