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A new web page launched this week by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership gives people more resources to help in the job search process.

A new resource is available for anyone searching for a job in St. Joseph.

A new web page launched this week gives people more resources to help in the job search process. It was put together by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce and and the Economic Development Partnership.

Kristie Arthur is the workforce development director who played a large part in the creation of the web page. She said this was the perfect time to launch it.

“Since the pandemic happened and people experienced job loss because of that we wanted to give them somewhere to find opportunities in the community,” Arthur said.

The site makes it easy for people to get their name and resume to those hiring. All people have to do is upload.

“You do have to convert your resume to PDF and it’ll be out there. While you’re there, look around. There’s job search tips and job listings on our site,” she said.

The web page connects employees with potential employers, but there also are links to education and certification options. The site also has a link to register for an event through Metropolitan Community College happening on Saturday, an open house taking place virtually for potential opportunities.

“Our goal is to make sure we’re getting as much information as we can for people to skill up or find a new job, so we want to make sure we’re sharing all the information from all of our partners,” Arthur said.

The virtual event with MCC will assess what people are needing and then break them into groups for information on financial aid, CNA, practical nursing, radiologic technology, surgical technology, sonography and welding.

Arthur explained that when searching for openings, people can look through large companies.

“It shows you everyone with job openings — Mosaic has 98, Nestle has 14,” she said.

There is another category for smaller companies.

“(Then) our small-employer job boards (have) like customer service rep, working from home, and if you click it, it’ll tell you who it is,” Arthur said.

The new web page can be found at

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