Josh Looney and Mitch Holthus

Josh Looney worked alongside Mitch Holthus, announcer for the Kansas City Chiefs, during his time with the Chiefs organization. Looney said he’s happy for Holthus and the team for bringing the Lamar Hunt Trophy home.

Emotions are high this week for Kansas City Chiefs fans as they await Super Bowl Sunday, and Missouri Western Athletic Director Josh Looney has an extra reason to be excited.

Looney worked with the Chiefs from 2006 to 2012 in various roles, including media production, marketing and public relations capacities.

Looney grew up a Chiefs fan, and he was thrilled when an opportunity opened up for him at Missouri Western, which for the past decade has been the summer home of the Chiefs.

“When we moved the camp to Missouri Western, I was a part of those first three years and now have the responsibility of helping oversee on the university side,” Looney said.

Many of the people he works with on the logistics side from the Chiefs today are the same people he worked with seven years ago.

“I wasn’t there with Coach Reid and his group that’s come in, so it’s also been two years learning exactly what their needs are,” Looney said.

The transition between his roles has been smooth due to the individuals in the Chiefs organization who helped him at the start of his career.

“I was really fortunate to travel with the team to their games, host and oversee their web and digital and then partner with Mitch Holthus and their radio crew,” Looney said.

Looney looks up to Chiefs announcer Holthus, with whom he worked closely.

“His radio call of bringing the Lamar Hunt Trophy home was pure emotion, and that’s Mitch Holthus,” Looney said. “He loves this franchise and has poured his heart into every game since he’s been there.”

Looney and staff at Missouri Western take pride in their part in the Chiefs’ season this year and are beyond excited for what the organization’s members have accomplished.

“The people you know and worked with on a daily basis, to see them celebrate all that hard work has been incredible,” Looney said.

Looney said the 2019 training camp was the smoothest in the 10 years it’s been at Western.

“We’re a small part of the season, but we’re the beginning of it and we’re holding our heads up a little higher with them reaching their goals,” Looney said.

Former colleagues of Looney are already in Miami to help the Chiefs to victory, and he loves seeing their personal side of the success.

“It’s a neat industry to be a part of, but it’s a grind,” Looney said. “To see that reward, especially for the longtime employees that have been there working through it has been really neat.”

Working with the Chiefs organization taught Looney numerous valuable lessons that he’ll carry with him his entire life.

As for the team’s future, Looney hopes the Chiefs clench a Super Bowl win and return to Missouri Western in the summer.

“If you win a Super Bowl and an AFC Championship, I would think you’d want to stay in that routine that helped you get there, and if that’s the case, we’ll be glad to provide that same routine we did at the beginning of the 2019 season,” Looney said.

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