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A shame

I have visited nearly every cemetery in St. Joseph and I noticed the graves of many military veterans. What a shame our city doesn’t have a veterans cemetery, a separate place where our airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines can be laid to rest in honored glory. Instead, families must travel more than 100 miles to the nearest veterans cemetery in Higginsville, Missouri, or bury their loved ones in a neighboring state at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Mitch’s man

Anyone who was surprised that Sen. Roy Blunt backed President Donald Trump’s act of war, please raise your right hand. I’m sure it’s exactly what Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told him to say.

Money talks

To all you Trump haters, I actually want to follow you to the bank when you are ready to cash the huge cash credits you got for each child you have, plus all the other high refunds. Also, can I take a peek at your 401(k)? I’ll be sure to bring a box of tissues so you can wipe away your tears.


If Donald Trump found a cure for cancer, there are some who would not accept it. Such hate is unbelievable and unhealthy for all concerned.

No sense

It doesn’t make sense for Nicole Galloway, the Democratic state auditor, to run for the governor’s seat. She is liked by both Republicans and Democrats. Let the Democrats hold on to the auditor seat with her.


I wish someone would draw a political cartoon showing President Trump towering over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with the palm of one of his hands on her forehead, while out of reach Nancy vigorously throws punches that don’t connect. Meanwhile, Trump is turned away from her and inspecting his nails on his other hand, and glancing up at the board on Wall Street that reveals another record high closing.


This is about that rental inspection coming up. Me and a few landlords were talking and we’re wondering just out of curiosity, how many houses are going to end up empty? And how many people are going to end up on the streets?

The big one

When Harry Truman dropped the big bomb, a lot of people still don’t accept the fact that it saved a lot of lives. He was like our president now — despite the consequences, he did what was right. That takes guts.


First the idiots want to tear down a perfectly good double-decker highway, then they want to close three schools and spend $150 million on one new super school, and now they want to take out the stoplights and put in stop signs where you’re always forced to stop. Where did they find these people?

Editor’s note: They’re not the same people making all the decisions. There are different boards.

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Watching Trumps meltdown over Nancy Pelosi is Fantastic


Watching you melt down when our real President Trump win reelection. Will be fantastic. Trump 2020


They're lying nonstop and can't be bothered to be consistent.

They claim embassies were threatened but Trump didn't increase security knowing that there was threat? That's a failure to protect our embassies and personnel.

Isn’t that the problem at Benghazi?


INGRAHAM: Don't the American people have a right to know what specifically was targeted by Soleimani?

TRUMP: "I don't think so."


Trump & Pompous Pompeo Need to get their stories straight if they’re going to Continue Lying to America


Iran ADMITTED Saturday that it mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet, blaming human error and 'US adventurism' for the crash that left 176 people dead.

In a statement, the nation's armed forces said it targeted the passenger plane unintentionally. It attributed the crash to radar activity and fear of US action... FEAR OF us ACTION....


Apparently Trump lives in their pointy little heads rent free just like Vaj and the rest of the peanut gallery.


Trump is definitely Mentally deranged and his Dementia is getting Worse daily. His Pathological Lying continues at a Rate of 32 Blatant Lies a Day. The Dumbest political party laps up his Delusional Lies like Addicted Drug addicts

James Bond1

COLO is looking in the mirror again.


Kind of like America shot down one of their Airliners some years ago




“‘[A]t [a] White House Christmas party’ ... Luntz ... asked Trump what his middle initial ‘J’ stands for. ‘Genius,’ Trump responded.” Stable Jenius. 🤣🤣🤣


LOL! I didn't think he could get any dumber, but the last press conference I saw proved me wrong. The only time the clown can speak coherently is during his "Hitler-youth" rallies.


A "cut and paste" from one of your fellow Canadians. Apparently not everyone is so happy with "Trudy" the racist PM. Mike Harris

January 9 at 6:24 PM ·

I’m surprised that there is no national outcry from Canada’s embarrassment of a prime minister over the shooting down of a commercial airliner that murdered 176 innocent people of which 63 were Canadian citizens. 2 Russian made surface to air missiles were launched “accidentally” (you don’t say) completely destroying the plane and all on board. Iran just “happened” to “accidentally” fire upon a scheduled commercial airliner? I don’t think so. Grow a back bone Trudy and take a lead rather than just be spoon fed!!


Trump is definitely the Dumbest President ever... Rumors are Continuing of his Addiction to Adderal


No, aj, the "J" actually stands for "judicial" confirmations....two Associate Supreme Court Justices, over fifty Circuit Court justices and 130-plus Federal District Court justices. That is Donald Trump's record after only the first three years of his Presidency, a third of the federal court system jurists are his appointees and more are being confirmed every week by the Republican Senate. The "progressive" stranglehold on the federal judiciary is broken, replaced by conservative jurists who will uphold the law, not make it to suit whatever bizarre whimsy liberals may dream up. That alone will earn my vote to re-elect President Trump this November.


No. Pay attention. Presidebt Lump said it stood for “genius.” Don’t lie for him. He’s a Stable Jenius. 🤣🤣🤣


The J in Dumb Donnie’s name stands for Jenius!!! Hahahahaha

Comment deleted.

Patee Hall Christmas party?? That’s very obscure. What makes you think I was at a Christmas party there?


I would imagine that they wouldn't invite you to a Christmas party because you would eat all the good candy from the bowl and make rude remarks after drinking too much eggnog.


So now they didn’t invite me to a Christmas party? Make up your mind there, schizo!


DANG, i wasn't informed about any party...missing a party makes me sad ..oops


Apparently your brain is too small to comprehend the concept of parody.

James Bond1

Christmas is over...………...are you planning for next year...………………….?


You won't even admit to being at the Patee Hall Christmas party so how are we to believe you were at the White House Christmas party. Dang you do a lot as a janitor don't you?

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