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A good run

Everybody has been saying nobody is above the law for over 200 years. We can’t say that anymore.

Official news

It’s official now. Donald Trump is above the law.

Cover it up

It appears that Republican U.S. members of the House and Senate forgot about the oath of office they took when elected which reads they “will support and defend the Constitution of the U.S. against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I will take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. And I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office of which I am about to enter, so help me God.” Does covering up for all of Trump’s wrongdoings and behavior mean more to them than their oath of office?

Look to Krug

I was just wondering why they’re having all these concerts down at Coleman Hawkins Park when they don’t have any of those nice long concerts up at Krug Park Amphitheater like we used to. I think that would be a wonderful thing to have.

Who needs it?

I would like people’s opinion on the issue about people donating items to churches at different places. The people volunteering in these places have the pick of all of these things free before the public. People don’t realize they are donating to the volunteers instead of the public. Is that what they had in mind before they donated these items, thinking that people in need are really going to get it?

Heavy load

One reason I hesitate to vote for a Democrat is that I want the government monkey off my back. And the Democrat Party wants to turn that monkey into a gorilla.

Keep safe

I see we are now waiting for the governor to possibly sign that law to repeal motorcycle helmet laws, which I think is a good deal because everybody should make your own decision for themselves. As for me, as a survivor of a motorcycle wreck who if I hadn’t had the helmet on I would have died, I will always wear mine and I would encourage anyone to wear one, too, because it’s just not a good decision whether it’s a law or not. Your health and welfare is more precious than wind blowing through your hair.

More on laptops

I just recently read about the school board approving all these laptops. Wow. We could save a lot of money on air conditioning, repair school repairs. Let’s just eliminate the schools all together, have a tech support system. Let the little kiddies go to school at home and have a virtual classroom and likely maybe have some kind of meals support system to send their food home. We will save a whole lot of money by golly.

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'Secret Democrat Meetings with Iranians' [ohmy] Kerry


"... More than two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, Barack Obama and his minions are still working on ways to protect the former president’s legacy. One aspect of that effort has been the reportedly ongoing efforts of former Obama officials to undermine Trump’s policy toward Iran..."


🤣🤣. So the message from Obama officials to Iran is to “stay calm?” So what’s the problem with that? They’re asking them to not overreact to Trumps nonsense and “stay calm.”


More on laptops, Let me ask you this. When your out about town an you go into any business be it a restaurant, office, your doctors office what ever type of business. What do you see every where. Computers of some type. We are living in the 21 century it's a fast paced world, Computers are here to stay. Why do you or anyone else want to hold the children back. Computers are very much needed in the schools today. I don't know if it's public information but I wished the school district would published the bids.


'The Democrat 2020 Election Platform'

Tear Down the U.S. Security Border Wall
Kill Babies at the Time of Birth
Let Illegal Aliens Vote & Get Welfare
Teach Children They're Probably Gaye & Don't Know It Yet
Erase Memories of Democrat Racism in America
Eliminate the Electoral College
Bring Back NAFTA & the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements
You Must Pay HIGH Taxes For Imaginary, unproven, 'man-made' Climate Change
God Doesn't Care How You Live Your Life
Identity-Politics/Racial/Gender/Class/Religious Division is GOOD
People Who NEVER Owned Slaves Must Pay 'Reparations' to People Who Never WERE Slaves.
Guns Are Evil, Not the People Who Murder
Free Speech is GOOD As Long As You Say What WE Want
Our Opponents Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent
We Hate Donald Trump
hiLIARy is our Demagogue
Let the 16 Year-Olds Vote For Us
Let the Convicted Felons in Prison Vote For Us
If Elected We'll Promise to Give You Free Stuff


I recently saw the original "The Day the Earth Stood Still", and noticed that the people of the US haven't come very far in 70 years. Even Aunt bee was in the film. As I viewed the reactions of citizens I realized that Americans continue to allow fear and ignorance to rule their decision making. The Aunt bee character was one of the worst. Coincidence?


I saw that film. The ignorant citizens were portraying Earth's Leftists Democrats foolishly attacking Patriotic bringers of prosperity. [whistling]

Art Vandelay

Sounds like you haven't seen this film.


People see it every day on CNN


Sanctions---Putin has pulled all but a few dozen advisers out of Venezuela due to the pressure from Trump. How about that, Colo?


I wonder if John Kerry will be prosecuted for violation of the 'Logan Act', after his recent photograph, in an unsanctioned meeting with Iranian officials in Paris..? [whistling][innocent]


Specifically, how has he violated the Logan Act? A picture isn’t a violation. A meeting isn’t a violation.


Somebody tell aj0201 that Obama cabinet member John Kerry is no longer the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo is... [whistling]


Again, a picture of a meeting isn’t a violation of the Logan Act. What was the meeting about?


Probably just talking about their grandchildren with 'friends' he made over there while serving as Secretary of Stare, eh? But don't DARE have your man Flynn talking to foreign emissaries following an election win, or that's Treason, right..? [whistling][huh][tongue_smile]


Flynn wasn’t charged with a Logan Act violation. For that matter, neither was Kushner. Both of whom, as private citizens, attempted to influence foreign policy on behalf of the US. He can talk about almost anything he wants with anyone he wants any time he wants. The Logan Act is very narrow and probably unconstitutional.


Still... One can't help wondering WHAT possible reason Kerry- who is no longer an acting U.S. diplomat, would have for an unsanctioned, unpublicized meeting with Iranian officials over in Paris..? [whistling][huh]

Makes you wonder..![unsure]


Official news--(Trump/above the law)--Whining again. If you can't find anything, just keep whining.


Cover it up--(Trump's wrongdoings)--Baloney! The Left is always referring to "wrongs and misdeeds" but are very short on examples. Mueller and a gang of anti-Trump Democrats could not find anything, but the Left can't let it go--they are desperate to find something, they grasp at straws, they whine, but have nothing. Does that stop them? Oh, no, they want costly investigation after costly investigation. They are dangerous because they are desperate.


Heavy load---The Democrats feel that "the people" are too dumb to make our own decisions and run our own lives. Republicans feel people are very capable of making their own decisions. The choice is easy, do you want to make your own decisions or have someone make them for you?


The real corruption started in the administration before Trump.


Like what? Do you have an example?


absolutely.. how about starting with fatmouth Hillary...


LOL! So funny that you fools continue to whine about Mrs Clinton and ignore the unethical scum in the White House. Keep your heads in the sand and don't forget to breathe.


President Trump is doing good, considering the obstruction & false propaganda being put out by the Clintonite Dementiacrats. [tongue_smile]


I agree... The REAL corruption started in the administration before Trump.


'Heavy Load'
You are CORRECT. The Leftists want to turn the 'government monkey on our backs' into King Kong... [whistling][ninja]


'A Good (Bad) Pun', 'Official (Fake) News', & 'Cover It (the Truth) Up'

Where's your PROOF..? The findings of all investigations have determined otherwise. It's time you STOP your lying to America about it's patriots, you Leftist disinformation agents. [huh] Grow UP, sickos.[tongue_smile]

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