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Marriage Licenses

Robert Allen Biershenk, 25, and Kelsey Christian Barker, 28, both of St. Joseph.

Elizhah Lee Paxton, 24, and Bianca Jean Snyder, 21, both of St. Joseph.

Christopher Lee Bupp, 66, of Kansas City, Missouri, and Alice Ann Waugh, 64, of St. Joseph.

John Patrick Spilman, 41, and Tracy Kay Flores, 46, both of St. Joseph.

Amir Zaheer, 27, and Tonya Lynn Brant, 33, both of St. Joseph.

Divorce suits granted

Nicolle Ashpaugh and Tim Ashpaugh.

Debra A. Truitt and Daniel E. Truitt.

Daniel R. Griffin and Tequitha Griffin.