Altec is expanding its operations in St. Joseph, including 105 new jobs over three years. The investment will increase the efficiencies and improve quality through advanced manufacturing processes at the main campus, 2106 S. Riverside Road, and at leased facilities in St. Joseph.

A former employee of Altec Industries is suing the company on the basis of gender discrimination.

Tish Salyer, a Platte County woman, worked for Altec for nearly 10 years as a dielectric tester in fiberglass. According to Salyer, she was the only tester and woman at the plant before she was fired.

Sayler alleges in her suit that she missed out on a promotion when her supervisor suddenly changed the qualifications to better fit his friend’s credentials. That employee had worked for the company less than a year, the suit contends.

Sayler also alleges she was fired for writing on a dysfunctional product, although she claims she was told to do so. Sayler contends in the suit that male employees had also written on the product, but human resources officials did no further check into the matter and fired only her.

Sayler is suing the company for lost income and “garden-variety emotional distress.”

News-Press NOW reached out to Altec Industries for comment on the case but have not received any reaction at this time.

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