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Huge burden

I see the school board’s talking about financial burdens if we lose students over the next few years. Talk about financial burdens: several hundred million dollars to waste on new schools. What on earth are you people thinking? I’ll be glad when the voters get our say, I’ll sure vote against it.

Not so new

A Saturday caller who said giving a private company the power of eminent domain is unprecedented in the state of Missouri needs to be better informed. Other utilities have that power historically.

Change the subject

It sometimes happens when a president wants to remain in office, he starts a war because people don’t want to change presidents in a time of war. That’s why Trump is starting this war with Iran.

In the dark

With the animosity that at least two Muslim members of Congress have shown against President Trump, I believe he was right not to inform Congress of the impending attack on Soleimani.

Obama’s debt

The person who blamed the Republicans for the national debt should get their facts straight. It was $10.6 million when Obama took office, and he doubled it to $20 million.

Sorely lacking

Even kindergarten students can figure out Trump’s foreign policy. It’s simple: He don’t have one.

A new focus

President Trump killed the general of Iran so he can get the news media to quit talking about him being impeached and his trial coming up.

On the bandwagon

Evangelicals for Trump, Catholics for Trump. If they are, they’re a bunch of hypocrites, too.

Look objectively

Instead of simply opposing it because you hate Trump or giving it unqualified support because of your backing of the president, politicians and the general public should ask themselves this question: Does the targeting and killing of Qassem Soleimani make Americans safer?

New tune

Too bad Trump wasn’t as brave fighting for our country as he is with the entire military weight of the United States behind him.

Bad impression

You go into the main post office lobby and you got people sleeping in there, and with alcohol bottles by them. Nice way to go, St. Joe. Movin’ on up.

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Reminder that as this crisis escalates, we have no Director of National Intelligence, no Dep Dir, no Homeland Security Secretary, no Dep Sec, no head of CBP or ICE, no State Dept Under Sec of Arms Control, no Asst Sec for Europe, and no Navy Sec


Well, it’s Official. We have a Moron for President


Did anyone let Presidebt Lump know that Puerto Rico is in need of some more paper towels?


nah, they can use corn husks or rice chaf


Such compassion for Americans.


oh BOO HOO, poor saint joe can't fill the civic arena and Missouri Theatre venues. stop sinking millions of dollars into sinking ships. St. Joe entire downtown is dying a slow death. MOVE ON


Downtown is most definitely not dying, maybe check it out before you make claims of ignorance.


I agree with you. All except the ignorance part. Down town isn't dying.


i see it every businesses who fail after a very few months, empty building after empty building..perhaps you should buy all those derelict buildings

cry foe me

Downtown died when Eric Christgen was abducted on the play area downtown.


Jim Bakker declares that supporting Trump "is a test [of] whether you are even saved.”



being saved per se has nothing to do with Trump. nobody cares about Jim Bakker


I'm back![ninja][ninja][ninja][ninja]


t rump is my lord and savior!!! Heh, Heh, Heh. If you can't be right, be right.


Trump is definitely Mentally unstable and dangerous for America


St Joe has had drunks sleeping in public since before Jessie James. Get a grip and unbunch those panties.


round up the drunks and homeless and send em all to Kansas City


We Sent all of ours to NW Missouri


In public is one thing but in a building used by the public is totally another. Would you want your daughter to have to step over Lord knows what to get her mail? How do you know they're drunks and not some deranged mental patient or worse yet, a rapist that uses homelessness to hide from the police?


Ooooh so scary! Go hide under your bed. The US has become what it is and St Joseph has become a joke. The people in the north and east have only slightly higher IQs than those hillbillies in the South End.

The Gainer

Why would categorize peoples intelligence by where they live? I question yours now!?


So the building isn't locked after hours?

The Gainer

No, Post Office Boxes, availability...


The whole population of that hick town is drunk and/or sleeping - figuratively.

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