The inmate accused of shooting and critically wounding Trenton, Missouri, police officer Jasmine Diab on June 14 was detained by a group of citizens, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and eyewitnesses.

An inmate who allegedly shot and critically wounded a Trenton, Missouri, police officer was detained by a group of citizens, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and an eyewitness.

Officer Jasmine Diab was transporting inmate Jamey A. Griffin to St. Joseph for a mental evaluation at Mosaic Life Care on Friday afternoon when a struggle over the officer’s gun ensued on U.S. Highway 69 near Winston, Missouri. Griffin shot Diab in the abdomen during the struggle and suffered a gunshot wound to the hand.

According to Sgt. Jake Angle of the Highway Patrol, Griffin was sitting in the front passenger seat and was wearing chains during the transport.

Diab was critically injured by the gunshot. Her condition has since been upgraded to stable after surgeries on Friday and Sunday.

The Highway Patrol has not released more details as the investigation into the incident continues, but eyewitness Michelle Weller shared what she saw during the immediate aftermath of the shooting with News-Press NOW.

“We just happened to be passing through the area and noticed that traffic was stopped,” Weller said. “There were men out of their vehicles, kind of frantic, shouting, ‘Stay back, stay back.’ Then one of the gentlemen approached our vehicle and said there’s a police officer who’s been shot and being held in her car at gunpoint.”

Weller then saw the police car move slowly and erratically to a nearby gas station. Weller and other passengers followed until the police cruiser came to a stop.

“One of the men that was with me jumped out, immediately ran up to help,” she said. “Another gentleman ahead of him was heading toward the police vehicle. And the third gentleman came from the other side of the road. And that gentleman luckily was armed.”

Weller said at that point, the men made eye contact and approached the vehicle.

“They one by one went up to the back of the police car and surrounded it, figured out where the suspect was, pulled the door open, held the gun to him to get him to stop and then pulled him out of the vehicle and kind of dog piled him. And then a fourth gentleman ran up and helped hold him down,” Weller said.

The men were able to detain Griffin until law enforcement arrived and took control of the suspect while other bystanders informed people who had stopped to stay back.

“A lot of people just stop and stare, pull their phones out, take video, take pictures and just watch what’s happening. And these men were just so brave to just jump in. And that really wowed me,” Weller said.

No shots were fired while the men detained Griffin, but Weller thinks the armed civilian played a critical role in subduing Griffin.

“Who knows how the situation would have gone if he hadn’t been armed. Because once that suspect saw he had a gun pointed at him, he froze and they were able to grab him,” Weller said. “There are a lot of people who think guns just hurt people, but it can save lives even without having to be discharged.”

Once Griffin was detained, Weller’s thoughts immediately went to Diab.

“The man that was with me that was helping her came back and told me that she wasn’t doing good,” Weller said. “But she was alert and talking and he told me that she told him she had a daughter at home. I just instantly started crying. That just broke my heart.”

Weller shared what she saw in a Facebook post, which has been shared almost 3,000 times since Saturday. She said her only goal was to let others know about the men’s bravery.

“I thought people need to hear this because it gives you a renewed faith in humanity. There are still good people in the world, there are still people who will jump in any situation to help their fellow man,” she said.

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