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A vote for and against

Even though I vote Republican most of the time, in the next primary I’m gonna vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders to make it a vote against Mike Bloomberg. That man is just plain scary.

Turn them down

I am addressing the gentleman who wrote the “Chiefs did not act like role models” letter to the editor. You, sir, said you were once a GI. I presume you are a baby boomer like I am, because “GI” is a term rarely used by the younger generation. We grew up watching TV shows like “Leave It To Beaver” and “Ozzie and Harriet.” People just aren’t nice and polite like that anymore. These young athletes aren’t choirboys, they are football players. And if you, sir, are offended by their language, it’s a simple fix: Just turn down the volume.

Sorry, Andy

I have to do this for the guys down at work. I want to make a public apology to Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. All these years of not believing in him, he finally did it.

Asking for protection

The Buchanan County commissioners have done nothing to protect the citizens of Buchanan County against the Grain Belt Express transmission line. This is appalling.

Editor’s note: In 2015, the commission voted to rescind a previous letter in support of the project.

Break it, Bernie

I will gladly call Bernie Sanders Comrade Sanders or Captain America or the sexiest man alive if he can break the stranglehold that the medical-pharmaceutical-insurance complex has on us.

Thin the herd

It is time to cull President Donald Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley out of the herd. Anyone in agreement, raise your right hand. Naturally, I can’t see you, but if you are, I am proud of you.

Not so bad?

Trump says he pardoned a number of prominent lawbreakers because someone has to speak up for them. I suppose Jeffrey Dahmer was just trying to cut down on his grocery bill. He really wasn’t a bad fellow.

All the wind

These stupid Republicans have banned wind turbines in Buchanan County. I can tell you right now, eventually the federal government will overturn this because the world is at stake. And that means Buchanan County, too.

Editor’s note: The Buchanan County Planning and Zoning Commission, a nonpartisan body, recommended a prohibition on commercial wind turbines. The final decision is up to the Buchanan County Commission.

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"Disdain for foreign things simply because they’re foreign is a malady of an impoverished soul." ~Pastor Brian Zahnd

John Birch Society

A 'Zahnd-bie'... Vaj, everything about you suddenly makes complete 'sense'... [beam][lol][whistling][tongue_smile][tongue_smile][tongue_smile]


Hook, line, and sinker! Too easy! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


the debate>> To be clear, that was not a debate. There was no discussion of foreign affairs, tax policy – no meaningful back and forth on anything. It was just a mudslinging contest with no real winners. Instead, we’re judging the evening by who’s still standing and right now, that’s a socialist who spent his honeymoon in the former Soviet Union, slamming the U.S.


Good description to the republican debates of 2016 and look how disastrous that was for America.


a vote for...>> voting for Bernie is like voting for a dead man. Bernie and his socialism will destroy our country. check out other socialist countries and see their results in life

John Birch Society

Some lazy, ignorant folks would rather betray the hard-won gifts bestowed upon us by our forefathers for the false promises of dangerous, evil socialist/communist crackpots that historically lie to gain position with the bait of 'Free Stuff'... [tongue_smile][whistling]


I'll ask you again to explain your description of Bernie's socialism and show just how it will be disastrous for America. Just saying something without explanation and proof is like throwing feces against the out house wall and seeing if it will stick


You aj lumberjack and other liberals do it practice what you preach.

John Birch Society

'The Democrat 2020 Election Platform' (according to Liberals)

1.) Tear Down the U.S. Security Border Wall.

2.) Kill Babies at the Time of Birth.

3.) Let Illegal Aliens Vote & Get Welfare.

4.) Teach Children They're Probably Gaye & Don't Know It Yet.

5.) Erase Memories of Democrat Racism in America.

6.) Eliminate the Electoral College.

7.) Bring Back NAFTA & the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements.

8.) You Must Pay HIGH Taxes For Imaginary, unproven, 'man-made' Climate Change.

9.) God Doesn't Care How You Live Your Life.

10.) Identity-Politics (Racial/Gender/Class/Religious Division) is GOOD.

11.) People Who NEVER Owned Slaves Must Pay 'Reparations' to People Who Never WERE Slaves.

12.) Guns Are Evil, Not the People Who Murder.

13.) Free Speech is GOOD As Long As You Say What WE Want.

14.) Our Opponents Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

15.) We Hate Donald Trump.

16.) hiLIARy is our Demagogue.

17.) Let the 16 Year-Olds Vote For Us.

18.) Let the Convicted Felons in Prison Vote For Us.

19.) If Elected We'll Promise to Give You Free Stuff.

John Birch Society

'Thin the Herd' wrote:

"... It is time to cull President Donald Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley out of the herd. Anyone in agreement, raise your right hand. Naturally, I can’t see you, but if you are, I am proud of you..."[tongue_smile][tongue_smile]

I'm voting to Re-Elect both President Donald Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley. You can 'raise your Right hand' like the SS did to your Democrat Leftist komrades all you want, but I'm liking 'Making America Great Again' with President Trump..! [cool][thumbup] #Trump4President2020! [cool][thumbup]


will also vote for Trump and Hawley, if nothing more than to cancel aj's vote lol

James Bond1

Ahhhhhhh…………………..I raised my left hand/ fore-finger...…… is time to cull anyone opposing Donald...... out of the herd. America is Great again.


How would you “cull anyone?”


I suppose a racist like yourself would find greatness in the rise of racism under trump,


Of course he would. Nothing worse than a racist commie; except perhaps a con-man. Ooops! Sorry Arch.


Stupid is as stupid says, Only the ignorant and uneducated think that the SS which was a branch of a far right wing fascist government was left wing. Were you homeschooled by a fascist? Scary to think the t rump loved uneducated have the vote. But then when liberals were in power the took away the voter testing of the conservative south to stop voter suppression. And even though testing now would not be to stop a race of people from voting but to discourage the ignorant and stupid, I am still against it.


Under President Barack Obama's last 4 years (AFTER the effects of the Bush recession had been tamed), the national debt INCREASE totaled $3.507 trillion.

For Donald's FIRST 4 years (following the Obama recovery into a steady growth and expansion), the national debt is projected to rise $5.088 trillion).

ANY president can goose the economic expansion by massive borrowing. That is what Donald is doing. That is what Ronald Reagan did. Under Reagan, the average annual budget deficit TRIPLED - from an average of $75 billion annual deficit under Carter to an average deficit of $233 billion over Reagan's 8 years. The national debt DOUBLED under Reagan from $998 billion to $1.86 trillion.

Under Reagan, the USA first transformed from the world's largest lender into the world's largest borrower. But boy, did consumers FEEL GOOOOD. That is the illusion that Reagan cast upon the people. And that is the illusion that Donald wants to cast on today's voters.

Why should the federal budget deficit and the national debt RISE in economic good times? Why should the Federal Reserve's prime rate drop during economic good times? Even back under Alexander Hamilton, our nation's first Treasury Secretary, he said that the budget deficit and national debt should expand in times of stress - like war and recessions. But the national debt should be paid back in economic good times

John Birch Society

Obama did nothing but WEAKEN the United States of America, and the Presidency.


I wish you weren't such an ignorant dupe fore then you would be able to give an explanation to such nonsense. Do you hand stink from the excrement flinging?


Says the man who makes his living off the people's taxes...……………..


Who? Me? Nope. Not even close.

Alice Lookingglass

I truly believe that the good LORD above graced the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA with PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP to upright America from the total destruction of the Democrats and the LIBERALS.

May GOD bless PRESIDENT TRUMP and may GOD bless the United States of America.!!!

John Birch Society

+1 Alice! [cool][thumbup]

#Trump4President2020! [cool][thumbup]

James Bond1



You look so ridiculous when you compliment your own posts, wuus.


.. what's NOT in your wallet ???

James Bond1

How come you missed Obumer's first 4 years. His 8 years in office produced the amount of debt that had been achieved by 42 prior Presidents...……...he exceeded the nations TOTAL balance as he moved into the office. OBUMER still has unloaded more debt on this nation than all Presidents put together. Now I don't like what Trump is doing and may end up too much (when compared with OBUMER) but for the moment......Obumer gets the magic marker.

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