Trump attorneys cite immunity, want Jan. 6 lawsuits tossed (copy)

In this file photo from Jan. 6, 2021, police hold off violent loyalists to then-President Donald Trump as they try to break through a police barrier.

The flock that attacked the Capitol, and the shepherd who led them, were not outliers but an inevitability.

Our executive branch has increased in political and cultural influence in such a way that a demagogue was as predictable as fireworks on the Fourth. The only “checks and balances” that exist now are the ones that the president hands out to his sycophants in Congress and the courts.

Unless we amend the office (and our childlike adoration of it), Donald Trump will simply be the first in a caravan of narcissists who use an entire nation as the set of their own personal reality TV show.

— Trevor Callaway

St. Joseph

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