Growing up in Savannah, I learned that school districts are the backbone of our community. One of the most important issues facing our community is the lack of trust between the school district and the public. Now is the time to rebuild that trust.

Proposition 2 is a real, responsible plan for funding our schools. The proposed levy asks the voters to approve a $.61 levy with a five-year sunset. The proposal asks for only what the district absolutely needs and not a single penny more. It contains a sunset clause allowing the voters to hold the board and district administration accountable.

It is time to get the focus off of the boardroom and back in the classroom. Proposition 2 will allow us to attract and retain our best teachers and give them the resources they need to be successful in the classroom. The funds will also be used to secure our schools, make our class sizes smaller and give our students the best educational opportunities available.

As president of the St. Joseph Board of Education, I understand the frustration of the voters. Prior to joining the board in 2018, I shared those frustrations. In fact, it was that frustration that motivated me to get involved and serve. Those involved with the past problems are gone. While I acknowledge the past, I refuse to let the people and the problems shape our future. Continuing to do things the same way just because that’s the way we’ve always done them is no longer acceptable or sustainable. To grow, we must adapt and change.

The voters spoke loud and clear in November of 2017. They want a plan for a better, stronger St. Joseph School District but they also want accountability for district leaders. Proposition 2 provides both. The board and district administration have been working tirelessly to find efficiencies, save taxpayer dollars and balance the budget. With a school district of 11,000 students, there will always be issues to address. However, I believe this community is ready, willing and able to move forward in a positive direction.

This board is committed to making decisions based upon facts and data and not emotion and politics. There are no shortcuts to success. The plan presented to the voters is a common sense and reasonable approach to take the first step forward.

This community needs a win. More importantly, our teachers and staff need a win. Most importantly, our kids deserve a win. I hope you will join me in voting Yes on April 2!

Seth Wright is president of the St. Joseph School District Board of Education.