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Empty podium

All major-party candidates do Missourians a disservice when they fail to show at public debates and candidate forums.

That means you, Eric Schmitt. The Republican attorney general ran a good campaign and won a crowded primary for U.S. Senate. The victory in August means he immediately emerges as the frontrunner to replace three-term incumbent Roy Blunt after the general election.

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Kansas City Star 9/16/2022 looks like they all do it. Not just Schmitt.

Earlier this month, Schmitt’s campaign accepted an invitation to a debate hosted by NexStar Media Group and he wrote on Twitter that Busch Valentine had rejected the invitation.

“Missourians will not be surprised that The Heiress Valentine is refusing to debate because they know her extreme positions only connect with a small inner circle of liberal elites, and not Missouri’s families statewide who are struggling under the disastrous Biden-Schumer economic policies she supports,” Schmitt’s campaign wrote.

Come on guest1150 get it right instead of your lying and B.S. The vice president of news for KTVI-TV (Channel 2) and KPLR-TV (Channel 11), owned by Nexstar, quickly refuted the attorney general, saying debate organizers had received no response from Valentine. “She has not accepted or declined,” said Audrey Prywitch, the VP of news for the stations, on Tuesday. “As usual, what Eric Schmitt is saying is nonsense,” said Jacob Long, spokesman for Valentine’s campaign, in a statement. “We’ve received a number of debate invitations and are actively reviewing all of them. That includes ongoing discussions with other potential debate hosts in which he has not yet accepted. Schmitt is the liar in all this..

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