Google speaker Bryan Caplan explains search engine mechanisms to St. Joseph entrepreneurs on Wednesday morning at the East Hills Library.

Entrepreneurs had the chance to learn about digital strategies during a Grow with Google workshop on Wednesday morning.

The workshop, hosted by the Craig School of Business’s Center for Entrepreneurship, followed the weekly Cup of Joe entrepreneur meeting.

“For business owners, the internet is so important and Google is a large part of that,” said Annette Weeks, Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship. “Whether a business is advertising online, selling online, Google is an integral part of their business.”

Google presenter Bryan Caplan led the workshop about different features business owners can utilize.

“(Google) is a big black box for many small business owners,” Caplan said. “I want to show them how the Googlebot works, how Google My Business can help them create presence online and how they can use Google Ads.”

While the search engine’s many functions can be intimidating to untrained eyes, Caplan said many competencies can be learned by anyone.

“I’m a firm believer in the one-percent rule,” he said. “If you can learn one more percent per day, you can just chip away a little bit more, a little bit more.”

Small business owners in particular can benefit from taking charge of their digital strategies, according to Caplan.

“It’s an extremely important part of running your business. Now you have to be online just as much as you might have a storefront. That online presence is huge,” he said.

Around 70 entrepreneurs signed up for the workshop, which was held for the first but hopefully not last time, Weeks said.

“We’ve been in talks with Bryan to bring him back in the spring,” she said.

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