The gun madness must stop.

The Second Amendment is the right of law-abiding citizens, the inherent right to protect and defend themselves, loved ones and others in public and their homes against monsters.

A gun is the equalizer against a monster. It has magical power to strike a monster with deadly force beyond arms length.

It also has a magical attraction to boys, if he knows it is in the house he cannot resist looking for and handling that gun.

Far too many gun owners fail to understand, admit and accept the moral, ethical responsibility to safely own their gun/guns. They usually try to rebut or deny that responsibility with ignorant comments about asking a home invader to wait while they load their gun — ignorant to the many methods available to safely store a loaded gun and have instant access.

Teenage boys with mental illness have bought AR-15 rifles and murdered crowds at schools. Numerous monsters have bought an AR-15 rifle and shot innocent crowds of coworkers, shoppers and church attendees.

If you think the Second Amendment allows you to go to any public place with an AR-15, you’re nuts. We don’t allow people to abuse the First Amendment by yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

Act like a responsible gun owner/defender. Carry a handgun. Get a CC permit and conceal it.

Millions of citizens have bought concealable handguns to carry for self-defense. Person-on-person violent crime has drastically diminished.

We need more law-abiding responsible gun owners owning the Second Amendment and practicing it responsibly. We need to prevent monsters from having guns.

Start with age 21 to buy any gun.

It is currently legal for an 18-year-old boy to go to a store and buy an AR-15 if there is nothing negative in his background check.

The NICS system needs to be upgraded, improved and maintained with current data and sometimes a four-day delay becomes the standard wait.

If your life is in immediate danger and you need a gun today — borrow one from a law-abiding gun owner or stay in their dwelling. Go to a safe public place. Go stay in the lobby of a police station.

Call the police. They will come to you.

The gun madness must stop. The Second Amendment has been misused and abused.

My ancestors and the Founding Fathers fought for the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, not to let lunatics gun people down gangster-style.

We’re not going to ban guns, we’re going to ban some people from having guns and disarm them.

We the people, the people who the Second Amendment was written for, are responsible gun owners who know and understand the value of inherent natural-born right to protect ourselves.

And some people are not allowed to have guns and ammunition.

It’s my Second Amendment, too.

Shawn Harper has been a firearms instructor for 37 years. He teaches classes in the St. Joseph area.