Suddenlink customers

Customers wait to speak with Suddenlink employees Friday about extra charges that appeared on their bills.

Following a large number of complaints from Suddenlink customers claiming to have been charged extra on their bill, Altice USA, the parent company of Suddenlink, has issued a response.

“With the aim of creating a simpler experience for our customers, we’ve upgraded our Suddenlink billing platforms to make account management more streamlined and user-friendly, among other customer benefits,” a representative from Altice USA said. “As a result of this upgrade, customer billing cycles may have changed, causing inadvertent late fees. We are investigating the matter and plan to credit back those customers charged in error.”

Several customers told News-Press NOW on Friday that they had been charged a $10 late fee to which Altice USA is referring. According to the company, a notification was given a month to two months in advance that their billing would be changing.

“Customers were notified in their statements 60 and 30 days, respectively, prior to this change that the upgrade was occurring, and alerting them that their bills would be changing in some capacity -account number, look and feel, billing cycle, etc.,” Altice USA said.

As for the other billing issues that customers voiced, such as being charged an extra $40 or being charged double, the company said it would be investigating the matters.

No word was given for the reported outages in phone, cable and internet for a number of Suddenlink customers.

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