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House divided

Grandfathering in a student attending a high school at this time, like Benton and Lafayette, and requiring the rest of the students after a certain date to attend the school where they live has the potential for splitting families, if younger siblings are forced to attend school elsewhere. Splitting families is never a good thing.

So long

Trump, might as well pack your bags, bud. We got you.

Tough love

I see on the news all these people standing in line, wanting these free turkeys, wanting these free meals. But they all got cell phones, nice cars, decent clothes. Why don’t they give it to the people that actually need it? Here’s a clue: Go find a job and support yourself.

Already there

Contrary to a letter writer’s opinion, Congress does not have to pass new laws backing the Supreme Court’s decisions. Separation of church and state is required by the establishment clause. Same sex marriage is permitted by the equal protection amendment. Those are already in the Constitution.

Who’s No. 2?

According to the world’s biggest narcissist — Barack Obama — nobody in the Democratic Party is qualified to be president. Only he was.

Choices, choices

And now the district wants to bring in a demographer when they can’t afford a few teachers to reduce the numbers in overloaded classrooms. Hmm. Choices, choices. What are the best choices for the children right now?

More choices

Families are choosing open enrollment for a reason. They’re not happy with all of the choices out there. This is why high schools needs to be improved for everyone, not just the few who are able to move to Kansas City or are able to take advantage of open enrollment.

Uphill, in snow

This is not the time to tear down our schools. I’m sure I’m not the only senior citizen that went to a one-room schoolhouse. I went there for five years. The teacher taught eight grades. She was excellent teacher who taught the basics to us first. … I realize technology is a great thing if used in the right way. But keep the basic first. Not every first grader needs a computer and a cell phone. If your computer breaks down, does your brain?

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Such a weak man....

Reporter: Who should be held accountable for [Jamal Khashoggi's murder]?

Trump: Maybe the world should be held accountable because the world is a vicious place. The world is a very vicious place.


Former SEAL Chris Shumake: “It’s...turned into a national clown show that put a bad light on the teams. He’s trying to show he has the troops’ backs, but he’s saying he doesn’t trust any of the troops or their leaders to make the right decisions.”


The collective IQ of Republican politicians falls further every time one desperately tries to defend the indefensible:

a politician who delayed military aid approved for an invaded military ally so he could extort campaign dirt on a political opponent.


The collective IQ of Democrat politicians falls further every time one desperately tries to defend the indefensible:

1.) Tear Down the U.S. Security Border Wall.

2.) Kill Babies at the Time of Birth.

3.) Let Illegal Aliens Vote & Get Welfare.

4.) Teach Children They're Probably Gaye & Don't Know It Yet.

5.) Erase Memories of Democrat Racism in America.

6.) Eliminate the Electoral College.

7.) Bring Back NAFTA & the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreements.

8.) You Must Pay HIGH Taxes For Imaginary, unproven, 'man-made' Climate Change.

9.) God Doesn't Care How You Live Your Life.

10.) Identity-Politics (Racial/Gender/Class/Religious Division) is GOOD.

11.) People Who NEVER Owned Slaves Must Pay 'Reparations' to People Who Never WERE Slaves.

12.) Guns Are Evil, Not the People Who Murder.

13.) Free Speech is GOOD As Long As You Say What WE Want.

14.) Our Opponents Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

15.) We Hate Donald Trump.

16.) hiLIARy is our Demagogue.

17.) Let the 16 Year-Olds Vote For Us.

18.) Let the Convicted Felons in Prison Vote For Us.

19.) If Elected We'll Promise to Give You Free Stuff.

Defense of Slavery

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Selling U.S. out to China


Don’t blame the Democrats for an impeachment that won’t be bipartisan. Democrats made the case for it. The President’s impeachable conduct is all right there for both Parties to see. No...blame the Republicans. They all decided to defend Trump and not defend the Constitution.


Blame the Democrats for an impeachment that won’t be bipartisan.


Blame the sold-out neo-'Conservatives' too.


#Trump4President2020! [cool][thumbup]


Good grief. Just another typical day of running down our President. The Republicans should defend him. If you don't like him or the way he's making America great. That's fine. The ballot box is the proper way to remove him.. If another candidate runs against him he's qualified I could Cast my vote for that person. But there's not one demrocat running that's worth a vote.


Are you saying impeachment isn’t a proper way to remove a president?


So long--CNN watcher. The result here will be the same as the Mueller report which CNN said would be his end. He will be reelected next year.


SO-- the American economy is tanking, say some.. This year's Black Friday shaped up to be the biggest yet. Americans spent $7.4 billion online on Black Friday and $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving Day.


Who has said the economy is tanking?

James Bond1

Indeed...………..the economy is continuing to do pretty well. The numbers are strong. The future is just ahead...………….Trump is smiling...…….Obumer is choking. The market is doing well and deserves careful attention. If your trailing stop loss is not trailing along, it should be.


Just saw this on social media;

Here’s one way I know I’ve forgotten the Gospel of grace: when your sin bothers me more than my own.

A reminder for all of us.


Great comment aj


Trump's sin bothers vaj more than his own... [whistling][innocent]


Nope. Nice try.


John Q - great comment! You have made aj eat his own words from the comment he posted this morning. He can't see beyond the log in his own eye; he proves it on a daily basis with his denigrating comments about President Trump.


I know- He's SO blind, as he sits up high on his little 'ivory tower', looking down on the rest of the world... [beam][lol][whistling][tongue_smile]


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. That’s hilarious! Keep em coming!


YOU'RE hilarious! Keep em coming! [beam][beam][beam][lol]


Hilarious? Wonder if God is laughing???


Tough love..not sure which story this was but I always find it interesting that people can make such a determination from a news story. Did the news give a video tour of each person’s car? Did the go into detail about them having a phone? One notable poster here will no doubt bring up “booze, cigarettes, and tattoos.” People have no clue. While it is entirely possible that off a news story, one can find out what cars are driven and what tattoos these people have, what is not known are the actual circumstances. Was the car borrowed? Were the tattoos obtained during a time of poverty? Have circumstances changed for that person? Maybe a job has been lost due to a disability? Maybe any “luxury item” that person has is due to a benefactor helping them out? There sure is a lot of disdain for the poor in this town.

James Bond1

aj0201...………'ve been looking in the mirror again. ( Heh heh heh heh )


You’ve been forgetting to take your Alzheimer’s meds again (heh heh heh)


Vaj's been forgetting to take his ED meds again (heh heh heh)

James Bond1

There's no such thing...…………….(heh heh heh ) Do you let the Drug Cos stick it to you...………..?


Who’s No. 2?’s little thoughts like this that have become the dog whistles for the Party of Trump. Obama never said such a thing. But scores of low educated Trumpers will believe such a post.


Obama DID tell the Laotians that Americans are lazy and stupid, he didn't just single out "low educated Trumpers," he felt that of all of us. And many Democrat members of Congress and fake news opinionists have taken it upon themselves to prove him right.


Really(. Care to provide the quote?

cry foe me

Aj, you are on here everyday with your lib lips running all the way from Wa. Dude you really need help if Trump is in your head this deep.


All the way from Wa? As in Washington state? Nope. He said “sometimes you can feel lazy...”. That isn’t a quote about all Americans, snowflake.

James Bond1

'WHO'S NUMBER 2"...………….Oh, my gosh...…….really you don't think Obumer was qualified. The man had never worked a day in his life...…….never achieved anything but breakfast (that he stole) and all he could give to Africa (His home)…...He was never "number two"...…………..he was and is so far down the line, there isn't enough print on this page to cover him. Whewwwwwwwwww


I always associated Obama with No. 2


Personally I don't care what Obama thought of himself or what he still thinks of himself today. He's last year's news. Apparently even his own party doesn't listen to him anymore. Rather fitting I believe.


Uphill, in snow...schools are issuing cell phones?


I don't believe that the caller says that schools are issuing cell phones but you would be surprised at how many out there actually have them but the schools are issuing computers.


Uphill, in snow...well played, editor. Well played. 😀

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