1407 N. 3rd house

A house located at 1407 N. Third St. sits in shambles following a house fire on Feb. 20. The destroyed home became a crime scene two months later when the body of 14-year-old Cameron Satterley was discovered inside. A judge has found that there is enough evidence to believe that two of the three charges filed against a 12-year-old involved in the death of Satterley are true.

A 10-year-old involved in the death of a Cameron Satterley has been committed to the Missouri Department of Youth Services.

In an adjudication hearing on Sept. 6, a judge ruled there was enough evidence against the boy showing he had committed the crimes of involuntary manslaughter and arson during an incident that resulted in the death of 14-year-old Satterley.

Satterley, who was reported missing a few days before his death, died of smoke inhalation in a house fire at 1407 N. Third St. in February, but his body was not discovered until April 25.

The preteen was one of three minors who were investigated in relation to the death of Satterley, though the oldest of those was dismissed from the case in May.

The 10-year-old was found in juvenile court to have enough evidence against him on the felony of involuntary manslaughter and the felony of arson. According to Linda Meyer, chief juvenile officer for the 5th Circuit Juvenile Office, only the arson charge is subject to disclosure past the age of 18, meaning if the child commits a crime in adulthood, that charge could be used against him in court.

A third charge of abandonment of a corpse had been filed against the boy, but it was found that there was not enough evidence to confirm this, according to Meyer.

Meyer said the child will be committed to the Missouri Department of Youth services for an indeterminate amount of time, and the decision to place him in a facility will be up to the department.

“A risk/needs assessment will be completed to help decide appropriate placement of a youth in care,” the department said. “The goal is to keep the youth in the least-restrictive environment that will fit their treatment plan. Placement options include DYS residential facilities, DYS day treatment programs, contractual care settings with other agencies, community care (youth placed back in the community with treatment services).”

The case is pending against one more minor in Satterley’s death, with an adjudication hearing scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 13. The hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to say if a 12-year-old (who was 11 at the time charges were filed) committed the felonies of arson, abandonment of a corpse and involuntary manslaughter.

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